Kapamilya stars answer: What’s the one question you wish someone would ask you?

Celebrities are often asked a lot of questions, mostly the typical ones, every time they are promoting a new project. Sometimes they feel as if the questions and the answers are turning into a memorized routine. If these Kapamilya stars, for instance, could choose one question they’d like to be asked, they’d rather talk about things that enliven their personalities, as well as interests and passion outside showbiz.

Not that he’s tired of talking about his music but Jeremy G would find it extra interesting to share more of his Marvel obsession. “Alam ko naman why they ask me these questions but almost every interview, they ask me about my guestings, my music, things that people don’t know about me. Minsan mas gusto ko pag-usapan ‘yung mga Marvel movies kasi Marvel fan ako. So, hopefully, someday someone would ask me what my favorite Marvel movie is tapos buong interview, yun na.”

Since exiting the Pinoy Big Brother house, Lou Yanong got so busy being interviewed about her newfound showbiz fame, which she’s still trying to get used to. She said modelling is still her niche, so she’d want to be asked more of that. “Modelling, ‘yun talaga ‘yung alam kong mundo. I’m still learning about the showbiz industry. Modelling is something I can share my insight to because I was used to doing that more than 6 years before entering the PBB house. ‘Pag ginawa ko ‘yun, hindi ko na kailangan kumapa. I would love it if I can share my story sa pagiging model ko.”

As the mentee of King of Talk Boy Abunda, Sky Quizon is quite the expert in throwing the juiciest questions. He’s rarely the one being asked. But given the chance to choose a topic, he would love the conversation to circle around this question: “Who is Sky Quizon when no one is watching?” He said people look at celebrities with big expectations, so it would be nice to let go of the public standards once in a while and just act carefree and unfiltered.  

Since she has the platform, Kiara Takahashi would like to be asked and spread awareness about mental health. “I would like to share my experience para kahit papaano makatulong. Kasi for me, if I hear someone’s story na pinagdaanan niya ‘yung mental health, na-i-inspire ako. Kung ako naman ‘yung nasa sitwasyon na ‘yun, I would also love to answer about that.”

Same goes for Ashley Del Mundo, whose New Year’s resolution is to take more care of her mental health. From there, Sky butted in, as if engaging his fellow PBB alumni into a mental health forum, “O, gawin nating apat. Pag-usapan natin ang mental health natin. Pero seryoso, for us, talagang tinatamaan tayo. Kasi in the industry, it’s really hard to maintain a healthy mental state, given na ang dami mong naririnig from other people. Sometimes, even if it’s not true, it really affects you. That would be nice to share out there yung mga nasa utak natin na minsan hindi natin alam paano i-explain.”

Albie Casiño thinks he’s already encountered almost every type of question during interviews. But one that he never gets tired of answering is about his craft. “Siguro ‘yung favorite kong question na tinatanong sa akin, ‘Paano mo nabuo itong character na ‘to?’”

Even if she describes her family as “complicated,” Shanaia Gomez still loves entertaining questions about them. It’s not a new thing for Vivoree Esclito to be interviewed about her projects and showbiz life, but one question she’s never heard is “Sino ba talaga si Vivoree?” She’s game to answer questions from any category as long as it sparks deep and meaningful conversations.

Now that he’s out of Bahay Ni Kuya, KD Estrada attends guestings left and right, and the topics usually highlight his PBB experience, music, and future projects. But in case you see KD or get to interview him soon, ask him about his style evolution; he’d love that.

We’re used to getting asked how we’re doing. It’s a question so common that it loses sincerity. PBB Kumunity Season 10’s “Singing Sweetheart” Anji Salvacion wishes that people would check up on her out of pure concern and not just to start a small talk. “Everybody asks me if I’m okay. But no one really asks me if I’m really okay. Kasi may mga tao na pag sinabi mong, ‘I’m okay,’ aalis agad sila.” She wishes people would dig deeper after asking if she’s okay because sometimes she also struggles to open up.

Next time you bump into these Kapamilya stars, you already know what to ask them!