Kapamilya Snaps: These celebrities are proud parents to sporty kids!

We all know how great they are in their respective fields, may it be in television, movie, politics, or sports. But these celebrities are actually more awesome as parents to their kids, who they do not just take good care of, but also support in their endeavors, such as their enthusiasm towards their chosen sports.

Meet the celebrity parents who become cheerleaders and/or coaches of their athletic and talented brood in this Kapamilya Snaps feature!

Richard Gutierrez and Sarah Lahbati

As they both live an active lifestyle, the The Iron Heart leading man and his gorgeous wife influence their two boys Zion and Kai to live the same, too. And one of their favorite family bonding activities is motocross, as seen in some of their posts on Instagram.

Aside from riding motorcycles, their firstborn Zion also enjoys surfing whenever they’re at the beach and playing football as part of the AIA 7’s Football League.

Dimples Romana

Apart from flexing his cuteness and dancing skills during their TikTok entries, Dimples’ son Alonzo has taken interest in hockey. In an IG post, the The Iron Heart actress posted snaps and clips of his training sessions that she captioned, “Giving our kids the freedom to choose which sport they’d like to try and pursue, practices their ability to decide for themselves and gain confidence in the long run.”

Andi Eigenmann

In the recent years, Andi has been inspiring us with her present life as a certified beach babe. Aside from giving us a glimpse of her lovely life with her family in the idyllic coastal town of Siargao, Andi has been sharing pictures and videos of them doing their favorite hobby and sport individually and as a family – surfing. With the guidance of her professional surfer fiancé Philmar Alipayo, their little children Lilo and Koa already know how to ride the waves through their surfboards, as well as her firstborn Ellie.

Ina Raymundo

Aside from sharing videos of her musically-gifted daughters who can sing and play the piano so well, Ina also posts snaps and clips of her second eldest child Jakob, who shines in the diamond field as a promising football player. In 2021, Ina proudly disclosed that her son got accepted as a D1 college baseball player in Xavier University in the United States. Since then, she and her husband Brian Poturnak and their other broods have been going back and forth there to visit him and watch his games.

John Prats and Isabel Oli

Both of them may be in showbiz, but it seems that John and Isabel’s children, Feather and Freedom, have taken interest in football. The proud celebrity mom shared photos of them on IG while they were in their uniforms on a football field.

Cherry Pie Picache

She may be a great dramatic actress on-screen, but Cherry Pie transforms into a cheerleader when t comes to her unico hijo Nio Tria, who’s an impressive tennis player. Indeed, her unwavering love and support for him has helped him excel in his chosen sport.

Although Nio has already set his foot in the entertainment industry through his stint in ABS-CBN’s The Squad Plus, yet he still competes in various tournaments.

Richard Gomez

Just in case you aren’t aware yet, Richard isn’t just a model and actor before he became a politician, but he’s also a professional fencer. In fact, he’s a gold medalist in fencing when he represented the Philippines at the 2005 Southeast Asian Games, and was even elected as president of the Philippine Fencing Association (PFA) in 2016 and 2021.

And he’s apparently able to pass down his passion for fencing to his unica hija Juliana, who’s currently a member of the Philippine fencing team. Most recently, she participated in international fencing competitions and won a gold medal in Indonesia and silver medal in Malaysia.

Chesca Garcia and Doug Kramer

The beloved daughters of Chesca and Doug, Kendra and Scarlett, may be pretty, adorable, and kikay, but both of them are actually tough. Their firstborn Kendra has taken on swimming, while their second baby Scarlett excels in taekwondo and modern arnis tapi-tapi.

Jericho Rosales

Aside from being both handsome, Jericho and his son Santino are both athletic, too. Just in case you do not know yet, Santino was a college varsity player for the De La Salle University men’s football team. At present, he’s a member of the Davao Aguilas Football Club.

How about you, Kapamilya? What sport would you like your kid to try?