Kapamilya Snaps: Teleserye-inspired costumes that you can pull on this Halloween!

After around two years of not being allowed to hold huge gatherings due to the COVID-19 pandemic, here we are now, attending various events and, perhaps, gearing up for Halloween parties that many of us surely missed.

For sure, during those times of isolation and staying at home (and even prior to that), we have seen an array of series and movies that we loved, either on television or digital streaming platforms, and would probably want to embody in real life, right?

And just in case you’re still figuring out which fictional character to pull on in the Halloween soirees you’re going to join, you may want to consider trotting out as one of the most remarkable characters from ABS-CBN teleseryes in the recent years that we listed in this Kapamilya Snaps feature. Read on to get some ideas, Kapamilya!

Cardo Dalisay of FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano

Of course, who would not know the ever-imperishable Ricardo “Cardo” Dalisay, compelling played by Coco Martin, who made our weeknights action-packed for six years?

In portraying Cardo, we could refrain from donning the police or army uniform and wear denim jeans and jackets, which became his signature look. And if ever you’re going to attend together with your friends, you may want to come as the courageous Task Force Agila.

As a mighty cop, Cardo – as we all know – went to great lengths in order to attain justice and catch the criminals, such as by taking on various undercover identities. And one of his most iconic transformations in FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano was Paloma, who you can mimic by wearing a wig, mini dress, leather jacket, fishnet stockings, and high heels.

Darna of Mars Ravelo’s Darna

Being around for seven decades already, you can never go wrong with the trademark slick red and gold with stars costume of our iconic superheroine, currently portrayed by Jane De Leon in the teleserye adaptation Mars Ravelo’s Darna.

All eyes will be absolutely on you once you strutted the modern take on the red and gold two-piece set!

Valentina of Mars Ravelo’s Darna

Every superhero has a supervillain, right? If you’re going to attend with your bestie, then you may tell her to dress up like Janella Salvador’s Valentina in Mars Ravelo’s Darna, or you may do it yourself!

Embrace your dark side with a head full of snakes and a gorgeous green body suit that resembles the scales of snakes.

Borgo and the Extras of Mars Ravelo’s Darna

Aside from Valentina, Mars Ravelo’s Darna has also introduced other villains, including the powerful alien Borgo, played by seasoned character actor Richard Quan. You’ll surely impress anyone by putting on his elaborate costume.

And just in case you do not have much time anymore to prepare, then you may want to simply portray one of the wicked Extras like Seductress (Jef Gaitan), who stands out with her pink hair, and Human Urchin (Loren Burgos), who has terrifying eye makeup and spikey hair. The appearance of young Darna’s first enemy Strength Man (Jerald Napoles) is also easy to copy and may even give you the Best In Costume trophy.

Daniela and Marga of Kadenang Ginto

We totally love to hate this iconic on-screen mother-and-daughter tandem from the highly successful afternoon soap opera Kadenang Ginto. If ever you’re a mom or a tita who’s going to grace a Halloween event with your daughter or niece, then, portraying these two ferocious “Mon-dragons” is definitely a great idea!

Daniela’s (Dimples Romana) bright red dress and luggage is easily one of the most iconic and hilarious Halloween costumes inspired by a teleserye. Meanwhile, your little one or partner may wear any fabulous dress or Maxwell’s blue and gray uniform and complement it with strong makeup, like how Marga (Andrea Brillantes) did it. 

Malia of La Luna Sangre

Before mesmerizing us with her voluminous curly mane and fashionable work OOTDs in 2 Good 2 Be True, Kathryn astound us first with her portrayal of Malia in the 2017 fantaserye La Luna Sangre.

If you’re eyeing to become the “Chosen One” like her, then you have two options – the mortal Malia by having your hair braided and putting on a fitted tank top, cargo pants, and boots, or the werewolf Malia by wearing a white jumpsuit, a red cloak, cleanly tousled hair with blonde highlights, and contact lenses.

