Kapamilya share talent they wish they had

While there’s no doubt that Kapamilya stars are among the most gifted individuals in the world, learning a new skill won’t hurt.  So, these Kapamilya stars get candid about that one talent they wish they had, or maybe can try to pursue in the future.

How cool would it be to perform like Bruno Mars? That’s what Paulo Angeles has in mind, wishing he has the knack for singing. Albie Casino can carry a tune but he wants to be better at it, “’yung sobrang galing talaga.”

We wonder if there’s something AC Bonifacio can’t do. She can sing, dance and act, and she can even steal hearts. Yet, she said she struggles to reach high notes, something her good friends Darren Espanto and Zephanie Dimaranan can achieve without effort. She wishes to have their kind of vocal powers as well, “Ang dali kasi sa kanila like they just go and they do it. Ako, may pa-training pa.”  Nonetheless, she is happy with her dancing genius, so no pressure!

Screen veteran Rita Avila is a force to be reckoned with in the world of acting. But, sometimes she thinks of wanting to have a golden voice as well.

Heaven Peralejo related her desire to have a decent command of the piano. We can imagine how pretty the sight and romantic the sound would be when Heaven starts to move her fingers on the keyboard. So feminine, right?

Barbie Imperial wishes she’s an incredible dancer. While it’s hard to believe, she swears she’s not that good on the dance floor. “Hindi ako magaling sumayaw. Eh ‘di sana, nagti-Tiktok ako lagi kung magaling ako sumayaw,” she says, laughing.

Janine Gutierrez inherited her Mamita Pilita Corrales’ gift in singing but she would love to also have the talent in dancing. Kate Alejandrino thinks public speaking is cool yet difficult, so she wants to be good at it.

Ultimate Bida Star Ruth Paga says she has poor drawing skills. She can only create human stick figure that’s why she is easily amazed by people who can make art look so easy and she wishes to also have that talent.

People are born with natural gifts, sure. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t acquire new skills you’ve been dying to have. You just have to exert effort in learning those dream talents and improve each day. After all, even potentials die without consistent practicing and hard work.