KSnaps 2024 Celebrities Sexy Swimsuits

The dry season, or what we commonly call “summer,” has already begun here in the Philippines last March. Thus, we have probably begun to notice how our social media feeds nowadays have been bombarded with photos and videos of our friends and of other people who have already taken their dose of “Vitamin Sea.”

Among them are some of our favorite female celebrities who wowed us as they confidently flaunt their sexy and well-toned physiques through their swimsuits in various silhouettes, colors, and styles. In this Kapamilya Snaps feature, let’s check out their summer-ready bods that will further take the heat that we’ve been feeling up a notch!


Kathryn Bernardo

Ever since 2023, we’ve certainly noticed the mind-blowing change in Kathryn as she has become bolder in showing off more of her glowing morena skin on social media. From relatively being a bit conservative when it comes to her beachwear in the past, the Asia’s Superstar indeed astonished us when she started posting snaps of her in sexy swimsuits that flex her “ABS na nananapak,” as what her friend Chie Filomeno commented in one of her Instagram posts.


Jessy Mendiola

Due to her flawless splendor and sexy physique, it can be recalled that Jessy was recognized as the “No. 1 Sexiest Woman in the Philippines” by a popular men’s magazine in 2016. And even though she is already a doting wife to I Can See Your Voice host Luis Manzano and a hands-on mom to their daughter Isabella Rose, she continues to become a certified #bodygoals to many women. In December 2023, the actress indeed set the internet on fire with her sexy snaps for her 31st birthday photoshoot.


Kim Chiu

Whenever she’s not busy with her work commitments, Kim loves hitting the beach during her free time. So, there’s no wonder that regardless of season, the actress-host is always summer-ready, which we can see through the sexy swimsuits that she wears on her beach trips and the skimpy OOTDs that she puts on for her It’s Showtime appearances. And in one of her recent posts to mark the beginning of her birth month, which is April, she posted a carousel of snaps and captioned it, “summer is finally here; I can’t wait to spend more time under the sun in salt water!!!”


Anne Curtis

Despite her hectic schedule and the many roles that she has to juggle in life, it really amazes us how Anne is still able to maintain an active lifestyle which reflects in her stunning mom bod. Aside from working out regularly, the It’s Showtime host is also fond of joining international marathons and taking on outdoor activities with her beloved husband Erwan Heusaff and their daughter Dahlia.


Ivana Alawi

Regardless if she’s on a tropical vacation or just staying at home, there’s no stopping Ivana from displaying her gorgeous body through her swimsuits. Even though she apparently loves to eat based on her YouTube vlogs where she’s sometimes seen feasting on her favorite food and doing mukbang with her guests, it’s really astonishing how the FPJ’s Batang Quiapo star is able to keep her sexy figure.


Kim Rodriguez

Aside from Ivana, another FPJ’s Batang Quiapo actress to mesmerize us with her beautiful face and body is Kim. And while it’s already evident through the skimpy outfits that she wears as her character Jelly, wait ‘til you see her hot swimsuit snaps on IG. With how she appears so feminine in most of her posts, you’ll certainly be surprised to find out that among her favorite hobbies is going on rides with her motorbike.


Kaila Estrada

Whether she’s in the shoes of her characters Sylvia in Linlang and Bettina in Can’t Buy Me Love or in her other public appearances, we can all probably agree that Kaila always looks so sophisticated. And just in case you haven’t seen a photo of her yet in a swimsuit, well, know that the promising actress can absolutely slay!


Criza Taa

She may still be in her teenage years, but Criza has already wowed us with her oozing confidence not just in facing life’s challenges as a young independent woman, but also in flaunting her sexiness through her sexy swimsuits. And she doesn’t only do it during her beach getaways because the Pinoy Big Brother Otso alumna was also able to pull off a sexy photoshoot amidst a snowscape during her trip to Japan last February.


Sofia Andres

Another celebrity mom who’s unstoppable in flaunting her beautiful body is Sofia, who never fails to wow us with her stylish and classy OOTDs on every occasion and every place where she goes. Thankfully, Sofia has found a supportive partner in Daniel Miranda, who allows her to keep on doing her own thing in spite of already having a daughter named Zoe.


Chie Filomeno

There’s definitely no doubt that Chie is one of the hottest female celebrities at present. And just in case you’re one of her followers on IG, you have been probably blessed with sexy snaps of her in which she sizzles in swimsuits that totally show her svelte figure. She may be among the new generation of “Calendar Girls,” but she’s able to prove through her stint in Can’t Buy Me Love as Jersey that she’s definitely more than just a pretty face.


Jennica Garcia

With how she appears youthful and glowing, who would have thought that Jennica is a single mom to two daughters? Although her work commitments and mommy duties tend to make her really busy, the Dirty Linen actress makes sure to still have time for herself and for fun with her friends and colleagues. And one of the things she seemingly loves to do during her days off is hitting the beach, in which she’s able to confidently flaunt her beautiful body.  


Yukii Takahashi

Her FPJ’s Batang Quiapo character Camille may appear shabby and carry a huge bulging tummy, but Yukii actually looks fabulous and boasts a flat “love handle” in real life, as seen in her IG posts. She may be a new star in the industry, but many will agree that the up-and-coming actress definitely deserves a spot on the list of hottest summer bods.


Cianne Dominguez

Just in case you missed it, Cianne earned a hosting gig on It’s Showtime after joining its segment “Sexy Babe.” She might have fallen short in her bid to the crown, but with the way she sizzles in her bikinis during her beach trips, there’s no doubt that she is still deserving of the title.

We hope that these gorgeous Kapamilya stars, who give us major hot girl vibes with their swimsuit pics, have inspired you to be confident with your beauty and body this summer season!