Kapamilya Snaps: Talented celebrity heartthrobs and their cool, meaningful tattoos

Aside from posting updates and contents on various social networking platforms, celebrities have different ways of expressing themselves creatively, right? From their music and/or performances on-cam or onstage to their fashion choices in their every public appearance, they’re able to give us glimpse of their true personalities that they don’t usually get to display.

However, some of them found another way to exhibit and even celebrate their artistic facets by getting themselves inked with designs that truly reflect who they really are or the things that they are dear to them. Just like the heartthrobs in this Kapamilya Snaps feature who look extra cool with tattoos.

Daniel Padilla

Just in case you don’t know nor haven’t noticed yet, but Daniel actually has a tattoo on his right forearm. You might catch this whenever he is playing golf or holding hands with his reel-and-real-life sweetheart Kathryn Bernardo.

Donny Pangilinan

Another Kapamilya heartthrob you may not know has a tattoo is Donny, who is said to have three. However, we only get to occasionally catch sight of Donny’s two tattoos through some of his Instagram posts – the crescent-shaped moon tattoo at the side of right wrist and the scribble on his left arm just below the back of his elbow.

Jake Cuenca

While others have black tattoos, Jake apparently prefers red as seen in the IG posts of him flexing his finely chiseled physique. In October 2022, he uploaded a vlog on his YouTube channel, wherein he gave us a “tattoo tour.”However, instead of showing us the more than 20 tattoos on his body, he only discussed the ones that are on his arms.

While others need to thoroughly ponder on what they would want to get themselves inked, the The Iron Heart actor imparted that he’s the type who just went on with it the moment he thought of it or whenever he has a new milestone. He started off with his newest tatt that time, which was diamond on his left arm, along with the phrase “honesty over sincerity” on his wrist.

He also has the hand gestures tatt on both his wrists that signify his signature pose and serve as a reminder of his classmates in The Lee Strasberg Theatre & Film Institute, a Hollywood acting school in New York City. He has the Bruce Lee quote “Be water my friend” inked on his right wrist, which reminds him of what he should always be as an actor, as well as a square with the word “BREATHE” inside it that symbolizes his first theater stint.

Since he’s half-Spanish, Jake got himself inked with Spanish-related designs, such as the “VIVA ESPANA”, the “la furia roja” that is the nickname of Spain’s national football team, and the title “EL REY” (which translates to “The King”) with a crown above it. Meanwhile, to represent his Filipino heritage is the numerical tattoo “7107” that corresponds to the Philippine islands, which can be found on his left arm along with the red geometric lion and rose tattoos. One of his first tattoos, according to him, is the acronym “WWJD” on both his arms, which stands for: “What Would Jesus Do?”

Paulo Avelino

You may probably haven’t noticed it but Paulo actually has tattoos on his left arm, which he has already flexed on social media in the past years. However, those photos don’t give emphasis to his tatts, so it’s difficult to decipher what designs are those. In a social media post in 2021, Paulo shared a snap of him displaying his body – including his tatts – during a fashion show and captioned it: “I would never encourage people to get tattoos. But, my tats are here to remind me why I have to keep on living. That's the only reason why it's inked on my body.”

Kyle Echarri

As his way of showing their overflowing love for their younger sister and the bunso of their family, Bella, who’s been diagnosed with a brain tumor last year, Kyle and his older brother had themselves inked with a small red heart, which was drawn by her. The ASAP Natin ‘To regular had his first tattoo on his wrist.

Iñigo Pascual

Since his tattoos are on his torso, we only get to see them usually whenever he has no shirt on, just like his pictures during his Palawan escapade in December 2022. In 2021, just in time for his anticipated appearance in the American musical drama “Monarch”, he got himself inked with the Filipino word “Malaya” written in Baybayin and in red ink on his left rib cage. And in March 2022, he posted a photo of his newest tatt, which is an owl.

JM de Guzman

While most of the actors in this list have concealed tattoos, JM’s are impressively visible and even huge. In July 2020, he shared photos of his new tattoos, which were the word “diwa” and an image of a huge eye on his left arm.

