Kapamilya stars and what they discovered about themselves since becoming celebrities

A sign of thriving in your chosen career is having greater knowledge about yourself – discovering your potential, purpose, and core values. In the case of these Kapamilya stars, the journey to self-awareness started the moment they stepped into the limelight.

Seasoned actress Gelli De Belen inspires with her realization that she’s never too old to learn new things, debunking old belief in showbiz that you have to be young in order to flourish. She backs up though the unspoken rule that there are no permanent enemies in the industry, so “never burn bridges.” Also a wise testimony from Gelli that young stars should take to heart is to be real. “Being yourself is easier than pretending to be somebody else because at the end of the day, mas mahirap i-sustain ang pagpapanggap,” she said.

With all the noise in showbiz, Aya Fernandez learned the importance of reserving her energy, “Hindi pala ako fully extroverted. Doon ko na-realize I really enjoy time by myself kasi I feel like in this industry, nauubos ‘yung social energy ko agad.”

Admittedly shy, Kaila Estrada slowly had the courage to overcome self-doubt and anxiety and in the process realized that she can do anything if she puts her mind and heart into it.

2 Good 2 Be True star Yves Flores was also shy at first. But since becoming a celebrity, Yves figured out that he can be more confident. Thanks to his job as an actor, Matt Evans discovered that he still has more capabilities within him.

Being in front of the cameras for most of her life, Alexa Ilacad’s job as an actress brought her a better understanding of who she is. And with knowing herself comes the realization that she can’t and doesn’t have to please everybody.

At first, KD Estrada thought that showbiz requires being friends with everyone. But now he’s learning to have “fewer but truer friends.”

Madam Inutz never dreamed of becoming a celebrity. Now that she stars in the sitcom “My Papa Pi,” the former online seller is happy to discover her talent in comedy.

Discovering hidden skills is the most exciting part of self-awareness. Dawn Chang found out that she can still do brand new things, and that she’s willing to learn and she’s not scared of hard work.

Related to Kuya’s lessons in the PBB house, Jordan Andrews learned that he’s a team player because in showbiz, “it’s not always about yourself.” For vlogger-turned-PBB housemate Raf Juane, she discovered how appreciative she is, especially to her online followers. For teen housemate Paolo Alcantara, he learned important values like looking back at where he came from.

Since becoming a celebrity, “The Broken Marriage Vow” star Jef Gaitan deep dived into her higher potential and values, one of which is choosing to be strong and patient when she has to. “Natutunan ko dito sa industriya na ‘to na isang magandang trait, na kaya mong i-extend yung goodness mo even if bad na ‘yung pumapaligid sayo, kaya mo pa rin maging pasensyosa at mabait,” shared Jef.

Be inspired by your favorite Kapamilya stars’ answers in the video and start your journey to self-discovery!