Kapamilya Snaps: These celebrities give a glimpse of their rooms in Kapamilya Chat

In the recent years, Kapamilya Chat has arguably become the favorite exclusive livestream hub for avid Kapamilya fans online as it enabled us to connect with our favorite celebrities and get to know those who are just new in the industry or in the network. Besides, it has also allowed to see the featured artists in a different light.

And this year, as the pandemic continues to rage and we’re still encouraged to stay at home, a number of guest stars gave us a glimpse of their rooms, which some of them turned into their work-at-home stations. Let’s look back on the celebrity room tours from Kapamilya Chat 2021 in this episode of Kapamilya Snaps!

While her character Camille in the well-loved primetime series Marry Me Marry You can choose where to sleep among the houses of her three foster moms, Janine Gutierrez – in real life – now actually lives on her own for five years. In her first-ever Kapamilya Chat stint, she gave us a tour around her living room where her collection of books, plants, photos, and trophies of her beloved family.

Prior to joining Pinoy Big Brother Kumunity Season 10, Albie Casiño took us around his bachelor’s pad, which was previously owned by JM de Guzman. It may appear small, but he’s amazingly able to compress his mini gym, living and dining rooms, workstation, and computer area. It is also where he shoots his podcast and displays his collection of posters of his films, his accolades, artworks, and shoes.

Mica Javier also gave us a sneak peek of her married life with Jay R by touring us around her favorite part of their humble abode – a room they call “den.” They usually stay here every time they want to relax and do their hobbies, as well as keep the homemade scented candles that she sells.

Talented comedienne Kakai Bautista  let us know about her more by bringing us around her bedroom, wherein she showed her collection of novels, notebooks, planners, hat, accessories, and bags, as well as her stashes of ointment, vitamins, medicines, and makeup.

While she spends most of her days in the lock-in taping of FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano, where she plays the cunning and beautiful sexy kontrabida Cassandra, Maika Rivera has a cozy home where she takes her well-deserved rest. She enthusiastically tours us around it, and showed us her kitchen, vanity table where she does her makeup, a projector where she can watch movies, and a mini bar for entertaining her guests.

Showbiz neophytes and He’s Into Her stars Melizza Jimenez and Sophie Reyes also allowed us to get to know them more by welcoming us in their respective bedrooms! For sure, viewers were astonished when she showed her bookshelf filled with her collection of books, her grandfather’s typewriter, her grandparent’s old photo, her gallery of artworks, and her collection of little music boxes. Sophie, on the other hand, surely piqued the interest of her fans when she showed us her journal and lyric notebooks, Star Wars-themed bedside lamp, and the He’s Into Her books given by author Maxinejiji, as well as introduced her American Bully pet named Blue.

Last, but definitely not the least, is actor Francis Magundayao, who, despite considering himself a private person, gave us a sneak peek of their family’s humble abode. Through this, we’re able to find out how he loves playing computer games, photography and videography by showing his camera collection, and his shoe and hat collection. We’re also able to get to know a bit about his family through their adorable family portraits hanging on the walls.

Never miss an episode of Kapamilya Chat to know more about your favorite celebrities!