Kapamilya Snaps: Saddest teleserye break-ups that left viewers’ hearts torn to bits

We all love a happy ending, right? Through the ups and downs of a teleserye, it’s so rewarding to finally see your favorite characters end up with their “forever.”  But not every character can have that. Break-ups happen and it may hurt for them and for us, but it can also be an enlightening resolve to a story.

There are particular Kapamilya shows that featured amazing characters with such memorable break-ups. Watch this whole Kapamilya Snaps video to know all about them!

Monica (Angel Locsin) and Adrian (Jericho Rosales) in The Legal Wife

In the teleserye The Legal Wife, Monica and Adrian had a beautiful love story that ended up with the two of them getting married. After all, Adrian was the man that taught Monica to open herself up to love again.

However, several situations challenged their marriage, including another woman entering Adrian’s life, Nicole (Maja Salvador). Throughout the countless fights, cheating, and confrontations, Monica decided to end their vows to each other. The annulment may seem like a heartbreaking ending for the two, but Monica knows it’s the right decision to free herself from a loveless marriage filled with lies.

Jade (Yam Concepcion) and Lino (Jericho Rosales) in Halik

From the primetime drama Halik, Jade and Lino were what we would call a simple but loving couple. Despite their economic struggles in life, they married for love and lived in a humble home while starting their family.

Yet their deep love for each other wasn’t enough to heal the burdens that came their way. They lost their first child to a miscarriage and Jade experienced depression. Lino tried to be an understanding husband, but Jade’s resentment of their situation just continued to grow.

Arguments got bigger and Jade turned to having an affair. When Lino found out, it was something he could not accept and decided to end their marriage. We may have seen the break-up coming and it was all for the better, but we have to admit that it still stung seeing Jade in disbelief that Lino did not love her anymore.

Pia (Alyssa Muhlach) and Chico (JM de Guzman) in Pamilya Ko

Family drama Pamilya Ko made us fall in love with Pia and Chico, especially during that special date where they officially became a couple. Although, the amount of sparks or chemistry can’t be the only thing their relationship relied on.

As Pia witnessed Chico and Betty’s (Arci Muñoz) friendship, she couldn’t find a way to be comfortable with how close they were to each other. It constantly confused her and the fact that Pia’s mother was scammed by Chico’s aunt brought up so much more drama into their lives. Although Pia still cared for Chico, she chose to end their relationship as she could not find any more fight in her anymore to save their love.

Samantha (Shaina Magdayao) and Gael (Paulo Avelino) in Asintado

In Asintado, Sam and Gael used to rely on each to overcome their problems in life. When Ana (Julia Montes) tricked Gael in the past, Sam was the one that was there for him through it all. To reciprocate her love, Gael stayed with her believing she would never hurt him like Ana.

But that wasn’t the case. Eventually, Gael found out all of Sam’s secrets and lies making him call quits on their marriage. Sam had a difficult time accepting this, but she would later realize that she was trapped in a one-sided love since Gael always had his heart for Ana.

Carrie (Erich Gonzales) and Samuel (Enchong Dee) in The Blood Sisters

The Blood Sisters showed us the different love stories of the triplet sisters, Carrie, Erika, and Agatha (all played by Erich), but one that pierced our hearts the most was Carrie and Samuel.

The two had a special bond between each other, but as we watched them prepare for their wedding, we also saw something that they realize within themselves — their feelings for each other aren’t romantic, but rather a platonic type of love.

Although they looked great together and have a wonderful relationship, they knew they were not making each other happy the same way a couple in love would. Though they broke off the engagement with heavy hearts, it gave them the opportunity to find the love that was right for them.

Did these iconic teleserye break-ups break your heart too?