Kapamilya Spotlight: How MayWard has won our hearts through the years

Their tandem has indeed never failed to provide us with kilig and good vibes ever since their stints as housemates of Pinoy Big Brother Lucky Season 7 around four years ago. And in the recent years, Maymay Entrata and Edward Barber have amazingly skyrocketed into becoming one of the hottest young stars and loveteams in the country.

So, as they mark their fourth year in show business this 2020, let’s take trip down memory lane and reminisce how MayWard was born and continues to evolve through the years in this episode of Kapamilya Spotlight.

As we all know and what we have mentioned, their connection started out inside the PBB house. Despite coming from different walks of life and from different countries, the “Wacky-Go-Lucky of Cagayan De Oro” and the “Cheerful Charmer of Germany” were still able to forge a unique and admirable bond and friendship as they spent a lot of time together – may it be because of their tasks, household chores, or other shenanigans – in their almost five months of staying under the same roof.

From being mere housemates-turned-close friends, they’ve seemingly grown fonder of each other as their bond blossomed into something romantic. Aside from their separate admissions during the lie detector test challenge while they were still inside the house, the two have been honest about their feelings for one another in their multiple interviews in the outside world.

Even though they’ve keep on saying that they are just best friends, we couldn’t help but not totally believe it as their actions suggest otherwise. After spending Christmas with his family in December 2017, Edward surprised Maymay during her Holy Week vacation in Camiguin with her family in 2018, which was revealed during one of their guestings in Magandang Buhay.

On that same interview, the young actor also expressed how he deemed his on-screen partner as a blessing for him because she’s among those people who helped him survive PBB and showbiz as well by helping him strengthen his faith.

Maymay certainly feels the same towards her “Dodong” as he never failed to show his all-out support for her in her solo projects and television appearances, such as when he dropped by Gandang Gabi Vice as she and Kisses Delavin were promoting their respective albums in 2018 and when he flew to Hong Kong to visit the young actress while she was filming “Hello, Love, Goodbye” last year.

Apart from the support he consistently provides, Edward also revealed being inspired by her when he wrote his songs “Di Makatulog” and “No One Else” in his fun conversation with the King of Talk on Tonight With Boy Abunda last year. He went on to set the butterflies in our stomachs aflutter when he said that “there’s no one else in my heart but Maymay” and confessed that he’s seloso and the one who’s more affectionate between the two of them.

They may have reiterated to Tito Boy that they’re simply “soulmates”, but those who had seen their TWBA guesting in January 2019 were still convinced that their relationship has already gone beyond friendship as their colleagues and the other people close to them revealed how sweet they are to one another not just on-cam, but also off-cam.

In their separate appearances in Magandang Buhay, their “Da One That Ghost Away” co-star Kim Chiu revealed their sweetness behind-the-scenes, while Edward’s sister Laura related that the bond they have in front of the camera is just the same with how they are behind. Thus, we weren’t surprised when they disclosed in TWBA that Maymay’s grandmother had already given her blessing to their relationship once they decided to take it on the next level.

While they’re not keen yet in putting a label on whatever they have between them anytime soon – with the both of them agreeing that they’re taking things slowly and they have to wait for the right age, time, and wisdom – but hearing them say that they now have a mutual understanding and that they see a future with each other during their TWBA guesting last year are seemingly already enough for their adoring fans.

So for now, let’s just continue supporting MayWard until they reach the perfect time to embrace their relationship and call it official!