Kapamilya Stars’ shoe collection

Celebrities aren’t supposed to run out of OOTD ideas (must be a tough job), it therefore makes sense they would end up with huge collections of fashion items over the course of their career. Among their most common fashion investments are different types of footwear.

But while some invest for the sake of requirements, others are just naturally obsessed with a specific style, or sometimes a brand, that reflects their personality like chic and edgy boots for Alexa Ilacad, streetwear kicks for Kaila Estrada, and training shoes for the athletic Gerald Anderson. Watch them and more Kapamilya stars share their impressive shoe collections in this video compilation from Kapamilya Chat:


Iza Calzado    

“Every shoe has a story,” said “Darna: The TV Series” star Iza Calzado, flaunting her collection of shoes which she likes to call her “babies” – and there are a lot of them! Her fascination with shoes started when she transferred to ABS-CBN. She was told that shoes are a good investment. Remember when stars would guest on talk shows like The Buzz and low-key flex their outfits? That’s what Iza had in mind.

The award-winning actress has a pair of animal-print sneakers as her go-to shoes, and a pair of stilettos she brought to a trip in Los Angeles. She also likes Birkenstock for comfort. 

Iza sure had her Cinderella moment when she got a pair of sandals from her husband Ben Wintle. It’s the only pair she got from him, noting that her husband is not that materialistic. And if Ben plans to gift her with another pair, she would rather say ‘no’, still thinking about what really matters.

These days, she stopped buying more, struck by realizations because of the pandemic and her battle with COVID-19. With the situation we are in, she doesn’t get to wear most of these pairs.

Gerald Anderson

For a baller like Gerald Anderson, the kind of shoes he wears is a vital part of his sports arsenal. It affects how he becomes a power player on the court.

The “Hello, Heart” leading man considers one of his Nike pairs, from the Kobe Bryant collection, as his go-to training footwear. He brings an extra pair during trainings because he could get sweaty from head to toe, and for that, he has his favorite Puma kicks. For his ultimate gym footwear, he goes for a Sketchers pair that he described as comfortable and reliable.

Alexa Ilacad

Alexa Ilacad is an embodiment of an empowered young woman – beautiful and smart, with a style that’s both girly and grunge. The key to pulling off her edgy fashion sense? Versatile boots!

She has a total of 16 pairs from the English brand Dr. Martens. Alexa’s tip to those who wish to collect shoes or anything is to begin with the basics. By starter, she meant the classic black combat boots, that she wore for her character in “Init sa Magdamag.”

Alexa considers comfort in choosing the perfect boots, although the ‘breaking in’ period is normal, meaning a new pair of boots usually hurts when worn for hours. They need a little time to soften and feel more comfortable. 

Boots are Alexa’s favorite travel souvenir. When she went to the United States, she bought a pair that looks like mermaid scales. She also scored two classic black pairs in Korea – one that comes with heels and the other one was smaller than her usual size so she had to force her feet in. “Tapos hindi ko na siya matanggal sa paa ko for some reason. So sabi ko, para sa akin talaga to.”

She also has white boots in the collection – one is identical to that of Blackpink Rose, while the other one comes with a pretty black lace.  She’s got cherry red boots to match her guitar and a basic brown which she thinks can also be worn by men.

On to the more colorful styles, the PBB Kumunity Season 10 housemate showed a pair of purple glittery boots, light pink boots with snakeskin leather material that glows like a rainbow under the light, and a gold pair with shimmer and satin lace.

Some are gifts like the silver, shimmery pair she got from her cousin from the United States and a gold metallic chrome from her dad.

Probably one of her most memorable boots comes in the shade of rose and has a holographic rainbow effect. She specifically bought them for a Blackpink concert. “Habang nanonood ng concert, parang may pumasok na insekto sa loob so sobrang nagkaroon ako ng maraming sugat sa paa to the point na naka-medyas na lang ako palakad ng parking after the concert,” shared Alexa.


Gab Lagman

Gab Lagman’s fashion style is very gym-appropriate, athletic but trendy and he likes to match them with classic high and low tops sneakers. He has pairs from a classic brand in different colors.

When on the court, Gab likes to use his LeBron in red and “Oreo”-color, his first basketball shoes when he went to the Philippines. He has more LeBron pairs in high and low tops style. He also bought a Kobe Bryant shoe to pay homage to the ‘Mamba’ legacy.

He was finally able to save up and buy his dream Jordan pair last year. He’s always wanted a Jordan shoe since high school but he can’t afford them back then.

Gab also owns designer shoes mostly gifts from his parents. He got one from MCM as a gift from his mother and a Gucci pair he saved up for as a reward for his hard work. Another favorite pair is from the Tyler, The Creator collection.


Melai Cantiveros

Women in boots are confident and at the same time grounded and practical – that’s how we see Melai Cantiveros, whose boots collection speaks so well about her being self-assured and trendy yet a momshie who moves three steps ahead.

First things first, the Magandang Buhay host prefers boots that are easy on the heels so she can use it for everyday work. She’s also not the type to wear fancy shoes when going out.

Melai flaunted her favorite – a basic black ankle boots, still with a sticker tag on the bottom.  “Five years na ‘to pero di ko tinatanggal yung presyo kasi mahal, eh,” she quipped.

The latest in her collection is an après ski boots that she dreams of wearing on a trip to Switzerland. Her other favorite is a shiny leather Barbie boots with pink laces. Her daughters Mela and Stela also own the same pair. She also got a pair from husband Jason Francisco, and it’s glittery and stylish, but she hasn’t worn them yet. The oldest pair in her collection is a white combat boots.


Donny Pangilinan

Counting the many, many ways Donny Pangilinan can steal female hearts, the discussion wouldn’t be complete without his enthralling fashion sense. The heartthrob considers sneakers a big part of his style secrets.

Sneakers define Donny’s active lifestyle so well. He likes them for being versatile and at the same time fashionable – perfect for his busy days in the spotlight. His most favorite from the collection is a pair signed by basketball star James Harden himself.

Asked his most used item, the “Love is Color Blind” lead actor panned the camera to reveal his impressive collection of white sneakers.


Kaila Estrada

Portraying as a mayor’s daughter in the controversial primetime series Viral Scandal, Kaila Estrada is seen wearing chic outfits. But in real life, the 25-year-old actress would gladly ditch the glam for a laidback OOTD, mostly t-shirt and shorts teamed up with sneakers, which she loves to collect.

Kaila showed some favorites from her collection that’s about 15 pairs in total. A stark contrast to her character, Raven Ramones in Viral Scandal, Kaila is not the girly type. She rarely wears high-heeled shoes. Besides comfortable, one advantage of sneakers is they go with almost everything.

The celebrity daughter doesn’t splurge too much on her shoe collection, not to the point that she feels the need to purchase every new release. She just saves up when she likes something.


Ogie Alcasid

A big portion of Ogie Alcasid’s walk-in closet, which he shares with wife Asia’s Songbird Regine Velasquez, is dedicated to his treasured pairs of shoes.

The “It’s Showtime” host and ASAP Natin ‘To” frontliner is a busy man attending showbiz events left and right. His sacred space for shoes, therefore, is a mix of all kinds of style from formal footwear to the more casual sneakers. He probably lost count of his shoes but take a look at his closet tour in this video and you’d gasp seeing that it’s huge and really expensive.

His top pick from the bunch is a luxury pair from Gucci, Meanwhile, among the oldest is a pair of DSquared2 rainbow sneakers he bought in 2004.