Kapamilya Snaps Celebrity YouTubers

From simply doing live shows and meet and greets and posting updates on social media, celebrities have found another way to interact with their fans in recent years – through vlogging!

And since some of them have been doing it for years already, others have accumulated millions of subscribers on YouTube, such as the stars listed in this Kapamilya Snaps feature who, as of June 2022, have the most number of subscribers on the video-sharing platform. 


Awra Briguela (1.04 million subscribers)

From being that simple kid who used to make us droll with her funny facial expressions that went viral online, as well as with her award-winning stint in FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano as MakMak, we’ve witnessed how Awra has grown to become one of the brightest stars of her generation.

As she ventures on vlogging, she simply doesn’t only utilize it to update her fans about her latest ganaps, such as when she celebrated her 18th birthday last June by throwing a flamboyant party, but to also champion the LGBTQIA+ community where she belongs. 


Jessy Mendiola (1.05 million subscribers)

We may not see her on television as much as we used to a few years ago, but Jessy has found a way to be able to still connect with her adoring supporters – by putting up a YouTube channel through which she gives us a peek on her life behind the camera and her married life with husband Luis Manzano.

She also loves taking on random challenges, such as her latest that is reacting to some of her most embarrassing moments on television.


Maris Racal (1.12 million subscribers)

Aside from being a talented actress, singer, dancer, and even composer, Maris is also admired for her bubbly personality, which she’s able to display in her vlogs. Her innate sense of humor and irresistible charm make her a delight to watch, as she shares random stuff about her life, like the behind the scenes of her various projects and her other shenanigans.

And among the most recent uploads of the How To Move On In 30 Days actress’ is a snippet of her afternoon date with boyfriend Rico Blanco that truly made the hearts of their ardent shippers flutter.


Yeng Constantino (1.21 million subscribers)

The PopRock Royalty is able to prove that she’s not just adept in singing and making music, or assessing the performances of contestants in Tawag ng Tanghalan as one of its hurados, but in vlogging, too. 

Her channel serves as a sneak peek into her life off set, wherein she shares some of her and husband Yan Asuncion’s vacations, adventures, and other ganaps in life. Recently, Yeng took us to their three-day trip in their beach property in a province she did not disclose.


Angeline Quinto (1.3 million subscribers)

The same goes for Angeline, who’s able to further show her makulit and kalog side that we love about her through the vlogs that she’s been posting ever since she started in 2018. It is also through which the ASAP Natin ‘To singer shares some of the most significant milestones in her life.

Among those she was able to document were her pregnancy journey, introducing her beloved partner, and the christening of their bundle of joy, Baby Sylvio. 


Francine Diaz (1.65 million subscribers)

She may have always touched our hearts with her dramatic performances in the series and movies she starred in, but Francine actually has an impressive sense of humor and vivacious personality in real life – as what we’re able to see in her vlogs.

She apparently enjoys featuring her family and friends in her videos, and even tries her chops in hosting via her “Gandang Gabi Ghorl” (or GGG) episodes. She already got to interview different celebrities, such as Jake Ejercito, Kim Chiu, Kaye Abad, and Denise Laurel.


Melai Cantiveros-Francisco (1.7 million subscribers)

When she’s not a momshie-host in Magandang Buhay, Melai can be probably seen spending quality time with her beloved family. And she’s able to document some of those and uploads those on their family YouTube channel they named “Melason Family.”

Just like recently, she and family feasted on the sea urchins they harvested during their trip to the beach.


Luis Manzano (1.7 million subscribers)

Like his wife Jessy Mendiola, Luis also has his own YouTube channel carrying content that completely reflects his jolly personality. Aside from taking on various fun challenges, giving us a glimpse of his life off-cam, and sharing his random funny videos, the I Can See Your Voice host has also introduced a series titled “Luis Listens”, wherein he has lighthearted and hilarious conversations with fellow celebrities, with Francine Diaz and loveteam KD Estrada and Alexa Ilacad as his most recent guests.


AC Bonifacio (2.07 million subscribers)

As a great dancer, it’s expected for AC to upload tons of dance videos in her YouTube channel. But those who have been following her on the video-streaming platform were also able to see different sides of her, such as how a fun-loving person and makulit friend and colleague that she really is.

While her dance covers never fail to amaze us, the others content of the “Lyric and Beat” stars, such reacting to old photos of herself, eating Pinoy street food, and letting her IG followers control her day, surely amazed us, too!


Moira Dela Torre (2.57 million subscribers)

Apart from being the most listened artists in the country, the Idol Philippines judge is also among the Kapamilya celebrities with the greatest number of subscribers. And since she’s a songstress, we can only see music-related content on her channel.

This is through which her music videos, covers, and other musical content are released. Browsing through her videos page, we were able to find out that her earliest post was her cover of KC Concepcion’s “Not Like The Movies,” which was published 12 years ago.


Kim Chiu (2.86 million subscribers)

In the past four years, the Chinita Princess is not only flourishing as a multi-performer, but is also thriving as a vlogger as she regularly uploads videos on her YouTube channel. Aside from her hosting stint in It’s Showtime, she’s also able to spread good vibes and infectious energy to the madlang people through her vlogs. 

From simply sharing to everyone a glimpse of her life behind the camera, taking us to her travels and “advenCHIUres, and showing her kulitan moments with her colleagues in the projects that she did, Kim has also taken on various fun challenges. Her most recent upload is the “Kiss, Marry, Kill Challenge” that she played with fellow Pinoy Big Brother Big Winners and Proud Bisaya Maymay Entrata and Melai Cantiveros-Francisco.


Andrea Brillantes (3.88 million subscribers) 

Simiar with Andrea, whose YouTube channel is apparently a little bit of everything. According to her page, she started vlogging six years ago when she was around 13 years old, and she now has a number of vlogs and millions of subscribers, too!

Over the years, the “Lyric and Beat” lead actress has treated her fans with various content – in-and-out of the country getaways, popular and fun challenges, bonding with her family and friends, behind-the-scene videos from her projects, and other random shenanigans.


Kathryn Bernardo (3.9 million subscribers)

Despite only starting her channel in January 2020, Kathryn was able to successfully garner millions of subscribers and be one of the most subscribed local artists on YouTube.

Dubbed “Everyday Kath”, the 2 Good 2 Be True leading lady gets to share her life behind the camera – from her personal ganaps, off-cam moments in the projects that she does, and other shenanigans.


Vice Ganda (6.95 million subscribers)

Aside from being one of madlang people’s favorite hosts of It’s Showtime, he is also apparently one of the TV personalities with the most number of subscribers on YouTube. He continues to spread laughter and good vibes to his viewers through his funny vlogs, which often features his family, friends, and partner Ion Perez.

The Unkabogable Star loves to do various challenges and share some of his fun shenanigans and escapades, as well as his lighthearted conversations with fellow celebrities via the “What’s The Tea…?” segment.


Ivana Alawi (15.6 million subscribers)

And the biggest Kapamilya star on YouTube is none other than sexy actress Ivana Alawi, who has been unfailingly entertaining us with her content in the past four years. She has already published hundreds of vlogs, which were mostly pranks and random shenanigans that she does with her beloved family. She also gives us a glimpse of their travels, as well as the behind-the-scene happenings in the projects that she does. 

However, it wasn’t only her family who got a taste of her being a prankster, but her A Family Affair leading men Sam Milby, Gerald Anderson, Jake Ejercito, and Jameson Blake, too, while they were still in their lock-in taping.

Are you subscribed to any of these Kapamilya celebrities?