Kapamilya stars ace the Tagalog Tongue Twister Challenge!

Kapamilya celebrities are always up for every challenge. In this video, your favorite stars try to deliver popular Tagalog tongue twisters from beginner to expert level. The game turns out fun, too hilarious it’ll surely make you LOL (Laugh Out Loud).  

Charlie Dizon’s competitive spirit was on fire! She is known as the prim and proper Isabel Gezali in the series A Soldier’s Heart. This time, though the bubbly girl put her funny side on display. She might have failed in the difficult round with “Palakang Kabkab, kumakalabukab; kaka-kalabukab pa lamang, kumakalabukab na naman” but the nearly perfect performance (she aced four out five tongue twisters in one go) definitely deserves a round of applause.

The next Kapamilya stars delivered the same phrases. Elisse Joson got a bad start with “Pinaputi ni Tepiterio ang pitong puting putong patong-patong.” She recovered in the net rounds, though, and got a total score of three out of five. Just like Charlie, she also lost grip in the expert level.

The next contender is Michelle Vito. She mispronounced some words in the first challenge but served a smooth performance on the next. Most of the players get “Pagkakamali, kamalian, mali, magkamali, kasalanan” in just one take.

Finally, someone nailed the difficult round (“Palakang Kabkab, kumakalabukab; kaka-kalabukab pa lamang, kumakalabukab na naman”) when Sofia Andres took the floor. Albeit she quite struggled in the first tongue twisters, mental focus helped her garner a perfect score. Have we found the Queen of Tongue Twisters?

Darren Espanto messed up a little in the third challenge, “Sumasaway ng pasaway ang nagsasaway na sanay magsaway.” His best performance would have to be the second phrase “Sinusi ni Susan ang sisidlan ng sisiw.” and “Pagkakamali, kamalian, mali, magkamali, kasalanan.

Jayda Avanzado matched her singing partner’s impressive performance. The young songstress finished the expert round with a sweet smile after several failed attempts.  

We dare you to take on the same Tagalog Tongue Twister Challenge!