Kapamilya stars share funniest hate comments and how they handle the bashers

Sticks and stones may break their bones but words will never hurt these Kapamilya stars! In this video, they share how they handle the bashers and the funniest hate comments they received. 

Public perception can get scorching especially for artists playing villainous roles. Dimples Romana, hated for her character as Daniela Mondragon in Kadenang Ginto, was insulted for her plump legs and arms. To whoever dropped the mockery, we tell you, Dimples is amused than affected. “Malaki naman talaga,” she said laughing about her figure. “’Pag nakakatanggap ako ng ‘Ang laki ng braso ni Daniela,’ ‘Ang laki ng binti ni Daniela,’ sa totoo lang, hindi ako pikon na tao. ‘Pag nababasa ko ‘yun, natatawa na lang ako kasi, ‘Oo nga, anong nangyari sa akin?’”

Dimples can laugh off such comments because she isn’t obsessed with physical beauty.  She’d rather look at a person’s energy and warmth. More so, she embraces her flaws and insecurities. She won’t have to question how God created her. And at the end of the day, she would take hate comments as trophies of validation, ““Pag hindi ako nakatanggap ng hate comments, I’m not doing my job properly. I have to make sure that they hate my character. That way, I know I’m doing my job well.”

The Kapamilya actress also loves seeing her characters turn into iconic and hilarious subjects of memes. Who would ever forget Daniela and her red luggage or Babaylan and her hypnotic chant?

Simon Ibarra and Manuel Chua infuriated viewers due to their effective villainy in Ang Sa Iyo Ay Akin, thus the gush of hate comments, even death threats. Manuel, who once received a brutal “Mamatay ka na!” from a netizen, would remind himself that he and his onscreen character are two different persons, “Alam ko character ko lang ang minumura, hindi ako. Hindi naman nila ako kilala personally.”

Manuel thinks social media is easier to handle compared to Simon’s time when fans would boldly confront the artist in public places. Simon experienced that kind of scrutiny, at the public market, for one. Hate him all you want but he’d be happy than offended because the more you hate, the more they’re validated as ‘kontrabidas.’ 

Charlie Dizon has never been a bad girl but her career is growing too bright haters are blinded. She’s called “ilusyonada,” “laki ng mata” and “boses palaka.” Pleasing everyone is not her game, so she doesn’t really mind the haters, “Hindi ako sumasagot sa ganu’n kasi for me, kung ganu’n ang reaction nila towards me, hindi ko naman mape-please lahat. Hindi ko na lang binibigyan ng time kasi mas matutuwa pa siya.”

One netizen didn’t like JC Santos singing with a band to promote his movie. He was told, “Parang naki-jam lang!” His hilarious reaction: “Olats ‘yung singing career ko dun!” JC said he was really nervous and conscious during the performance.  

Robi Domingo sure knows how to turn lemons into lemonades. When stoned with insults and doubts, he uses them as power tools to motivate himself and improve his skills. To the one who told him that ABS-CBN is just wasting time on him, look at what he’s become – one of showbiz’s most effective hosts. “Baliktad ako, eh, mas ginaganahan ako na patunayan na mali ka. Kapag bina-bash ako, mas gusto kong i-bash ikaw sa pamamagitan ng pagsabi sa’yo na, ‘Nandito ako nagagawa ko ‘yung trabaho ko’,” said Robi.

Vivoree Esclito has many times been a subject of bullying since entering the Pinoy Big Brother house but it’s only recently that she learned to fight back, “Gusto ko maging palaban din for a change. I feel like minsan kailangan din natin lumaban para malaman nila na hindi ka basta-basta. Hindi pwede na ganun na lang palagi, na you’re just quiet and parang feeling nila okay lang pala mag-bash.”

At one point, she served this hater, whose username and posts suggest positivity and spirituality, a lesson about living up to his preaching. “Don’t be a hypocrite,” Vivoree clapped back at the basher.  

Andrea Brillantes was mocked for her bushy brows but look at how girls are so obsessed with ‘makapal na kilay’ these days. That’s how tables flip! Her Huwag Kang Mangamba co-star Francine Diaz laughed at a baseless pregnancy rumor. Since there’s nothing to hide or feel guilty about, “Love you, guys na lang!”

The gorgeous Jayda Avanzado was called “mukhang unggoy” and “malnourished.” She doesn’t waste time on haters whose profession is to drag other people down because, she said, “If these people have the time to bash you, then they must have a pretty miserable life, right?”

Here’s a comment Janine Gutierrez keeps in her treasure trove of good laughs: “Mukha kang nayuping lata!” She got it during her rookie days of doing crying scenes and she finds it so hilarious to this day. 

CJ Navato is not affected by “mukhang bakla” criticisms since he was 16. Vance Larena is honored than offended to be compared with internet star and musician Joji.

Known for being candid and ‘palaban,’ Angelica Panganiban isn’t the type to keep quiet when fed up with the trolls, although she’s learned to choose which comment is worth the battle, “May mga bashers kasi na aliw patulan, eh. Mayroon din naman medyo below the belt, ay hindi ko na ito palalakihin.” She alongside her fellow artists were criticized as “mga artista na maganda lang, may talent lang umarte, may pera, pero bobo.” Angelica hit back with, “At least, meron ako ng mga wala ka!”

For Kira Balinger, there’s no better way to deal with it than auto-block! Grae Fernandez has mastered the art of “deadma,” either.

Joseph Marco and Sam Milby don’t let the haters get the best of them. Joseph addressed these toxic people with a sweet message, “I’m just thankful kasi, at the end of the day, nag-aaksaya sila ng time to give you something. Thank you.” Sam once received a death threat saying, “Punta ka sa harap ng ABS-CBN, papatayin kita!” He took it as validation that viewers were so drawn to his teleserye and affected by his acting performance.

LA Santos doesn’t mind the negative remarks, either. The worst he had? “Kamukha ‘yan ni Ian Veneracion,” he quipped. Amy Nobleza knows how to play it well by using these hate comments for online content, “Ginawan ko siya ng TikTok. Binabasa ko siya, sinasagot ko sila. Ginawa ko lang katatawanan.”

Karl Gabriel stressed that it’s important to know yourself so no amount of negative opinion can bring you down, “Kung ano’ng gustong sabihin sa akin ng ibang tao, bahala sila kasi iba-iba naman tayo ng perspective sa buhay. Iba iba naman tayo ng gustong ipaglaban. Mas kilala ko naman ‘yung sarili ko kesa sa nakikita ng iba.”

Donny Pangilinan started in the ‘biz with thin skin but he eventually learned to just laugh at the hate comments. And if there’s a need to respond, he makes sure to understand the issue first. 

Zephanie Dimaranan became the target of bashing having been romantically linked with Kyle Echarri. She knew she had nothing to explain about their brother-sister closeness.

In 2018, Jameson Blake was criticized for looking for a graphic designer willing to work in exchange for a shout-out. Because of that, he received scorching, mortifying messages that he had to go on a social media detox for a week. As things simmered down, Jameson issued a public apology. He said it wasn’t his intention to offend people or downgrade graphic artists, “I made an apology. I was sorry naman talaga. Hindi naman ako aware. I thought it was okay.” Moving forward, he said he learned from what happened. 

Check out this video and let these Kapamilya stars inspire you how to deal with negativities and hate!