Jacintha Magsaysay of La Luna Sangre

Her entrance may have ensued to hullabaloo as viewers debated whether she’s the former Chosen One and Malia’s mother Lia or just a mysterious character named Jacintha Magsaysay, but we can all agree that Angel Locsin was truly ravishing then.

And you may also become a showstopper like her by wearing an all-black outfit, bloody red lips, and werewolf eyes contact lenses, which you can top off with a red cloak for more eerie look.

Sandrino of La Luna Sangre

For the dashing dudes out there, take home the Halloween King crown by dressing up as Richard Gutierrez’s La Luna Sangre character Sandrino Imperial, a.k.a. the “Supremo” or king of the vampires. You can achieve it by simply donning anything black from head to toe, red contact lenses, and fake vampire. Putting on a black cloak could add a bit of surprise in this easy-to-do costume.

Ivy Aguas of Wildflower

She may not have a scary appearance unlike the other characters in this list, but this iconic teleserye character of Maja Salvador sent chills down our spines with her extreme ferocity. Aside from her remarkable, piercing lines, who would forget that moment when she walked down the aisle in a black gown on her supposed wedding with Arnaldo (RK Bagatsing)? As well as when she gatecrashed a party of the Ardiente clan in a shimmering gold number and uttered the unforgettable Wildflower line “Black is out. Gold is in. And just like gold, I am indestructible!”?

For sure, no one would dare to put you down during the party when you embody this powerful beauty!

Camila Dela Torre of The Killer Bride

Another iconic TV character that Maja Salvador portrayed was Camila dela Torre, the titular character of the 2019 gothic-horror drama The Killer Bride. And you actually have two choices on how you can personify her this Halloween.

First, you may have yourself cladded in an all-white ensemble – comprised by trousers, blazer, and bralette – complemented with glossy red pumps, strong makeup, and wavy locks. And second, you may simply wear a white bridal gown and make it spooky by smearing red paint to it and bringing a fake bloody knife.

Killer Groom of The Killer Bride

Just when we thought that it’s only Camila and her foster child-slash-real daughter who were going to spread fright in The Killer Bride, we were horrified when the “Killer Groom”, astoundingly played by Lara Quigaman, surfaced.

You can achieve her look by clothing yourself in a classic black suit, a simple black mask, and black fedora hat. So easy, isn’t it?

Lakas and Ganda of Bagani

And just in case you’re going with your special someone and still got plenty of time to prepare, then you may go all out as Bagani’s mighty couple Lakas and Ganda, played by Enrique Gil and Liza Soberano.

Lakas wears a sand-colored armor with intricate line patterns and carries a curved sword with a long hilt. Complete the look by copying the glyphs painted on his face and his hairdo. On the other hand, Ganda’s outfit is a blue patchwork dress with big claws on both shoulders and along the bodice.

Lakam, Dumakulem, and Mayari of Bagani

You may have your small squad match your couple costume by telling them to get dressed as the other Bagani heroes, Lakam (Matteo Guidicelli), Dumakulem (Makisig Morales), and Mayari (Sofia Andres).

Lakam wears a beaded dark red armor that looks like smoldering rocks and a long wig; Dumakulem has braids and leaves-inspired costume; while Mayari dons a blue two-piece costume studded with stones and shells.

Stella of Wansapataym’s Ofishially Yours

We may have already encountered a lot of mermaid characters in TV shows and films, but Elisse Joson’s character Stella from Wansapanataym Presents Ofishially Yours has a more conservative take on the mythological creature.

Just in case you want to transform into a mermaid yet not comfortable to show skin or cleavage, then you may opt to replicate her scaly, orange full cup brassiere and tail.

Iking of Hiwaga ng Kambat

Last, but definitely not the least is Edward Barber’s character Iking in the 2019 fantaserye Hiwaga ng Kambat.

Those who were able to watch it would know that he had two looks there. If you wish to make your getup quite simple, you may choose to wear contact lenses, a pair of dwarf ears, and a hairy patch on your cheek. But if you’re really up for the challenge, then why not recreate his head-to-toe hairy bat suit with wings?

These characters from Kapamilya teleseryes will surely get you into the Halloween spirit!