Kapamilya Spotlight: Memorable times LizQuen brought ultimate kilig feels in interviews

There’s absolutely no doubt that Liza Soberano and Enrique Gil are among the biggest and hottest tandems of their generation. In their seven years as a loveteam, they have never failed to thrill us with their unmistakable chemistry through the slew of movies and series they both appeared in – from working for the first time in the 2013 romantic flick “She’s The One” up to their latest stint in the romantic-comedy drama Make It With You.

However, those who have been fervently supporting them through the years would know that the kilig they bring to the viewers goes beyond their onscreen projects as LizQuen also made us ecstatic in real life via their guestings in various Kapamilya talk shows.

One of their earliest interviews together was in The Buzz for their first-ever teleserye Forevermore in 2015, wherein then 17-year-old actress confessed that she was initially intimidated with Quen due to his playboy image. However, that was eventually gone when they got to know each other deeper, with him revealing that he had already harbored feelings for her and even gave her a necklace as a gift for her birthday.

Two years after, they went on to make us laugh when they recounted to the momshie-hosts of Magandang Buhay the first time that they talked over the phone. Liza related how so irritated she was when Quen pranked call her by “ordering” pizza from her at 12 midnight, but that was kissed away after she found out that it was him on the other line.

They went back to the morning program in 2018 to promote their primetime series Bagani, wherein the real score between them was also talked about. He divulged the meanings or stories behind his terms of endearment for Liza, such as “mi corazon” (or my love), “my queen”, “love”, “mahal”, “babe”, “baby”, and “forever ko”. Meanwhile, in a previous interview with the King Of Talk in Tonight With Boy Abunda, the 28-year-old actor divulged that his leading lady also calls him “baby” because his body is as huggable as a baby’s.

In her comeback in Magandang Buhay last year, Liza candidly imparted how Quen stayed by her side and took care of her after her finger surgery in the US. He didn’t only become her source of strength, but her extra hand in doing different things for herself and in moving around. It can be recalled that she had a surgery on her right finger, making it impossible for her to use her right hand for three months.

While their revelations in these shows already thrilled us, it was in their guestings in Gandang Gabi Vice in the past years that further made us kilig and ship them harder.

In the program’s fourth anniversary celebration in 2015, the two made us believe that they’re definitely meant to be when they recalled being each other’s “Secret Santa” during the Monito Monita of the Forevermore cast.

As she returned to GGV in 2018, many of us were surely titillated when the Kapamilya actress unintentionally exposed in the “Guilty or Not Guilty” segment that she was already kissed by a guy on the lips, and, of course, he’s none other than Enrique.  She wasn’t able to control her reaction, but clarified that they were doing a scene when that accidental kiss happened.

Meanwhile, in his interview with Tito Boy in TWBA, he recounted the first time he and Liza exchanged “I love yous”. According to him, it was through a phone call when he was in Australia for ASAP and he couldn’t stop thinking about her. So he called her up and said the three magical words, to which she replied saying that she felt the same as well.

They may have only hinted about the real status of their relationship in the past years by only implying their mutual romantic feelings for each other, but it was only last year when they finally made their relationship official, thanks to that little and cunning lie detector test in the “KuryenTanong” segment. Liza then went on to reveal that they’ve been together for more than two years when asked by the Unkabogable Star!

Never miss any of LizQuen’s future interviews because you might just miss another heart stopping kilig moment of these well-loved sweethearts!