Kapamilya Snaps: These 14 celebs will definitely wow you with their makeup skills!

Although we already appreciate their bare beauty, there’s definitely no doubt that we get more mesmerized with the beauty of celebrities especially when they are all glammed up. And hats off to their hardworking and talented glam team who dolls them up from head to toe.

While there are stars who honestly admitted that they do not have the skills, there are some who are actually adept in putting makeup on themselves which they had demonstrated on their respective vlogs.

In this episode of Kapamilya Snaps, here are some of the amazing beauty makeovers that our female celebs have done on their own!


Liza Soberano

As a brand ambassador of a renowned global makeup brand, it’s definitely just proper for Liza to be skilled in painting her ever-flawless face, right? And she was able to showcase this hidden talent of hers in one of her vlogs, wherein she transformed herself into Jennie Kim – one of the members of her favorite Korean pop group BLACKPINK.

 A proud BLINK herself, the Make It With You star recreated the idol’s look in their well-loved “How You Like That” music video by also coloring her hair with blonde highlights and putting on smoky red eyeshadow. Whatever she does with her face, she would always be one the most beautiful faces in the world for us.


Julia Barretto

On-and-off-cam, Julia has never failed to bewitch us with her ever-glowing splendor. And although the pandemic has compelled some of us to work at the comforts of our homes, she made sure to still look presentable in every interview, virtual guesting, photoshoot, and online meeting even at her personal space. In one of her vlogs, she gave everyone a tutorial on how to pull off her very light and fresh work-from-home look.


Kim Chiu

We always see her all glammed up and Kim has her dependable glam team to help her out. But whenever she’s not at work, the It’s Showtime host swears by the basic makeup routine that she had learned, which she also demonstrated in one of her vlogs. It is actually easy to follow, so it’s truly ideal for beginners out there!


Bela Padilla

Just like her friend Kim, Bela also has a go-to daily makeup routine that she does whenever she’s not on the set or going on personal errands, which she shared in one of her vlogs. While we assume that she has “rituals” for she always glows whatever appearance she wears, the Sino Ang Maysala? Mea Culpa star revealed that she normally has no skin preparations before putting on makeup because she doesn’t like the feeling of having so much stuff on her face.


Erich Gonzales

Her immaculate glass skin has definitely made the La Vida Lena lead actress always confident in going out and facing the camera. Thus, Erich doesn’t need to put much fuss on her face anymore and a “no makeup” makeup look works really fine on her regardless of the occasion. Sana all, right?


Jessy Mendiola

Being a mestiza, it’s easy for Jessy to just pull off any look – even the Korean look many of us are raving for! In one of her vlogs, she imparted her go-to makeup routine during her trip to South Korea, as well as a bit of her skin care regimen. Since she also boasts a glowing, fair skin, she usually dabs a little amount of makeup on her face.


Maris Racal

A loud and proud morena, Maris also has her own simple and easy-to-do makeup routine that everyone, especially those who are on-the-go, can definitely try! She disclosed it in one of her recent vlogs, along with her secret makeup techniques, such as when it comes to achieving her perfect brow shape, keeping her lips moisturized, and making her skin appear spotless.


Elisse Joson

As many of us want to projecting ourselves perfectly online, Elisse has her own way of presenting herself on social media with her “Perfect Instagram Glow” so her photos can always look “Insta-worthy” that she shared in one of her vlogs in 2017. In that fun tutorial, she shared the simple process she does in order to attain her almost no-makeup look.


Alexa Ilacad

The Four Sisters Before The Wedding star believes that makeup is something to enhance the skin. Alexa disclosed that she prefers light coverage foundation and does not mind the sprouting of pimples. In her makeup tutorial vlog, she tried out her new makeup products that are actually just the basics! Thus, girls out there can surely try it as well if they want to look fresh and naturally beautiful like her.


Alex Gonzaga

For Alex, it only takes five minutes to complete her daily makeup routine because she knows exactly which features to work on. She said in her vlog that it can work for people who want to emphasize specific parts or features of their faces. As for her, she wants to highlight her eyebrows mostly since “kilay is life” for the former I Can See Your Voice SINGvestigator.


Toni Gonzaga

While her younger sister can do a 5-minute makeup, Toni, on the other hand, revealed that she has developed the amazing talent of putting makeup on while inside a moving car, which she did on the vlog she uploaded in March 2019. According to the PBB Connect host, this is her way of saving time since it usually takes her a one-hour drive from their home going to work.

Netizens were certainly amazed with how she’s able to finish every step before arriving at her destination – and without any mark of smudge! The outcome was stunningly elegant and classy!


Regine Velasquez-Alcasid

Being in the local entertainment scene for decades, it wasn’t surprising anymore that Regine Velasquez-Alcasid knows how to glam herself up, especially when she prepares for her performances and guestings. As the Asia’s Songbird wears different looks for different occasions, she demonstrated in one of her vlogs the look she usually wears – the “Stage Make-Up” – which we can try if we’re attending a special event. The ASAP Natin ‘To mainstay also imparted a few tips and reminders that we should keep in mind.


Andrea Brillantes

While youngsters are discouraged to put on makeup, it’s actually not the case for Andrea who’s usually seen wearing makeup both on-screen and her photos on social media ever since she was still a child star. In fact, she even has her own makeup line in collaboration with a renowned local cosmetics brand.

In a vlog she uploaded one year ago, the Kadenang Ginto star divulged the secret behind her on-fleek makeup look that she usually wears at work. And to keep her skin healthy, she refuses to put on makeup during her free day to give her skin a rest.


Anne Curtis

Anne is another makeup lover. On top of acting, hosting, and being a mother, she also co-owns a growing local cosmetics brand. In one of her vlogs published in 2014, the It’s Showtime host showed how she does her go-to make up look especially when she needs to rush out of the house. She also revealed that she does her own makeup every time she goes to work and dropped some few tips on how to keep your pretty looks.

Practice your own makeup skills with these naturally gorgeous celebrities!