But it didn’t end there because according to a PUSH feature published in 2021: “The following month, he added a date written in Roman numerals on the other arm which when translated to a numerical value, says 6-28-2013, or June 28, 2013. This is a significant date for him as it is the date of his first rehabilitation period for substance abuse.”

The following year, JM unveiled on IG his latest tattoo then, which was a bird with red background. He disclosed in the caption of the post that it took artist Rod Santos eight hours for the tattoo to be done. Apart from these, he also got himself inked in other parts of his body, including the massive ones on his thigh and on his upper back.

Ronnie Alonte

Just like his idol, international pop superstar Justin Bieber, Ronnie also had himself inked with minimalist tattoos in different parts of his body, which we occasionally see in his social media posts. But one of the Ronnie’s most significant tats is his mom’s name Gina, which can be seen on his wrist.

Ion Perez

Aside from his natural good looks, we can all agree that the full tattoos on both his arms definitely make Ion extra dashing, as well as hotter especially when he has no shirt on. In an episode of It’s Showtime in 2019, he first revealed the artsy tattoo wrapped around his left calf, which are the birthdates of his parents and of his spouse Vice Ganda.

And in 2021, he had a tattoo tour in one of his vlogs, wherein he divulged the meanings behind each design. According to him, the first one he had was the tribal tattoo that he got when he was only 16 years old. It was followed by the gothic cross and the date of his father’s death on his right pelvis, then the word “forgiven” written in gothic letters above his first-ever tat and the image of an angel on his upper back. On his left rib are the words “faith”, “hope”, and “love” also written in gothic, which reminds him of his family.

He also has the word “family” tattooed on his left wrist along with the word “freedom,” while his whole left arm is covered with a mixture of various designs, namely hourglass sand, candle, rose, dove, and eye. On the other hand (literally), he has the words “patience” and “positive” on his wrist, the Roman numeral version of his birthday, a small diamond and horse that represent the Unkabogable Star, a compass, a skull, the quote “if you don’t live for something, you will die for nothing”, and the side head shot of Apollo, the son of Greek god Zeus.

Nikko Natividad

Another celebrity who boasts a few little and massive tattoos is Nikko, who proudly flaunts his well-chiseled and inked body on IG. His entire back is actually covered with tattoo, while he has big tattoos on his chest, right abdomen, and both his arms. The Hashtag member also has a skull on each of his calf.

Zeua Collins

Ever since his Pinoy Big Brother 737 days, we’ve already seen some of the tattoos of Zeus, especially that huge ones that covers his whole right arm and on his neck. And in 2015, the talented dancer wowed his followers on IG when he posted a photo of his colorful tattoo of all the names of the Hashtag members on his leg because of their life-changing impact in him, as well as their remarkable stint in It’s Showtime as a group a few years ago. He also had the date of their debut, “November 11, 2015” tattooed.

Ryan Ban

Inspired by the ones that his “Mommy Vice” has on his neck and wrist, as well as of their special bond, Ryan also had himself a simple star tattoo on his right wrist. And in an episode of It’s Showtime, he also admitted having his eyebrows tattooed.

Jericho Rosales

In the almost three decades that he’s been in the local entertainment scene, Jericho has surely mastered the art of making ladies get kilig. And his gorgeous model-wife Kim Jones is not an exception as aside from making her happy and loving her in the past decade that they’ve been together, he also got himself inked with “Miss Jones” on his right bicep, which he had on their wedding day in 2014.

Aside from that, he also has two other visible tattoos on his left arm, with one of those represents “HOGAN”, which means “a permanent home or Eternal place where we live everlasting (Heaven)”, according to the Facebook post of the shop where he had it.

Matt Evans

With how small the text tattoos are in both Matt’s arms are, it’s definitely easy to miss them on TV. However, in these stills from the 2016 afternoon soap opera The Greatest Love, we can read the word “PEACE” inked on his left forearm.

Whose tattoos wowed you the most or you’re likely to replicate, Kapamilya?