Kapamilya Snaps: These celebrities share how they give their pets loads of TLC!

If not all, almost every family certainly have at least a pet at home. And because of how lovable and unconditionally loyal they are to us humans, they have become just as important as the other members of the family – to the point that we tend to treat (and even spoil) them like our kids!

Aside from simply giving them baths and taking them for a walk or a run, doting ‘parents’ also indulge their pets with treats, special grooming sessions, and other stuff they need, and, at the same time, create social media accounts dedicated just for their cuteness!

Just like the celebrities in this Kapamilya Snaps feature, who have been filling our social media feeds with fluffy wholesomeness by sharing snaps and clips of their adorable moments with their ever-loyal animal companions, as well as of how they give them their TLC (or tender loving care).

Alexa Ilacad

Apart from gracing her followers’ feeds with gorgeous photos of her, we could also spot several pictures of her with her beloved pets Blush, Chill, Peanut Butter, and Doja on Instagram. While some of us refrain our furry friends from hopping on our beds and sofas, Alexa apparently loves to have them by her side whenever she’s sleeping (despite having beds of their own), most especially her seven-year-old Maltese Blush and Persian cat Chill.

Even though she has a hectic schedule, Alexa makes sure to allot time for them by taking them to pampering sessions, playing with them, and celebrating their “bark-days.” She also had them wore costumes for the Halloween and let them finish their special birthday cakes. There are instances when she takes them to work, as well.

Loisa Andalio

Having one furbaby is already a huge responsibility. But Loisa and her reel-and-real-life sweetheart Ronnie Alonte seem to not be bothered as they’re able to give all their 20 furbabies equal, proper attention. Since they got a whole pack, it’s no surprise that we can spot a dog or a cat (or more) in some of their photos.

In pets’ IG account tagged “loiniedogsandcats,” we can get a glimpse of their bonding moments with their 18 pooches that they named Ronda, Mike, Tokyo, Rio, Maze, El, Lexa, Lucky, Rocky, Ola, Ganda, Blue, Dustin, Sarah, Arya, Marley, Dawg, and Snow, and two felines which they call Chloe and Eloise.

The Love In 40 Days stars seemingly love to run errands, exercises, celebrate birthdays, and even work on photoshoots with their pets.

Kathryn Bernardo

Whenever she’s not attending to the needs of “Lolo Sir” in 2 Good 2 Be True, we may probably see the Asia’s Superstar playing in-between takes with her furbaby Snowy, who she brings to their lock-in taping to keep her company and bring good vibes on the set.

Aside from spending quality time with Snowy, Tala, and Cloud whenever she’s at home and bringing them to work, Kathryn would also sometimes bring them on her quick escapades with her tangi Daniel Padilla, family, and friends.

John Prats

The FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano actor is making sure that his kids with wife Isabel Oli will grow up not just to people around them, but to animals as well.

And the Pratties are able to do it by having four dogs at home, which they shower with tender loving care and warm embraces. One of them is the adorable American Bully Flower, who received a cake that looked just as cute as her.

Belle Mariano

Every time she’s at home, we can probably see Belle having some cuddle time with her adorable Maltese she named Cloud. And last November 2021, the He’s Into Her lead actress prepared a small celebration for the first “bark-day” of her beloved “Mr. Cloudy Bear.”

Nadine Lustre

Going through her IG account, we can say that Nadine is indeed a dedicated furmom to an endearing Corgi. She was able to prove this by, first, coming up with a unique and long name for her furbaby, which is Calcifer Dante Pendragon, or “Cal” for short. In one of her Stories, she explained that she got his name from characters of the 2004 animated Japanese film “Howl’s Moving Castle” and video game “Devil May Cry”.

Second, Nadine makes sure to shower him with loads of love by bonding with him, taking him to her getaways and work, and making him feel special on his “bark-day” every December by letting him eat cake and giving a box full of gifts.

Yassi Pressman

Apart from being a proud “dog mom” to five adorable pooches, Yassi is also one of the few celebrities who owns snakes. She cutely named her pair of ball pythons Fluffy and Sky. She loves her little reptiles so much, that she brought them with her to work in the past.

Anne Curtis

Prior to having her firstborn Baby Dahlia Amelie in 2020, the It’s Showtime host already has a number of furbabies to take care of and accompany her in some of her quick OOTD pics and even in one of her maternity shoots. Having a furmom like Anne who’s definitely always camera-ready, her dogs and cat have seemingly mastered how to be photogenic, too!

Kim Molina

Another dedicated furmom in this list, Kim is willing to go the extra for her beloved Bichon Frise, Unan. While others simply buy pet beds, enclosures, and bowls for their furbabies, she actually provided her floof its miniature house at her home that’s complete with bed, closet, and small dining table.

She actress also brings Unan and its younger sibling Itlog to work and allows them to play around her office.

Francine Diaz

Whenever she's not acting in a lock-in taping or performing in ASAP Natin 'To, Francine is probably at home playing with their dogs.

In one of her vlogs last year, she gave us a glimpse of her bonding time with Luna, which is through giving her a bath and dressing her up afterwards with a cute dress and set of shoes that she bought online for her.

Besides, Francine also showed us the towel, bath scrub, and tootbrush she purchased for her, as well as the conditioner, shampoo, cologne, soap, and anti-tick powder that their family use in bathing their dogs.

Aside from these, they have a small playpen for their pets as well.

How about you, Kapamilya? How do you show your tender loving care to your beloved pets?