KSnaps Celebrity Collection

We all have different reasons for collecting things we’re passionate about. Some do it out of sentimentality like to spoil one’s inner child like Rita Avila and her tons of Minion items; or to practice a hobby like Jolina Magdangal’s love for lomo cameras. In this Kapamilya Snaps feature, celebrities shared their unique, impressive collections and tackled the kind of connection they feel with these items.  


Rita Avila’s Minion Collection

Although known for her kontrabida roles, Rita Avila proves she’s only a bad woman on-cam and a real kid-at-heart behind the cameras. She still gushes over dolls and cartoon characters and owns a wide, super cute collection of Minion items.

Wearing a minion-printed shirt during her Kapamilya Chat guesting, Rita showed off the tiniest item in her collection, which is a minion earring she got from husband Director FM Reyes. He also gifted her with talking minion toys – the most expensive of them all.

Rita buys anything that has to do with minions. She has them in tumblers, lunch boxes, and even chopsticks. In the bathroom collection are towels, bath and hand soap, toothbrush, and even toothpaste.

There are minion notebooks, stickers, color pencils, hats, bonnets, sling bags, handbags, aprons, and socks, handkerchiefs, coin purse, bag tags, key chains, fan, cell phone cases, charger, speaker, gift cards, hair iron, coin bank, masks, and a minion perfume. Scattered and displayed all over the room are the cuddly minion stuffed toys. There has to be minion pillows, one is bed-sized, as well as sleepwear, pullovers, and bedroom slippers.  She also has the evil minion characters in purple. To top off her collection tour, Rita surprised us with minion candies.


Jolina Magdangal’s Lomo Camera Collection

The Escueta family is truly a bunch of artists. Apart from the love for music, Jolina and husband Marc Escueta are also into photography and in an episode of Kapamilya Chat, Jolina shared her collection of lomo cameras.

The Magandang Buhay host characterized lomo cameras as “mga camera na ginagamitan pa ng films tapos may pagka-artsy ang dating, may mga textures.”

She owns an LC-A camera, which is considered a true gem for digital natives. Next on her collection is a fisheye camera, which gives photos a distorted curved appearance. She also has an Action Sampler which is best known for its sequential flash, then she explained that the older the film, the better.


Angela Ken’s Cookie Monster Collection

New gen OPM artist Angela Ken bares her inner child by sharing her Cookie Monster collectibles.

Angela started her collection during her freshman year in high school, influenced by a friend who loves Elmo from Sesame Street. Angela has Cookie Monster stuffed toys, pillows, and clothes from dresses and sleepwear, to crop tops and socks. Those who follow her on TikTok often see her wearing Cookie Monster sleepwear. She also showed the yellow Cookie Monster ‘pambahay’ she was wearing while uploading the longer version of her TikTok hit-turned-full single “Ako Naman Muna.”


Roxanne Guinoo’s Mug Collection

How do you keep travel memories fresh? Some would take lots of photos or vlog about the trip. But for Roxanne Guinoo, the best travel memorabilia are mugs collected from different destinations.

She started her collection with a pair of coffee mugs that she and her sister used whenever they visited their father in Saudi, thus reminding her of their sisterly bond. Then she thought of mugs as good travel souvenirs. She has mugs from her trips in China, Hong Kong, Korea, and Japan. Her favorites are the huge Hello Kitty mug, the Minnie and Mickey pair, one gifted by her mother-in-law, and one that has her husband Elton Yap’s photo. At the moment, there are approximately 50 mugs in her storage cabinet and it will grow more, knowing her love for traveling.


Lotlot de Leon’s Painting Collection

Besides her contribution to the film and TV industry, Lotlot de Leon also has so much to offer in the world of visual art through her paintings. Lotlot started painting in 2008. An exhibit and more than a decade later, she now has a wide collection of artworks, most of which capture the beauty and serenity of nature. The actress said landscape is her forte, showing one of her earliest works which is an oil painting of the sea. Flowers and mountains are also two of her favorite subjects. Lotlot normally finishes a painting in a day and she either displays her paintings or gives them as gifts to family and close friends.


Alyssa Muhlach’s Notebook Collection

There are notebooks meant for messy doodles and taking down notes but the cuter ones are usually stacked quietly in a corner. They’re so pretty to look at that you can’t fill them out to avoid spoiling the crisp, beautiful pages. Alyssa Muhlach knows exactly how it feels that she ended up with a collection of empty notebooks.

While note taking has gone digital, nothing beats the joy of writing down words by hand like when studying her character or attending short online courses. But the ones with alluring covers are off-limits. “These are notebooks that I find pretty and cute pero never ko silang nagamit. They’re stacked in a box altogether and I don’t use them at all,” said Alyssa, showing a few favorites from her collection including those with Paris and Eiffel Tower covers, as well as Hello Kitty, glittery, and floral notebooks.

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