Kapamilya stars eating favorite and exotic local delicaies

From baby ducks and chicken heads to whole frogs and worms, Filipinos are some of the ultimate food lovers in the world. These exotic local delicacies are only some of the popular ones. And we have the reaction of some of your favorite Kapamilya stars when they tried some for the first time!

Balut—either you love it, or you hate it, there is no in between. This boiled fertilized duck egg is eaten straight from the shell. Fumiya Sankai first tried it for his YouTube Channel, FumiShun Base, and then again for Pinoy Big Brother. He confessed to Kuya with pure disgust, “I want to say sorry chicken, sorry duck. I saw his hair.”

We eat pork all the time. Who doesn’t love chicharon? Even the internationally famous K-Pop girl group Momoland loved eating this crunchy pork skin treat. Did you know that they also made chicharon bulaklak? This one is from the pork’s intestine. It looks like a blooming flower, hence the name. Franki Russell was shocked and confused when Big Brother offered her some on PBB Otso and she enjoyed it.

Chicken is another staple on Filipino tables, but have you tried chicken intestines or chicken heads? Kris Aquino thought that isaw was tolerable. “It’s not good but it’s not bad,” was her review. 

Meanwhile, ulo ng manok, or commonly referred to as “helmet”, is grilled and served on a stick. When Jinho Bae was dared to eat one on Gandang Gabi Vice, his body seemed possessed but not in a good way. 

One animal that is not a bird but taste surprisingly similar to chicken is the frog. The palakang bukid was serve on GGV and Ryan Bang claimed that it was even better than the chicken head.

Swaki, the inside of a sea urchin, is usually eaten raw with some spicy vinegar. On Magandang Buhay, Karla Estrada had a couple of spoonsful. According to Melai Cantiveros, these are rich in calcium, which makes them good for the bones.

If you are feeling adventurous, the uok or coconut worm can also be eaten raw. Yassi Pressman was challenged to eat some on PBB. “Kuya, buhay pa,” she said after jumping from her seat. “Alam ko. May sawsawan dyan,” Big Brother replied casually. 

Another worm on the menu is the superworm or “chichaworm”. This one is deep fried and seasoned with sugar, salt, and chili powder. Arci Munoz and Vice Ganda share one on GGV’s “Sagot o Lagot” segment. Arci was visibly grossed out, while the host seemed unsure how to feel.

Have you tried any of these exotic local delicacies? Which one is your favorite? Which one are you curious to try?