Kapamilya Snaps: Meet the bunch of siblings your favorite celebrities love and cherish!

A sibling can be your BFF for life. So having a lot of them is one of the most precious things in the world

The celebrities in this Kapamilya Snaps video have three or more siblings and they cherish each and every one of them. Meet them all and their siblings in this feature!

King of Hearts Daniel Padilla is also a king in the hearts of his brothers and sisters. His single mother Karla Estrada definitely raised them to be close and love each other wholeheartedly even if Daniel is a half-sibling of Carlito, Margaret, and Carmella.

If you know a lot about Daniel’s family, then you must also have an idea about his sweetheart Kathryn Bernardo. Kath adores her family of “BEARnardos”, especially her older siblings that always inspire her, Chrysler, Kaye, and Kevin.

Huwag Kang Mangamba star Andrea Brillantes may be the youngest among four siblings, but she remains very close to all of them. On her YouTube and social media platforms, we can always see her do a fun video with Nina, Kayla, and Kismet.

Celebrity siblings Arjo Atayde and Ria Atayde aren’t the only kids of actress Sylvia Sanchez. They have two more siblings: Gela and Xavi. Even if Arjo and Ria spend a lot of their time in the showbiz world, they make sure to bond with the whole family, whether it’s over dinner, after work, or a simple Sunday famday.

Enchong Dee feels lucky to have grown up with his three other siblings AJ, Isaiah, and Angelika. Even if they have tons of fights and arguments, they know that it made them close friends with each other. The reason for such is also probably because they are very caring for each other. The three brothers, after all, have their little sister Angelika to protect at all costs.

As the daughter of celebs Lotlot de Leon and Monching Gutierrez, host-actress Janine Gutierrez grew up with several family members on both her mom and dad’s side of the family. But even without considering that, she already has a lot of siblings at home. The Marry Me Marry You lead actress has three younger siblings that she hopes to be a great Ate to 一Jessica, Diego, and Maxine.

Some may not be surprised to know that Shaina Magdayao and Vina Morales are sisters despite their different screen names, but many do not know that they have two more sisters. Even if Sheila and Sheryl didn’t pursue show business, they find time to hang out with both Shaina and Vina proving that the Magdayao sisters are unstoppable.

It’s Showtime host Kim Chiu is loud about her love for family, including her siblings. To her, Lakam, Twinkle, Willian, and JP are 100% her brothers and sisters and would do anything for them.

He’s Into Her star Donny Pangilinan loves to be a fun brother to his brothers and sisters. We can witness all the amusing and silly family moments they have on his YouTube channel too. Alongside his older sister Ella, he still makes sure to be a good and responsible role model to their younger siblings Hannah, Benj, and Sola.

The Gold Squad member Francine Diaz also introduced us to her big family in a YouTube vlog. Chantal, Cameron, Carmela, Courtney, and Elsa took on the “How Well Do You Know Me” challenge to see who knew their sister Francine best. It was a fun game that certainly sparked some competitiveness in them all.

Celebrity royalties Ruffa Gutierrez, Richard Gutierrez, and Raymond Gutierrez feel blessed for their large family. These three famous siblings have three more 一 Rocky Elvis and Ritchie. If having five other siblings wasn’t enough, they also enjoy the company of their two half-siblings, Tonton and Monching. It may be noisy, as Ruffa describes, but what matters is that they love and support each other no matter what.

Elmo Magalona can also relate to having a large family. He grew up with older siblings Maxene, Frank, and Saab, and younger siblings Arkin and Clara. The six of them also have two more siblings, Unna and Nicolo. It can get crowded during their gatherings, but they never fail to enjoy each other’s company especially since they all share their father Francis Magalona’s passion for music.

Lots of siblings can be rowdy, but it will definitely be a blast. Would you also want three or more siblings of your own?