Kapamilya stars favorite things to buy

Spending our hard-earned cash doesn’t always have to feel guilt-ridden if used in buying things that are essential and those that we really love aka the ‘budol’ finds that spark joy. Kapamilya stars give us a breakdown of their purchasing habits and reveal the things they always spend their money on!

How does foodtrip factor into your budget?  When it comes to food, Enchong Dee will never hold back. Enchong, who is also a restaurant chain owner, would be willing to travel near and far just to satisfy his cravings. “Food talaga! Lahat ng pwede mong ma-experience na food. If you have to fly for food, you will.”

Living solo, Karina Bautista takes budgeting seriously and the biggest portion goes to food. She doesn’t consider herself “maluho” or materialistic but she definitely can’t say ‘no’ to her cravings.

Another certified foodie, AC Bonifacio has no regrets with buying all the food she likes, “I will never get tired of spending money on food or what I’m craving whether it’s an actual meal or snacks.”

Same goes for Gerald Anderson who has many times told himself to cut down his food expenses. But as they say, an active guy (Gerald is a gym buff and super busy with projects) has a bigger appetite.

Miss Intercontinental 2021 Cindy Obeñita talked about food as essential with a short, encouraging message about sharing our blessings. The pandemic taught her the importance of a secured financial status while realizing that others also struggle, hence focusing on the needs rather than luxury and helping whenever she can.

Viral Scandal actress Charlie Dizon loves treating herself with food and beauty items. Food is also the answer of her occasional leading man Jameson Blake, who said he rarely spends money on himself as he doesn’t like going out. Aside from food, Jameson also splurges on game skins “just to make me happy.”

Joshua Garcia admits to having a lot of bad decisions when handling his money and lately, his most common ‘budol’ finds are things related to golf. But that’s okay, “At least nagagamit ko naman.”

Passion eats up a big chunk of LA Santos’ income as well. His usual purchases are related to his music and studio such as speakers, keyboards, and lights.

Aljon Mendoza, on the other hand, loves making his family happy by shopping for gifts.

Somebody has to say “motorcycle” given its increased popularity since the pandemic. The Squad Plus’ Renshi de Guzman loves to spend money on anything related to his motorbike. Alyanna Angeles mentioned food and sharing her hard-earned income with the family.

When Margaux Montana decides to splurge, it goes to her random whims, “Binibili ko kahit hindi ko kailangan.”  Based on his shopping habits, Raven Rigor has a cozy personality; he’s a bookworm and has a penchant for blankets.

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