Kapamilya Snaps: These celebrities are certified ‘plantitos’ and ‘plantitas’

The COVID-19 crisis has struck people with lessons including the importance of food security, which inspired many to grow their own produce even just by simple home gardening. And as our leafy friends glow up this pandemic, we realize that there’s more to them than providing us sustenance. They can keep us sane and they have health benefits, too.


So, it’s no surprise that some Kapamilya stars have turned their homes into green sanctuaries and became proud ‘plantitos’ and ‘plantitas.’


Just like in rearing a child, or taking care of a pet, plant parenting has different levels and styles. There are veterans who’ve been planting for years and also amateurs who just got into it during the quarantine. Others prefer tiny pieces while some turn their houses into indoor forests.


Julia Barretto opted for flora to add a soft, charming pizzazz to her new home. And the green babies serve another purpose by making her solo living a lot more enjoyable.


Queen of Hearts Kathryn Bernardo is also surrounded by lovely greenery that brightens up her day. “I never realized before how plants could make one so happy. I can spend the entire day just staring at them,” said the lead star of “The House Arrest of Us.” The ‘plantita’ gives us a hint that leafy aesthetics always make for Instagrammable photos.


Kathryn’s obsession was influenced by boyfriend Daniel Padilla, who seemed quite a pro as he demonstrated plant parenting tips for an episode of Magandang Buhay.


Jane Oineza likewise belongs to the group of pot-lovers. Her happy little space houses ornamental plants in uber-cute, dainty pots and vases that look like pretty sculptures. Just as cheerful as their plant momma!


Admittedly black thumbed, Ina Raymundo still makes sure her kids grow up nature lovers by keeping some plants at home. The actress is so in love with succulents which she calls “pots of love.”


Some plant parents like Gretchen Fullido brings nature, or shall we say an entire jungle, inside her house. The TV anchor, who’s been a gardening buff for years now, owns an alocasia aka “elephant ear” that’s surely eye-catching because of its towering height. Her collection also includes ornamental varieties like snake plant, monstera, calathea, caladium, melano, and ponytail palm tree. Gretchen’s ‘plantita’ journey isn’t for mere aesthetics or keeping up with the fad. She advocates plant care and she once helped a friend revive a badly grown monstera deliciosa plant using her DIY plant treatment spray and soil nutrients.


Likewise, Inigo Pascual nurtures a mini home forest he cleverly named as “IniGubat.” He has shelves dedicated to philodendrons and he grows a giant monstera, too.


Plant parenting is no joke as it takes a lot of patience and effort. Angelica Panganiban can relate with the sacrifices, spending one hour daily and two hours weekly watering her green buddies. She has a total of 75 in her growing collection.


Aubrey Miles has long been a ‘plantita,’ way before gardening became a quarantine fad. She’s so obsessed with her vast collection that she had to put up a greenhouse and transform all three floors of her house into a jungle. But the most mind-blowing thing to know is she spends six figures for some of her leafy babies. Yet, Aubrey makes sure to make the most of her money by propagating the plants, thus turning them into investment.


Especially in this time of a crisis, gardening for fresh produce is both therapeutic and practical. A good mom and a good cook, Judy Ann Santos is one of those into a garden-to-table lifestyle. Through a vegepod, the Drama Queen grows plants like mustasa and pechay perfect for her homecooked meals.


Known for being a “wais na misis,” Neri Naig saves a lot by keeping a vegetable garden. The full-time mom harvests peppers, cherry tomatoes, rosemary, lettuce, mulberry, carrots, sweet corn, peanuts, cabbage and more from “Neri’s Kitchen Garden.”


Add Yeng Constantino to this list of ‘plantitas’ who got into urban gardening. She started growing veggies at home earlier this year. This isn’t surprising at all as Yeng has been a vegan since 2105.


Having greens inside the house invites tranquillity and a creative mood. Bea Alonzo would attest as she turns her plant collection into subjects for her painting. Elisse Joson is likewise into arts. But apart from creative activities, decorating her place with floral and greens soothes her anxieties. Fellow ‘plantita’ Dawn Chang would even prefer the company of her plants and pets over humans on some days.


Whether you have a green thumb or not, there is a plant for everyone. So, why not start growing your collection like these stars?