Kapamilya Snaps: Know more about your favorite stars through their zodiac signs

We can never truly know, but the stars may have a hand in our destinies. What are zodiac signs for, after all? If you also look to the zodiac signs for guidance and meaning, then this Kapamilya Snaps feature is just your vibe.

Check out the zodiac signs of your favorite Kapamilya stars and what it might tell us about them!

Being bold, ambitious, and fierce is natural to an Aries. With this in mind, it’s no wonder that Kathryn Bernardo, Vice Ganda, Janella Salvador, and Enrique Gil are Aries! They all have that aura of power and authority that comes with the fire sign.

Daniel Padilla, Angel Locsin, Paulo Avelino, Judy Ann Santos, and James Reid, on the other hand, are calmer than most given their zodiac sign, Taurus. The earth sign represents individuals that are dependent and hardworking, and we can’t deny that these top artists are always on the go with their projects!

Geminis having two faces only shows how multicolored they are with their personality. They have lots of interests, love to be curious about things, and have their playfulness on max! We might not always see it, but this may be true for Kapamilya Geminis Yam Concepcion, Jodi Sta. Maria, Cherry Pie Picache, Kiko Estrada, and Belle Mariano.

At times, emotions can get the best of us. This is doubly so for Cancers who deeply feel their emotions and compassionately empathize with others. Sue Ramirez, Ruffa Gutierrez, Sunshine Dizon, Alessandra De Rossi, and Andi Eigenmann all have the zodiac sign Cancer, and it must be why they can portray characters amazingly as actresses!

Represented by a lion, Leos love to shine with their born strengths. They exude confidence because they know they are meant to be in the spotlight. Stars Zanjoe Marudo, Sarah Geronimo, Gary Valenciano, Iza Calzado, and Barbie Imperial are perfect examples of people born with the Leo spirit.

Perfection is the bare minimum for Virgos. They know the value of getting things right down to the nitty-gritty details. While it may be tiresome, it goes to show how meticulous and diligent they are. Ogie Alcasid, Erich Gonzales, Jericho Rosales, JM De Guzman, and Sofia Andres probably all share these traits being born Virgos.

It’s most likely a peaceful gathering when Libra signs Janine Gutierrez, Joshua Garcia, Joseph Marco, Vina Morales, and Robi Domingo are all together. Bearing the air sign represented by a scale, it’s expected that they love to live with harmony and balance in their lives. It’s also undeniable that these Kapamilya stars tick the box of Libras being artistic and charismatic.

Passion and courage are second nature to a Scorpio. Now that’s something we can’t deny from FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano star Coco Martin. He shares this with fellow Scorpios Dimples Romana, Enchong Dee, Angelica Panganiban, and Nadine Lustre. All of them are also deeply loyal people, even if they experience a wave of emotions being a water sign.

Sagittarius are also driven people, but it’s mostly because of their zest for life and adventure. Prominent stars Eula Valdes, Angeline Quinto, Yeng Constantino, Heaven Peralejo, and Joross Gamboa are just a few of the Sagittarius people in showbiz. Definitely, there are more who also enjoy having many pursuits in life!

While a Sagittarius may have a happy-go-lucky mindset in excitedly exploring life, a Capricorn wholeheartedly values how time will be spent, so they do and achieve more in life as much as possible. Liza Soberano, Piolo Pascual, Sharon Cuneta, Vhong Navarro, and Jake Cuenca are part of this group who are said to be one of the most patient, dedicated, and persistent people.

For Aquarius, we have Kapamilyas Donny Pangilinan, Anne Curtis, Richard Gutierrez, Toni Gonzaga, and Lovi Poe. While they have different vibes and personalities, they all share the Aquarius stamp of wanting to make the world a better place. In their own way, they do their best to be innovative and progressive.

Pisces is the last sign but, in a way, it is the richest as it takes lessons from all other signs. Andrea Brillantes, Gerald Anderson, JC De Vera, KZ Tandingan, and Gloria Diaz bear the Pisces sign, which is a water sign that is said to be sensitive, quiet, and wise. Although they have their lively moments, their quiet times and reflection must be highly valuable with all the wisdom they have.

Which Kapamilya star has the same zodiac sign as you?