Kapamilya Snaps: Stars boldly reveal the truth behind what fans think about them

As we’re faced with yet another year being physically distant from one another, one of the best ways for us to connect with our favorite Kapamilya stars is through their social media accounts. Social media give fans a sneak peek of celebrities’ life behind the cameras, but we’re still left assuming a dozen or more things about what goes on in their lives.

The question is — what do they think of these assumptions? We reveal the truth behind your assumptions in these exclusive interviews on Kapamilya Snaps!

One look at Joshua Garcia and we’re instantly charmed. How could we not be when here’s a guy who always makes an effort to treat his loved ones special by spending quality time with them. We all know that Joshua is also the shy type so despite being in the spotlight for sometime now, he still feels pressured to extend conversations.

Known for being the modern day Rico Yan or John Lloyd Cruz, Joshua considers it a compliment whenever he is compared to veteran actors. Much like any actor of his age, however, he still wants to have his own identity. Not to worry, we like you for you, Joshua!

She may be known as the star of the hit teleserye Wildflower but Maja Salvador is no wild, party girl. She’s given us a number of memorable characters to love. Much like how she loved playing these beloved characters, she also loves being called by their names. Maja thinks that could mean that her fans found her performances are memorable and boy are they right!

Maja also lets us in on a little secret — that celebrities are high maintenance. We all know that we look to them for inspiration but for Maja, this also means that they have to constantly look the part because, well, all eyes are on them after all.

We recognize that pale white skin from anywhere — a face that never leaves the house without at least using some lip tint. Even though she has her signature look, people still mistake her for someone else and guess what, this is minor pet peeve for Janella. She does, of course, understands this is an honest mistake.

Practice makes perfect especially when she played Emma for The Killer Bride. Guess what, Janella still constantly struggles to speak fluent Tagalog so she had her friends speak to her in Tagalog while preparing for the role.

It’s official! Tony Labrusca is a human being just like you and me. He gets grumpy when he’s hungry. He’s generally serious but knows when to show a fun side when he’s with friends. Lucky for us that Tony enjoys making new friends, too.

Body goals? Yes, Tony’s got them but did you know that he actually does not like working out? It’s confirmed! He doesn’t really have much choice but to take a pause on working out when his schedule is fully booked, so it’s win-win for Tony.

Are there any mama’s girls out there? This is something you have in common with Heaven Peralejo. She believes that everyone should appreciate all the hard working and loving mothers. Just like her relationship with her mom, she’s also a loyal friend. In fact, she still keeps in touch with some of her fellow housemates from Pinoy Big Brother. Now that’s real friendship right there!

Heaven loves to eat (who doesn’t, right?) but easily gains weight, which means that she must go on a strict diet whenever she’s working on a teleserye.

Speaking of food-loving Kapamilya, let’s not forget about our girl Maymay Entrata who confirms that she, too, is always hungry. Maymay is no stranger to midnight snacks. Her favorites? Anything that’s sweet.

We all know that Maymay is very approachable. She reveals that grandfather taught her to be respectful and not be judgmental to other people. One of the best qualities we see in Maymay is her strength and independence — qualities she’s had since she was 16 years old.

Cat lovers will most likely get along with Yen Santos because she claims to be the ultimate cat lover! She has one named Imago. Another simple thing in life that Yen enjoys is going to the beach even though she can’t actually swim. That’s okay, Yen, we all love that peaceful vibe and being away from work.

One notable thing we notice about this former PBB housemate is that we rarely see her wearing makeup so much so that Yen’s social media posts would be filled with barefaced photos of herself.

Jane de Leon gives off the impression that she’s “maarte” and “mataray,” but you’ll be surprised to learn just how different this is from her real personality.

Even with that lovely face, Jane claims to be ‘boyish’ to the point that taking on girlish roles would be something she needs to practice for. Speaking of acting roles, Jane is eager to explore different genres of teleseryes and movies. Lately, she’s been looking to try something more extreme like action-packed projects.

You know what they say, do what you love. This is especially true for one of the best seasoned Kapamilya actresses that we have today — Judy Ann Santos-Agoncillo. She tells Kapamilya Chat viewers that she loves to cook because it makes her happy. She once tried to go vegetarian but only lasted six months.

Juday is all for comfort. Her sense of style gravitates towards gym clothes because they are extremely comfortable. She admits that this is the reason why she needs a stylist whenever she attends events. Despite excelling in dramatic roles, Juday is actually more inclined to comedic projects because she feels that this closely resembles her personality in real-life.

This ends our big reveal for now. What other assumptions do you have about your favorite Kapamilya stars?