Kapamilya Stars on breaking bad habits

Breaking bad habits may be a serious test of patience and commitment but you must be willing to delete them from your life before they spawn grave concerns about your physical and mental well-being, and sometimes your professional life as well.  

Let these Kapamilya stars who successfully broke or are on the road to breaking their bad habits inspire you to make changes, too. 

“Ako Naman Muna” singer Angela Ken is proud to have replaced her poor sleep schedule with a better body clock, and unhealthy food choices with vegetables. 

Sleeping late and waking up late used to be Kobie Brown’s problem as well, “I don’t think it’s good to sleep super late and wake up super late. Sometimes I’d wake up in the afternoon po.” His solution? “I have like ten alarms on to just get me up.” He also takes sleeping gummies to treat his insomnia. 

Meanwhile, his love team partner Andi Abaya shared about her bad habit of skipping meals when busy, which she managed to control thanks to her mom’s constant reminder. “Proud ako na na-break ko ‘yung habit na ‘yun kasi sobrang unhealthy siya. ‘Yun talaga ‘yung way kung bakit nag-drop ‘yung weight ko last year and nagkasakit din ako. I got really scared na mas lumala pa ‘yung sakit ko,” said the other half of KoDi. 

Ex-Pinoy Big Brother housemate Ralph Malibunas is pleased to have curbed his habit of excessive selfie-ing. 

Procrastination or what we Filipinos call the Mañana Habit is a major burden to creatives like Janine Berdin. But, the Tawag ng Tanghalan graduate and singer-songwriter learned to address this behavior. 

Jona also wishes to eliminate a similar practice – cramming. “Since high school, college, parang hindi na naalis sa system ko ‘yung cramming. Siguro po kasi, feeling ko, ‘yung rush or yung excitement, ‘yung adrenaline rush na nafe-feel mo whenever you cram, parang ‘yun yung nakakapagpabuhay ng dugo.”

Love In 40 Days star Ronnie Alonte felt like “guminhawa buhay ko” when he had overcome his pride and being competitive.  Loisa Andalio wants to unlearn her pouting mannerism. 

Stress is a natural reaction to certain situations, but it might affect your mental health when your emotions get out of control.  Thankfully, Krystal Brimmer and Amanda Zamora, who were guilty of negative thinking and complaining a lot, respectively, learned to fight them back. 

While taking afternoon naps isn’t harmful, Chico Alicaya thought it disrupts his schedule, so he bounced back from it. Richard Juan, also one of the stars of the movie “Connected,” revealed he previously had poor focus, which greatly affected his productivity. It’s all in the past though, “I’m glad na mas focused na ako sa trabaho na kailangan kong gawin. Usually kasi hindi ko binibigay ang one hundred percent sa lahat ng ginagawa ko pero ngayon hundred percent na palagi.”

Watch these Kapamilya stars open up about their bad habits in the video!