Kapamilya Snaps: These female celebs mark Women's Month with empowering tributes

Aside from the beginning of the summer season, March is also when we celebrate the National Women’s Month. According to an article published on the international online magazine HOLA!, it has become a global holiday ever since women in Soviet Russia gained suffrage on March 8, 1917 and the United Nations adopted it in 1977.

Since then, March 8 has been proclaimed “International Women’s Day”, when we not just pay tribute to the valuable contributions of women in various fields from different parts of the world, but also bring awareness to everyone regarding the issues that women have been facing, such as gender inequality, violence against women, and women’s autonomy.

For sure, we have seen a slew of posts on social media dedicated Women’s Month, such as the ones shared by the inspiring and powerful female celebrities in this Kapamilya Snaps feature.

Lovi Poe

She may be the daughter of “Da King of Philippine Movies” Fernandor Poe Jr., but Lovi was able to carve her own path in the entertainment scene – both locally and internationally – through her own hardwork, skills, and, of course, beauty. Just like her character Mokang in FPJ’s Batang Quiapo, she’s also a true femme fatale in real life as she’s able to overcome the struggles and controversies that she went through with much grace, and at the same time take on fierce roles on action movies and series.

Thus, we can say that the caption she wrote for her International Women’s Day tribute speaks true to her: ay it with me, ladies: ““SHE is KING.” Born READY, let’s be the bad ass women we were meant to be.”

Sue Ramirez

The The Iron Heart actress kicked of Women’s Month by sharing her glam shots that absolutely displayed her mesmerizing splendor and stunning toned physique through the different attires she wore. She captioned it: “What’s my superpower? I AM A WOMAN.”

But more than her beauty and acting prowess, another thing that we admire about her is her confidence, which she’s able to show not only by showing skin through the sexy outfits that she wears, but in speaking her mind and taking on challenging roles that allows her to further show her capabilities.

Catriona Gray

As a beauty queen, not to mention being Miss Universe 2018, she is a staunch champion of women empowerment, which she’s able to exhibit by sharing some words of wisdom in her interviews, public appearances, and social media posts, and by doing humanitarian works that mostly cater to women, children, and underprivileged.

Aside from drawing inspiration from the experiences of her own and of other people in every talk that she does, Catriona also gains wisdom from the words and works of other powerful women. In one of her IG posts, she imparted a snap of the book she was reading and wrote in the caption how she stays “inspired with the voices of the great women who spoke into our generation” and the two quotes from it that apparently resonated on her. She asked her followers to share theirs, too.

Alexa Ilacad

Exactly on International Women’s Day, Alexa uploaded three pictures of her cladded in the shimmering bright pink ensemble, which were taken at the backstage of ASAP Natin ‘To. Apart from channeling the Barbie in her, she also mentioned the famous doll in its caption, which read: “If there’s one thing Barbie taught me, it’s that I CAN BE ANYTHING.”

Those who have been following her journey would know that she went through a lot of challenges in her life, which includes body dysmorphia that we only found out about during her Pinoy Big Brother Kumunity Season 10 stint. But despite everything, the Goin’ Bulilit alumna was still able to finish her college education at the top of her class.

Jane de Leon

Having portrayed one of Philippines’ symbol of women empowerment, she has indeed embodied the strength, beauty, and confidence of fictional characters Narda and Darna when she portrayed them in Mars Ravelo’s Darna. And aside from the once in a lifetime opportunity to become her generation’s superheroine, doing the project also brought her loads of learnings and newfound friendships.

And one of them is Janella Salvador, who served as the Valentina of her Darna. The two young actresses are able to form a close bond while working together, and that went beyond the show. Thus, for her Women’s Day tribute, she posted photos of them from a magazine shoot and captioned it: “Here’s to strong women, may we know them, may we be them, may we raise them.”

 Dimples Romana

From her patience in waiting for her turn to shine, nurturing a family while working on her career, and bringing herself to new heights by learning new things and taking on different roles, there’s no doubt that Dimples is a true inspiration to all women out there, especially to the careerwo-moms.

And to further inspire us this Women’s Month, the The Iron Heart  star attached a lengthy caption to a carousel of her gorgeous portraits that read: “To all the women standing tall and keeping it together and still manage to look fierce no matter how challenging the days may get, never forget how strong you are. We can be soft and tough at the same time! Never apologize for being yourself. We’re made of COURAGE, STRENGTH, GENTLENESS, COMPASSION and EMPATHY. Yes, WE ARE ALL THAT and more!”

Maxene Magalona

Another staunch advocate of women empowerment and self-love is Maxene, who never fails to impart nuggets of wisdom and words of encouragement in her almost every post on Instagram. And her International Women’s Day post was not an exception as she wrote a lengthy message about her personal growth.

“Everyday, she gets up, shows up and does the work to grow up so that she can actually thrive—not just survive. She takes off her mask and removes the armor that her fears and traumas have built for her as she chooses to fearlessly wear her heart on her sleeve,” she wrote.

Pia Wurtzbach

Being a beauty queen and Miss Universe 2015, she has indeed become an embodiment of an empowered woman. She has certainly inspired us not only to strive for our dreams, but to also become “confidently beautiful with a heart.”

And for the Women’s Month celebration this year, she compiled her different fashion looks into an Instagram reel, which she captioned: “A little fashion tribute to all women out there and the many faces we wear — fun, fierce, or fearless — may we always find the strength within to face everyday.”

Angeline Quinto

The “Queen of Teleserye Theme Songs” rang in Women’s Month by delivering an inspirational message to all women and girls after her ASAP Natin ‘To performance. She wrote: “Let’s appreciate all the strong women out there who came a long way to today. Mapa Nanay, Ata, Lola, or ano pa, we are unstoppable! To young girls, be yourself and you can be whatever you want to be.”

From that young woman who worked hard and never gave up on her dreams ago, Angeline has gone to become one of the brightest and well-loved female performers in the country at present.  But more than the accolades and recognitions she earned throughout her stellar career, it’s being a mom to her firstborn Baby Sylvio that is perhaps her biggest achievement to date.

Happy Women’s Month, Kapamilya! Who are the female celebrities that inspire and empower you the most?