Kapamilya Snaps: Versatile actresses who slayed multiple roles in teleseryes

Acting may look simple, but that’s because the talented actors and actresses make it look so. A lot of work goes behind internalizing a character, understanding their emotions, and bringing them to life. So imagine having to do that twice or thrice for one whole show.

Pretty difficult, right? Well, prepare to be amazed by the Kapamilya actresses in this Kapamilya Snaps compilation that successfully portrayed multiple roles in a teleserye!

Claudine Barretto (Saan Ka Man Naroroon, 1999)

One of the first actresses to play three roles in teleserye was Claudine in Saan Ka Man Naroroon. Playing Rosario, Rosenda, and Rosemarie at the same time, the Optimum Star had to make sure she could set them apart from each other aside from the color of their lipstick. After all, the three leading ladies were to marry the three different leading men played by Rico Yan, Diether Ocampo, and Leandro Muñoz.

Claudine revealed that she and director Wenn V. Deramas surprisingly didn’t have a hard time filming the three characters. It’s definitely props to the sharp creative skills they both possess.

Maja Salvador (Precious Hearts Romances: Impostor, 2010)

Maja’s roles in this serye is different from the twin and look-alike stories we usually see. In Precious Hearts Romances Presents Impostor, the story begins with Devin (Melai Cantiveros) who is jealous of beautiful women like her idol Mariz (Maja Salvador). After a car accident involving both of them, Mariz died while Devin, who is severely injured, was offered to undergo plastic surgery to take Mariz’s face. The complicated mix-up may seem confusing, but Maja perfectly portrays Devin's personality within Mariz’s body.

Andi Eigenmann (Agua Bendita, 2010)

Based on the 1980s comics, Agua Bendita is a story of unusual twin sisters, Agua and Bendita. The two girls undoubtedly look alike except for the fact that Agua is made of water while Bendita is human. Andi plays both roles and ensures that the difference in personality of the sisters is crystal clear even if the color of their skin already differentiates them.

Angelica Panganiban (Apoy sa Dagat, 2013)

We’re already familiar with how fierce Angelica can act in her roles, but her work in Apoy sa Dagat took it to the next level. She played Serena and Rebecca who are twins separated at birth. However, once they crossed paths, it was not a happy reunion. The two become each other’s biggest rivals, challenging Angelica to muster various feelings of contempt, anger, and revenge for both characters.

Bea Alonzo (Sana Bukas Pa Ang Kahapon, 2014)

In Sana Bukas Pa Ang Kahapon, Bea plays the focused and successful lawyer Rose and a kindhearted businesswoman Emmanuelle. They are in no way related, but their lives become intertwined and soon encounter a major tragedy leading to one’s death. Since they look alike, we are left to wonder who was the one that lived? In this serye, Bea skillfully channeled the struggles of two women and found that common denominator to reconcile their goals. 

Julia Montes (Doble Kara, 2015)

Julia portrayed twins Sara and Kara in Doble Kara. They were not born to a well-off family so when Kara was found to have leukemia, she was given to a wealthier family to obtain better medical treatment. When the sisters were reunited again, the two yearned for the life of the other and this thorn developed a deeper conflict between them.

Julia sometimes even had scenes where Sara and Kara would both be in an intense altercation so executing such meant double the effort and emotion on her end.

Jodi Sta. Maria (Sana Dalawa Ang Puso, 2018)

Jodi had to unleash two different sides of her when she played Mona and Lisa in Sana Dalawa Ang Puso. Mona is a tomboyish girl from the local town while Lisa is a sophisticated businesswoman. At first we only see them as look-alikes that stumbled upon each other, but later in the story, we find out that they really are twins. As the two enter each other’s lives, they would have occasional banters or interactions, which Jodi surely had to time perfectly. 

Erich Gonzales (The Blood Sisters, 2018)

Erich Gonzales is the one other actress that was able to manage playing three roles for a teleserye. The Blood Sisters revolves around triplet sisters Carrie, Erika, and Agatha who have no idea about each other because an unfortunate event during their birth had them snatched away from their mother. The three live different lives with Erika as a kind single mother, Carrie as a successful doctor, and Agatha as a resentful rebel.

The Blood Sisters was even more challenging for Erich because not only did Carrie, Erika, and Agatha have very opposite personalities, they also spoke a little differently. So clothes, hair, mannerisms, and even accents  — Erich had to switch through all of those smoothly.

This set of Kapamilya actresses inspire and challenge us to push the boundaries. They are already well-acclaimed for their work as artists, but they are not settling just yet and will continue to demonstrate their talent and versatility.