Kapamilya Spotlight: On-point relationship advice straight from our favorite Kapamilya loveteams

Relationships are tricky, aren’t they? While school hasn’t provided us with lessons, courses, or manuals about love, life itself has taught us through our own and other people’s experiences.

Aside from seeking advice from relationship experts or our loved ones who have gone through the same situation as us, who better to learn about dating than from Kapamilya love teams? Thus, here are some pieces of advice they have on how to make a relationship grow stronger or how to remain patient while waiting for ‘the one’.

Love requires time and effort

While there are people out there who seem to rush in getting into a relationship, Maymay Entrata and Edward Barber firmly believe that before making a commitment to someone, it’s highly important to figure out first our priorities in life.

In their guesting together in Magandang Buhay last year, they clarified that they’re not a couple yet as they take things between them slowly and admitted that they’re not fully-ready when it comes to time, age, and wisdom. Besides, they also have different priorities in their respective lives and a romantic affair is not yet in the list.

“Marami pa kasi kaming priorities sa buhay namin. ‘Yong family ko, tinutustusan ko pa ang pag-aaral nila. Maiiba kasi ang priority ko kapag sobrang napamahal,” Maymay giddily related.

Ever since their paths intertwined in Pinoy Big Brother Lucky Season 7 three years ago, the two have been taking their time to further strengthen their bond and know one another deeper as best friends and loveteam partners.

Manage your expectations by putting label on your relationship

Despite being a Gen Z and a millennial, Loisa Andalio and Ronnie Alonte reject the current trend of not putting label in relationships among youngsters. Because for them, labels set the boundaries between two people who are involved in an affair and give security as well to both parties.  

“Kailangan ng label talaga kasi parang ang hirap na umaasa ka sa wala or ‘di mo alam kung anong meron. Tapos minsan, akala mo kayo pero may iba pala. Parang mahirap po ‘yung gano’n,” Loisa commented during their guesting with MayWard in the morning program in 2018.

Then she added, “Parang ‘di ka pwedeng magalit kasi wala kang pinanghahawakan.”

And look how blissful and strong LoiNie has been ever since they became a couple four years ago!

Trust and respect are keys in any relationship

Since she’s a novice when it comes to romantic affairs, Liza Soberano admitted in her Magandang Buhay guesting with reel-to-real partner Enrique Gil in 2017 that she used to find relationships scary and intimidating. But starring in the blockbuster hit “My Ex & Whys” made her realize that “you can never stop loving people, especially if your heart feels something towards the person.”

Working with him for the sixth time also deepened her love and respect for him for he’s been patient and supportive with her the whole time, particularly in those times that she was having a hard time internalizing. Meanwhile, Quen confessed that the movie didn’t simply amplified their feelings for each other, but also helped him understand more the perspective of women.

Even though their scenes caused her to doubt him in real life and be afraid of getting hurt, Liza disclosed that Quen assured her that he’s never going to the same thing that his character did.

Imbibing the lessons they’ve learned from the film, LizQuen’s five-year relationship has been apparently “a pretty smooth ride” according to the actress.

Meeting the family and friends is also important, especially in the Filipino culture

We, Filipinos, give high importance to our families. Thus, we always consider them in every decision we’re going to make, even when it comes to choosing the person to whom we’re going to be committed with. And at young ages, Kyle Echarri and Francine Diaz are well-aware of this.

So, despite not being a couple yet, they’ve already managed to include both of their families in their lovely friendship and make them tightly bonded. Besides, the young actor had already introduced her to his showbiz pals.

And it seems that KyCine’s lovely relationship has already earned the absolute approval and support of their respective families and circle of friends as they’re obviously happy with each other.

Misunderstandings and disagreements are normal

While we believe that the true definition of a perfect relationship is having no quarrels nor misunderstandings with your partner, this isn’t actually the case for Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla.

Even though they are deemed as a perfect couple since they’ve been together for eight years, but the actress revealed in her one-on-one interview with the King of Talk in Tonight With Boy Abunda in 2018 that they also go through a lot of fights just like other people in a relationship do. And usually, it’s because of her pride.

“Forgiveness is very important and not really easy talaga to do. Feeling natin kapag nagso-sorry tayo, it’s a sign of weakness, but for me it’s a sign of strength. Natuto akong mag-sorry because of DJ,” she said, admitting that she actually found it difficult to apologize to him before, which sometimes led to their misunderstandings.

She confessed, “Sorry kasi it took me awhile to learn how to say sorry and thank you kasi naging patient siya throughout kasi ang dami naming away… na pwede ka naming mag-sorry pero pinahaba mo pa, kailangan mo pang i-ano ‘yong pride mo and all.”

By simply observing them, we can say that misunderstandings and disagreements were the things that spice up KathNiel’s relationship as they get stronger and sweeter through the years.

Love comes with challenges

Even before they became a couple, KimXi’s romance had to already face challenges. This was what Xian Lim told the Magandang Buhay momshies during his guesting last year. He recounted how people around them used to discourage him from pursuing her because it was either Kim Chiu would not like him or they didn’t like him for her. But he didn’t allow those to hinder him from expressing his love to her and just followed his heart.

“Susundan mol ang talaga ‘yong nararamdaman ng puso mo. Hindi man sa love life, but mapa-career man ‘yan or kahit ano man ‘yang pagsubok sa buhay, sundin mo lang ‘yong puso mo. You can never go wrong,” he stated.

Then she added, “Sabi ko nga no’ng una pa lang kami ni Kim, ‘kasalanan ba ‘tong nararamdaman ko para sa’yo?’ Sa lahat ng sumusunod sa love story namin ni Kim, sinasabi nila, ‘’yan si Xian ginagamit lang ‘yan para magkaroon ng role’ or something like that. And yet, here we are now, year later, we’re still together. We’ve overcome so many obstacles already. Sabi ko nga, ‘kung kasalanan kang mahalin, e ‘di makasalanan akong tao’.”

They may have to keep their relationship away from the public eye for a long time, but Xian and Kim are now proud to show the world the genuine and unbreakable love they have for one another as they continue to explore different countries together.

But if you are currently single and haven’t found the one yet, don’t give up!

 Of course, we also have a piece of advice for singles out there! Just in case you’re still waiting for your “the one”, you better fret not because the universe is surely preparing someone for you. Maybe the reason why it’s taking a long time for your paths to intertwine is that either one of you or both of you is/are not ready yet. And while you anticipate for his/her arrival, what you can do for the meantime is to do your own stuff, fulfill your personal dreams, and pray for him/her, just like what Andrea Brillantes did.

In her appearance on Tonight With Boy Abunda last year with Seth Fedelin, she confessed to Tito Boy that she actually prayed to have something that her ultimate idol KathNiel has – an on-and-off-screen partner who will be her constant companion in achieving her ambitions in-and-out of showbiz.

And two years ago, Seth broke into the local entertainment scene as one of the housemates of Pinoy Big Brother Otso and went on to get cast in the afternoon soap opera Kadenang Ginto on that same year as the young actress’ loveteam partner. Isn’t SethDrea a great proof on the mighty power of prayers?

If you need more relationship advice, make sure to catch all the future interviews of your favorite Kapamilya loveteams!