Teleserye couples found forever each other after breaking up

One of the greatest challenges we face in this pandemic is how it took a toll on our relationships with people, including romantic relationships. Couples, no matter how solid, surely hit a bump or two.

While some see it as a way to make a bond stronger, some decided to put an end. Regardless of this fact, what really matters is how they overcome, rise, and learn from it.

To uplift your spirit and give a little bit of inspiration, watch this Kapamilya Snaps episode and witness how the most iconic on-screen teleserye couples faced challenges in their relationship and still found their happily ever after.

In A Love to Last, Anton (Ian Veneracion), Andrea (Bea Alonzo), and Grace (Iza Calzado) are caught in a complicated love triangle. As Grace left Anton after years of feeling controlled in their marriage, Anton found a new love with Andrea. However, Grace realizes that she is still in love with Anton and decides to win him back.

The whole debacle, however, posed a threat to Anton and Andrea’s relationship. After a series of misunderstandings and fights, Andrea eventually found it in her to trust Anton and his faithfulness for her, leading for them to continue with their happily ever after.

For Bianca (Kim Chiu) and Gabriel (Gerald Anderson) in Ikaw Lang Ang Iibigin, their friendship played a big role in how they handled their relationship. Before parting ways when they were young kids, the two had a special bond. So when their paths crossed again, it was a natural transition from friends to lovers.

Although, their pasts have family secrets that hinder their love for each other, causing them to make the mutual decision to part ways. Even if it was heartbreaking, they still hugged and promised to be with each other again if the circumstances get better.

The love of Celine (Angelica Panganiban) and Emman (Paulo Avelino) in Walang Hanggang Paalam was indeed beautiful but it was not a smooth sail to forever. Due to an unfortunate event, Emman got framed for a crime he did not commit. Because of this he lost Celine and his son. Eventually, when he got out of prison, Emman strived to get his family back but Celine had already moved on. Emman, though saddened by the events, still remained a dignified man and dedicated himself to being a father to his and Celine’s son. 

The challenges of a marriage was perfectly portrayed in the family drama Playhouse. Patty (Angelica Panganiban) and Marlon (Zanjoe Marudo) were a young madly in love couple that decided to get married. However, with marriage comes more problems and responsibilities that young couples don’t always foresee. As their relationship was on the brink of sinking, they still made mature decisions including accepting the responsibility to co-parent their godchild.

Hanggang Saan showed us the wonderful budding love of Paco (Arjo Atayde) and Anna (Sue Ramirez), but as the story progressed, Anna had to make the difficult decision to stop Paco from waiting on her. Even if it hurt and it would be painful for both of them to move on from it, Anna knew it was the right decision to call it quits.

Tisay (Heaven Peralejo) and Ely (Tony Labrusca) stayed strong in fighting for their love regardless of all the complex family drama in Bagong Umaga. However, the fact that Tisay’s biological father caused the death of Ely’s brother caused a huge rift between them. Moving forward, they knew that it would be best to just part ways despite their great love for each other.

From the beginning of Ngayon at Kailanman, we already knew that Inno (Joshua Garcia) and Eva (Julia Barreto) have complex and intertwined fates. Although we saw how their love for each other blossomed and could potentially grow further, Eva also saw how it could ruin them greatly in the future. Removing the fact that she may have feelings for Inno, Eva chose to do what is right for her and end their relationship.

On The Wings Of Love introduced us to the kilig tandem of Leah (Nadine Lustre) and Clark (James Reid). Their uncommon meet cute turned into a timeless love story we’ll remember for days. But, of course, amazing love has its daunting challenges. When Leah had to make a decision in choosing to stay with Clark or to follow her dreams, the spirited young dreamer could not be silenced. Even if it was difficult and potentially put an end to their relationship, Leah knew she would regret it if she chose otherwise.

Serena (Liza Soberano) and Tenten (Enrique Gil) in Dolce Amore went through a lot before becoming an actual couple. So when they finally were about to get married, it was gut-wrenching to see the beautiful wedding day crumble. Serena decided to leave the wedding, believing that Tenten was in danger. As this challenged their relationship on a whole new level, the two still manage to confront each other and be honest with each other on what really happened that day.

The classic love of Yna (Kathryn Bernardo) and Angelo (Daniel Padilla) in Pangako Sa ‘Yo was one that grew over years of fighting for their love. Secrets, family issues, time, and distance are just a few of the things they had to overcome. There were times even that it seemed impossible and their relationship was at the end of its rope. In spite of that, Yna and Daniel continued to look at the bigger picture and believe in their love for each other.

Would you have handled the struggles of these Kapamilya teleserye couples the same way?