Kapamilya Snaps: Meet the celebrities who are also painters by heart!

Each one of us have different ways to destress whenever we’re not busy with work, studies, or other endeavors – and one of those is by having a hobby. While there are some who do it by playing sports or musical instruments, cooking yummy dishes, or reading a book, there are others who have developed fondness on painting, through which they’re able to channel their creativity as well.

And among them are the celebrities in this Kapamilya Snaps feature, who discovered their talents in working on different shapes, strokes, and colors through their hands, brush, and canvas.

Catriona Gray

Aside from her beauty, grace, and eloquence, one of the other things that we admire about Catriona is her amazing creativity, which she’s able to showcase through her notable stint in the Miss Universe 2018 pageant wherein she emerged as the grand winner.

Thus, it didn’t come as a surprise when she was tapped by the National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA) to be its arts ambassadress in 2021. And part of her duties is to exhibit the rich culture and diverse arts of the Philippines through a web series on her YouTube channel entitled “Kultura 101.” In one of the episodes, she was able to exhibit her painting skills by creating her own masterpiece within 10 minutes.

But those who have been following her on Instagram would know that the beauty queen is a promising artist as she used to share some of her works there.

Iñigo Pascual

We already know how a versatile artist Iñigo is, as he can sing, dance, host, and even act. But not many people know that he can also actually paint. And he’s able to show how passionate he is about it as he shared some of his artworks during the pandemic. He posted photos of him holding his colorful cute owl painting and wearing a jacket that he painted on.

Sue Ramirez

With how seemingly fond of anything colorful, as well as of tattoos, Sue is, there’s no wonder that she is also into anything artsy and vibrant. In fact, she’s a potential painter herself, which she’s able to prove by showing a watercolor painting of sunflowers on IG.

The The Iron Heart actress captioned the post, “Made this while sipping on my morning coffee. Making use of google references for now. I know, i know. It’s not quite there yet, but practice makes perfect right? [sic]”

Elisse Joson

She may be known as a promising actress, but Elisse actually is a talented visual artist, too. And she gave us glimpse of this side of her by sharing some of her colorful paintings that she did during her day-offs from work and when the pandemic struck in 2020.

Since she had been busy with her showbiz commitments, she wasn’t able to contain her thrill as she got back to painting again. The Pira-Pirasong Paraiso star said in one of her posts, “It’s so nice to finally hold a paint brush after so long.”

Heaven Peralejo

With how skilled she is in acting and singing, Heaven indeed made her Mama Luanne proud as she watched her finish her two artworks, one of which was a birthday gift to her in 2016. Prior to this, she would sketch clothes and draw portraits then shifted to creating colorful landscapes.

Maymay Entrata

It was during the community quarantine in 2020 when Maymay was able to sharpen her artistic skills, proving that she’s not just an “Amakabogera” in singing and dancing, but in painting, too. And she even showed off his first masterpiece in one of her Kapamilya Chat nterviews.

The ASAP Natin ‘To regular imparted how she’s always been so fascinated with the arts, recounting how she used to run to the nearest mall as a student to witness different art launching events, as well as take photos of displayed paintings since she couldn’t afford one.

Angel Locsin

While she is acclaimed for her award-winning acting prowess, Angel also received praises for her promising painting skills. And her journey as an aspiring painter began after her yearning to try something new. She flexed one of her artworks on Instagram, which is a proof of her creativity and artistic eye.

Lotlot de Leon

Aside from reading books and whipping up delicious foods, another hobby of Lotlot is painting.  In an exclusive interview with Kapamilya Chat, he imparted that she started in 2008, and has since then decorated her home with her own artworks, which mostly capture the beauty and serenity of nature. She also tried putting her earlier pieces in an exhibit, and gives some to family and close friends as gifts.

The veteran character actress also showed off some of works, including the very first one she did, which was a splendid view of the ocean since it has been a dream of hers to have a beach house.

Bangs Garcia

Another actress you may not know is also a promising painter is Bangs, who’s actually a realism artist. The subjects of her works are often people and animals, and have been featured in galleries.

Since she has been busy with her Mama and wifey duties in the recent years, the actress expressed how much she holding a brush and creating images on the canvas by posting an IG reel that featured some of her works in the past years. She wrote in its caption, “I promise I am going to paint again soon!!! I am manifesting a painting exhibit in the heart of London one day.”

Ian Veneracion

A modern and contemporary artist, Ian has staged a number of solo art exhibits that displays 20 to 30 of his original pieces. The The Iron Heart actor has also sold some of his works at auctions.

Do these talented celebrities inspire you to also take up painting as a hobby and stress-reliever, Kapamilya?