Kapamilya Snaps: Teleseryes that will inspire you to cook

As Filipinos, we know how food and cooking are so important to our lives. It brings together family and friends, it adds warmth and comfort to our hospitality, and it enriches our lives with the smiles on our faces after eating good food.  

It’s natural for us to see it everywhere, even on the shows we watch on television. If you’re a certified foodie, here are some teleserye cooks you might relate to! Meet them all in this Kapamilya Snaps video.

Bakers know and love the smell of fresh bread in the morning. Make It With You’s main characters Billy (Liza Soberano) and Gabo (Enrique Gil) enjoy this everyday as they make bread and share their passion for baking. Their sweet budding romance may be what we look forward to in the show, but the sweet and yummy goodies are also a huge plus.

Those that have their own food businesses or restaurants may see themselves in Angelo (Daniel Padilla) and Yna (Kathryn Bernardo) in Pangako Sa ‘Yo because of how they made their dream a reality with their love of food. Angelo made it a mission to revive his family resort Casa Corazon by focusing on his passion for good food. Yna, on the other hand, pursued her dream to become a chef and got hired as a cook at Casa Corazon.

For Kadenang Ginto characters Romina (Beauty Gonzales) and Daniela (Dimples Romana), it was natural for them to be invested in food since they are both engaged in the sardines industry. But also, as mothers, it’s important for them to prepare delicious home cooked meals for their children, so much so that they turned it into a battle between them.

The action-packed teleserye FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano may seem unlikely to focus on food and cooking, but fans definitely noticed the comfort that Lola Flora’s (Susan Roces) carinderia brings to the seriousness of the show. Amongst the fights and ruckus, the carinderia stands as a symbol of friends and family coming together to create something that their whole community appreciates.

Lots of viewers felt the kilig from Chichay (Kathryn Bernardo) and Joaquin (Daniel Padilla) in Got to Believe and we can thank food for being the cause of all of that. The two lovebirds became close because they bonded over food. Joaquin, who was a picky eater, changed when he met Chichay’s family because her mom Betchay (Manilyn Reynes) prepared undeniably delicious food, being such an amazing cook.

Food and family are hard to separate and the drama teleserye Pamilya Ko proves so. In the show, which is filled with several problems and hardships, the Mabunga family make sure to stick by each other and show love through food. When Luz (Sylvia Sanchez) was confined during Christmas, her kids made sure to keep their tradition of serving ube halaya by bringing the sweet purple dessert to her in the hospital.

Maya (Jodi Sta. Maria) in the romantic comedy Be Careful With My Heart also uses food to show love. Being the maid of the house and eventually the mother figure in Sir Chief’s (Richard Yap) family, she would make sure to keep them all happy and satisfied with homely cooking. This surely rubbed off on Sir Chief as he would sometimes cook for Maya to give care and affection.

The 2009 teleserye Only You is a show for chefs that dream big. Jillian (Angel Locsin) didn’t waste time reaching for her dreams so what she did was fly all the way to South Korea to improve her skills as a chef. She was able to hone her skills, craft wonderful recipes, and turn her life around because of how much food meant in her life.

Ysabella (Judy Ann Santos) from the teleserye of the same name also had her life around her love for food and cooking. Aside from her natural talent at cooking, her mother’s success as a cook greatly influenced her life. While she followed in her footsteps and invested in her food dream, Ysabella was opened to a world of possibilities.

Which teleserye cook or foodie do you relate to the most?