Kapamilya Snaps: The reliable, supportive besties of teleserye bidas and kontrabidas we all loved

Having that one buddy to stick by you for life can mean the world. When it comes to helping you save the world, unveil the truth, or beat your worst enemy, a sidekick has your back.

We get to see how they can be the most valuable people alongside heroes and villains in several teleseryes. Watch this Kapamilya Snaps video to meet the most loyal sidekicks yet!

Awesome sidekicks can sometimes come in twos and Jacky (Yen Santos) from the drama teleserye Halik is lucky enough to have them. While she figures out love, life, and marriage, her best friends Ken (Hero Angeles) and Chari (Chai Fonacier). They were especially the voice of reason Jacky needed when she was having suspicions about her husband and didn’t know what to do.

On the other side of Halik’s story, Jade (Yam Concepcion) also had a trustworthy friend by her side. Her ultimate “sissy” Marissa (Niña Dolino) stood by all her decisions, even the fights Jade had with other people. Marissa also never let Jade compromise what she believes her best friend deserves.

A sibling can also be the best sidekick and Neil (Adrian Lindayag), Romina’s (Beauty Gonzales) brother in Kadenang Ginto, is one of them. Whatever struggle their family faced, Neil was 100% on Romina’s side. He was even ready to face his death while being tortured and abused by Daniela (Dimples Romana) just to protect his sister.

Daniela, herself, also had a friend with her no matter what. Savannah (Kim Molina) did whatever her close friend needed, even if it was tampering with evidence. Regardless of how many enemies Daniela has made as well, she chose to bring her claws out for her “Dani girl”.

In the rollercoaster of emotions and revenge surrounding Ang Sa Iyo Ay Akin, Tutti (Brenda Mage) would usually give us all a laugh as she worked as the trusty secretary of Marissa (Jodi Sta. Maria). However, when people cross her boss, she’s ready to do away with her jokes and fight for her.

The same goes for Marissa’s rival, Ellice (Iza Calzado). Her secretary Pinky (Jimi Marquez) doesn’t care who’s she talking to. If she gets a whiff of disrespect for Ellice, she’s ready to defend her boss’ honor and understand her side of the story.

The 2016 teleserye Tubig At Langis showed us how amazing Debbie (Tart Carlos) and Tonette (Jopay Paguia) are as friends to Irene (Cristine Reyes). They were always game to help her through her troubles, whether it was money, relationship issues, or arguments with Clara (Isabelle Daza).

Clara, on the other hand, had her Sally (Cai Cortez) to be with her through her own struggles agains Irene. Granted, she’ll insert a joke in the situation from time to times, but she knows how to get serious when Clara needs it.

Asintado sisters Ana (Julia Montes) and Samantha (Shaina Magdayao) were at odds for a large part of the telserye causing divide and tension among them. Luckily, they had friends to stand by them.

Ana’s best friend Emmy (Karen Reyes) never believed any rumors spread about Ana and went through lengths to make sure her best friend was always safe, including walking by her house every day.

Samantha, who goes through lengths to find out secrets of her rivals, could always rely on her personal assistant Gracia (Chokoleit). Gracia makes sure to give what Samantha wants, even if that meant being the only person to stick by her through her outrageous demands.

Did these sidekicks of teleserye bidas and kontrabidas remind you of a reliable sidekick in your life?