Kapamilya Snaps: Meet the celebrities who are ultimate sibling goals

It’s always a delight to witness celebrity siblings grow up and succeed in their own crafts with each other being their inspiration, just like the celebrity siblings featured in this episode of Kapamilya Snaps, who we have witnessed either tread the local entertainment scene together or support one another in their respective endeavors.


They are definitely an inspiration to their fans and spectators not just with their unmistakable talents, but with how they exhibit what healthy relationships between siblings look like.


Camille and John Prats

Even though they work in rival networks, the rapport between these two artists was never affected at all. Camille would always describe her brother John for being her protector, as she shared how her childhood was a memorable one as it was full of fun bonding moments with him. And it’s not only the fun and good times that she treasures with John as he’s always been there to remind her to always see the bright side of things even when in a difficult situation.


Coco and Ronwaldo Martin

Rising actor Ronwaldo Martin is seen to be following the footsteps of his older half-brother Coco as he makes his own name in the industry. Dubbed as the new 'Indie Prince', Ron already appeared in various independent films, especially in his brother’s hit series FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano where he was known as Roldan/Gagamba.


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He shared in previous interviews that he doesn’t want people to just recognize him as Coco’s brother. But at the same time, he’s proud to have a brother like him whom he really looks up to, not just because he’s already achieved huge success in his career, but he’s been a great older brother to him as well.


Toni and Alex Gonzaga

We may have seen these sisters clash with each other and fight about who’s really the favorite of their Mommy Pinty, but Toni and Alex have always been there for each other through ups and downs. As they grew up, they learned valuable advice and life tips from each other which helped them grow individually.


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They basically grew up being very close that they know each other’s secrets and are already familiar with each other’s personalities. No matter what may come their way, we know that the Gonzaga sizzums will always have each other’s back.


Richard, Raymond, and Ruffa Gutierrez

If we talk about royal siblings, we are probably talking about the Gutierrezes. Being the children of famous personalities in Pinoy showbiz – Eddie Gutierrez and Annabelle Rama – Richard, Raymond, and Ruffa were already superstars the moment they were born. However, they’re able to step out of their parents’ shadows as Richard became a great actor; Raymond succeeds as a host and entrepreneur; while Ruffa became the fine and royal beauty queen that she has always been.


Vin and Aljur Abrenica

With their irresistible charm and alluring physique, it’s not surprising to know that Vin and Aljur are brothers. They are alike in so many things, including their striking physical features since they share the same hobbies and activities. Even when they are all grown up, they still make sure to bond with each other by doing their hobbies together, such as going out of town and working out at the gym.


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If you aren’t aware yet, they have one more brother who’s just equally appealing and good-looking as them. Above all these things, the most inspiring thing about them is that they’re very supportive of each other, as they want nothing but the success and happiness of each other.


RK and Raymond Bagatsing

RK and Raymond have been very supportive of each other especially when it comes to their career. Since Raymond was the veteran in the field of showbiz, he’s the one who guides his younger brother in acting, and life in general. Raymond was actually able to attend the red carpet premiere of RK and Jane Oineza’s romantic film “Us Again” and he was beyond amazed at how great of an actor his brother has turned out to be. He even said in an interview that they have actually similar acting style.


In RK’s guesting in Tonight With Boy Abunda, he shared that he owes a lot to his older brother, saying, “I think I owe a lot to him the most kaya ako nandito kasi siya ang tumayong second daddy ko.”


Joj and Jai Agpangan

From PBB to college life, twins Jai and Joj have been achieving milestones together. They were first known by the public as the cheerful and hyper twins from Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition 4.


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After their stint in the reality show, they started appearing in hit Kapamilya shows, such as Forevermore and The Good Son. They also made sure to continue their studies as they finished their college degrees in UP Open University.


Enchong and AJ Dee

Aside from being celebrities, Enchong and AJ Dee are both swimmers. Even though AJ, who’s now full-time entrepreneur, fashion influencer and family man, has already moved to and settled in Norway with his family, for sure, his brother Enchong has been supporting him in his endeavors.


AJ continues to manage his online men’s fashion persona as the Filo Dapper, and has even explored food and catering business. Enchong, on the other hand, is still active in showbiz as he teams up with perennial loveteam Erich Gonzales in launching their own digital series and is set to appear in the upcoming drama Huwag Kang Mangamba.


Gelli and Janice de Belen

With their shared love for cooking and all things Korean, Gelli and Janice de Belen are also best friends. Even though they are faraway from each other, they still show sisterly affection even if it’s through social media. For instance, on National Siblings Day, the two posted throwback photos on their Instagram accounts. Janice posted a toddler photo with younger sister Gelli and wrote, “This is my fave pic of us together! I miss you my sibling!” Gelli also shared the same picture with a caption “Missing my sis na! Love you always.”


Ria and Arjo Atayde

Shout-out to the best brother ever for being my confidante and my picker upper,” Ria Atayde wrote in one of her posts on Instagram to her big bro Arjo. Being part of a celebrity family, it’s unsurprising to see how equally talented Ria and Arjo are in the craft of acting. “


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Selfless, generous, and thoughtful” – these were just some of the words that Ria used when she was asked to describe her older brother in one of her interviews. She also shared how passionate and driven Arjo is in everything he does and is very supportive as well of the people he loves.


Elmo and Maxene Magalona

Through the years, we witnessed how two of the Magalona siblings grew up and succeeded in their own careers. Elmo followed the footsteps of their late father, Master Rapper Francis Magalona, as he also became a promising singer and rapper. Maxene, on the other hand, continues with her acting career. And in times of hardships and challenges, they were present for each other, such as when Maxene was there for Elmo when he was facing controversies.


Anne and Jasmine Curtis

Anne and Jasmine Curtis are each other’s biggest fans. In one of her Instagram posts, Jasmine praised her ate by writing in the caption, “To be compared to my Sestra is actually the biggest compliment. How do you live up to an icon?”


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The two equally lovely sisters are definitely an inspiration to many as they prove that no matter what happens, they are always each other’s family. In an interview, Jasmine shared that misunderstandings between them would always be normal but they wouldn’t let arguments get in the way of their relationship. “Three times lang siguro kami nagkaproblema ni Ate. Pero that’s small, tampo lang yon, hindi siya ‘yung tipong lumaki. Peace kami lagi ni Ate,” Jasmine shared in one of her interviews.


Shaina Magdayao and Vina Morales

Seasoned actresses Shaina and Vina are already gorgeous themselves, but they have actually two more elder sisters, Sheila and Sheryl, who are just equally beautiful. Since their sister Sheryl is based in the U.S., they are the ones who take time to visit her in Napa Valley.


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They also make sure that they are complete at least once a year through celebrating important events like Christmas together. Just like other siblings, Vina and Shaina prove that they will always be each other’s protector.


Julia, Dani, and Claudia Barretto

Despite all the issues and controversies surrounding their family, the Julia, Dani and Claudia Barretto are firm in maintaining a strong relationship and sisterhood. Julia even described her sisters Dani and Claudia as her best gifts ever.


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No wonder they continue to bloom and look happy despite all the drama. It’s definitely because of being each other’s support system.  We witnessed how Julia was supported and defended by her sisters every time she faces issues and controversies. It just goes to show that one’s fight is everyone’s fight for them.


Although rivalries, fights, and misunderstandings are just common among siblings, may we all strive to be strongly bonded  as these celebrity siblings!