Celebrities hands-on kids homeschooling

Staying at home due to the COVID-19 pandemic has changed a lot of aspects in our lives, including our schooling system. Students, teachers, and even parents had to adjust to online learning and facilitating it at home. While this experience sheds light on what needs to be improved in the education system, it also showed how moms and dads can step up in guiding the young minds of tomorrow. 

Celebrities, who despite their busy schedules, are especially prioritizing being more hands-on with their kids homeschooling. Watch this Kapamilya Snaps episode to see how they inspire and help their kids study!

Celebrity couple Judy Ann Santos and Ryan Agoncillo got their hands full with all three kids, but they manage to work together in helping all of them. As Judy Ann guides Yohan and Lucho with their readings, daddy Ryan is patiently teaching young Luna how to write and read letters. 

Momshie Jolina Magdangal personally teachers her son Pele. As she puts it, “Minsan Nanay, minsan Teacher.” The Magandang Buhay host describes Pele as a playful but good student. She makes sure to always pray that she is teaching him the right values and lessons before starting the session. 

Sarah Lahbati, wife of FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano actor Richard Gutierrez, likes to stay on top of their eldest son Zion's homeschooling. Aside from giving him a small study area, they also make it a space for him to be creative and paint. 

Huwag Kang Mangamba star Dimples Romana is a super caring and inspiring mommy in real life. Her son Alonzo is always focused during his virtual classes as Dimples quietly cheers him on whilst having some morning coffee. Her daughter Callie, on the other hand, recently graduated high school with flying colors. Her kids must get the spark from her as Dimples also finished with a Gold Standard badge in her Career Advancement Course from New York University School of Professional Studies. 

Magandang Buhay momshie Melai Cantiveros knows that a supportive and conducive home for learning is important in kids' growth. So, for her daughters’ online classes, she set up their own work desks and comfortable chairs. Her daughters definitely love it and enjoy that they can have recess together every day!

Isabel Oli and her husband John Prats had to adjust a lot when her young Feather had to transition to online classes. With two other young kids, their busy house had to turn into a classroom. Luckily, they were able to manage and Feather easily adapted as well. That and Isabel’s newfound tutoring skills are to be thanked for Feather’s achievement in reaching Kinder 2. 

Kapamilya host Bianca Gonzales admits that the work-from-home life has been difficult, but she enjoys it as well because she gets to spend more time with her kids and enjoy their warm hugs anytime. She also gets to be 100% present for Lucia’s homeschooling and see her progress in learning. Just this April 2021, Bianca shares how she is super proud of her daughter’s milestone to have been part of the school’s special Moving Up Day. 

For Kristine Hermosa, bonding with her kids is extra special, even if it meant she got stickers all over her face or got tired taking tons of wacky selfies. Being at home more now meant she had to get more creative with their bonding time and add some valuable learning to their play such as Vin trying out a fun word search puzzle. 

Chesca Kramer has a packed house with her three adorable angels, but she sure knows how to get them organized and productive. Their mini classroom at home and five fun rules allows Kendra, Scarlett, and Gavin to enjoy learning. What are the rules? Well, they can get off their seats, bring their dog to class, eat snacks when they’re hungry, hug and kiss the teacher, and be as curious as they want to be!

Rica Peralejo goes all-out with homeschooling her six-year-old son Philip while taking care of her two-year-old as well. She decided to homeschool Philip because he didn’t like or wasn’t ready for a traditional classroom and learning at home was the better set up for him. She shared a lot more about it in her YouTube vlog, but it’s wonderful to see how she changed a lot about her home life to accommodate the best learning method for her kid. 

What do you think of the homeschooling practices of these famous stars?