Kapamilya stars’ weird fan encounters

While receiving gifts, attention, and love makes us giddy, celebrities have their fair share of “weird” encounters with their beloved supporters. Check out these Kapamilya stars’ craziest experiences with fans!

CJ Navato started his career as a child star by joining the kiddie gag show Goin’ Bulilit. One time, during a mall show, little CJ was nabbed by a young fan who gave him a kiss – that is, a kiss that felt so wet. “Ewan ko kung pawis o laway. Pero siya lang ‘yung bukod-tangi…”

Maika Rivera has received wider fame with her ‘kontrabida’ stint in FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano. And her status is slowly attracting more fans that willingly wait outside for a photo op. The act itself is not weird but the feeling Maika gets is crazy and surreal, “Sobrang nata-touch ako pero at the same time nawe-weirdohan ako kasi parang ako lang ‘to pero sobra ‘yung effort at pagmamahal nila.”

Jane De Leon has a bunch of supporters that knows her really well, so much they gifted her with ‘teks’ and ‘pogs.’ These fans apparently knew that she’s boyish as a kid. Besides that, she often receives beautiful paintings from them.

The internet can be a crazy place sometimes. Janine Berdin would know. While scrolling down her social media inbox, Janine saw a fan message telling her to just DM in case she needs someone to open up to during sad days. The songstress wasn’t able to reply because messages were piling up. She couldn’t respond one by one. The ‘seen’ mode proved to be so offensive, so much the fan got mad at Janine for not replying.

AC Bonifacio said her entry is rather cool than weird. She received a giant exploding box from a fan and she still keeps it in her storage room. Sana all, right?

Fans are always in-the-know that sometimes their idols are even left behind. Jane Oineza is often baffled by how fans would know her location even before she arrives or the news even before it reaches her. Don’t worry, guys, she appreciates your wild stalking skills.

He’s Into Her star Ashley Del Mundo recalled an event where a supporter asked for her autograph on the forehead. Ashley thought it would disrespectful to the fan so she asked to sign somewhere else. On the shirt would be so much better.

Tan Roncal’s weirdest experience is when a fan tapped him on the shoulder like they’ve known each other since birth.

Check out your favorite Kapamilya stars’ weirdest, craziest fan encounters in this video!