Kapamilya stars confess what they do when nobody is watching

In front of the cameras, they exude glamor and take on different characters. But, what are celebrities like when no one is watching? It turns out that even the stars are just like us, ordinary people. In this video, Kapamilya artists reveal what they love to do behind the cameras when nobody is watching.

Dance like nobody’s watching? Count Gela Atayde in! She’s been a member of a dance crew since high school, so we’re not even surprised.

Vivoree sings her heart out “na parang walang ibang tao sa mundo.” Well, we don’t mind watching you sing, V!

Same goes with FPJ’s Batang Quiapo actress Yukii Takahashi, whose secret dream is to become a performer. She said, “I sing super loud na parang I own the whole world. Sometimes I feel like I release my stress or whatever I am going through through singing.” Now we know that this TikTok superstar, who is loved for her dance videos, has so much more to showcase.

KaladKaren is so busy that all she could afford to do during her private time is to catch up on sleep. “Kasi kulang ako sa tulog. Lagi akong puyat. So ‘pag wala akong ginagawa, natutulog talaga ako.”

Life in front of the cameras is too exhausting that some celebs opt to just chill when nobody sees them. And by chill, JC Alcantara, Jomari Angeles, and Lyca Gairanod mean unlimited cellphone time.

Diego Loyzaga said he watches anime.  Meanwhile, Majoy Apostol answered the she eats when she’s alone. Well, that’s a good strategy if you’re not in the mood to share your food.

Enzo Almario talks to himself, just like Jay Gonzaga who turns on his ‘muni-muni’ mode when spending time with himself.

What do you do when nobody is watching, Kapamilya?