Kapamilya stars and their favorite childhood memory of Christmas

Eyes glistened in excitement and hearts fluttered in nostalgia as Kapamilya stars reminisce their best childhood Christmas memories. Because with the big day just around the corner, and as we grow older, we realize such happy and simple times are more than enough to count as real blessings.

Is there anything more nostalgic than memories of Simbang Gabi with the whole family? For Joshua Garcia, who used to live near a church, there’s none. The crowd, lights, and the smell of ‘puto bumbong’ and ‘bibingka’ after mass were like magic to him.

His Viral Scandal co-star Karina Bautista shared the same thoughts. As a kid, she and her cousins would squeeze themselves into a single tricycle ride going to the church. Then her mom would gather all kids from the neighborhood for parlor games.

Aljon Mendoza’s clan used to live in the same town, thus reunions are a constant activity for them. When he was about 8 years old, he started to perform in their clan’s annual talent show wherein winners would receive cash. On Christmas morning, the Mendoza cousins visit their Lolo and Lola’s house to receive aguinaldo.

The holidays hit differently when you’re missing someone. LA Santos’ ritual to soothe the blues is binge-watch “Star Wars” on Christmas eve as the film reminds him of his biological father.

When he was about 3 years old, Jameson Blake got the best surprise of his life when he woke up on Christmas day to a new bicycle bought by his own Santa, his parents.

Charlie Dizon will never forget how it felt to celebrate yuletide with family members who are now based overseas.

Walking from house to house to sing Christmas carols with friends is Gerald Anderson’s favorite Christmas activity as a kid. Renshi de Guzman was an expert kiddie caroler that he already mastered the trick to collect more aguinaldo — know the generous households and visit them nightly.

As innocent children, we were all convinced that Santa Claus drops by our house on Christmas Eve to fill our socks with candies. Cindy Obeñita enjoyed this tradition as a little girl but now she’s the one filling her nieces and nephews’ socks with sweets.

The Squad Plus Alyanna Angeles and her family used to unwrap gifts altogether during Christmas Eve. Same goes with Margaux Montanna, adding the classic Noche Buena tradition into her list of unforgettable moments. Raven Rigor and cousins used to enjoy the Christmas breeze with a bonfire at the backyard.

The Muhlach clan is so busy they only gather once a year, during Christmas Eve. Thus, Alyssa Muhlach savors these once-in-a-blue moon gatherings.

Nothing beats mom’s cooking especially on this special occasion. That’s what Janine Berdin was reminded of.

“Love at First Stream” stars Daniela Stranner and Anthony Jennings loved Christmas as kids thanks to big family reunions.

What made Christmas a special time for you as a kid?