Kapamilya Snaps: Inspiring celebrity barkadas that share fun, memorable times together

We have seen our Kapamilya celebrities build friendships with their colleagues in the entertainment industry and many of them have sealed lasting bonds. Working together for a project also serves as an opportunity for these artists to see the best qualities in each other, in which they base their solid connection. And after having that loyal BFF through thick and thin, why not have one whole barkada as well to extend this friendship further?

Certainly, we can expect more fun, unforgettable zany moments together on- and off-screen. Here are some of the most prominent, popular Kapamilya barkadas we all find delight in witnessing their strong, special, family-like closeness.

It’s Showtime family

In the 10 years that It’s Showtime has been on air, hosts Vice Ganda, Vhong Navarro, Anne Curtis, Jhong Hilario, Ryan Bang, Karylle, Teddy Corpuz, Jugs Jugueta, and Tyang Amy Perez have never left each other’s side.

Mga litrato ng kumpeto at masayang pamilya ng It’s Showtime!

They have been together in their respective life journeys, and have since started and maintained a friendship that seems beyond family.  It has withstood the test of time, showing the Madlang People the fun and happiness one feels when you really got each other close, even at the worst of times.  The jokes, wisecracks, banters, wild chases, and “physical hosting” are just indicative of the utter joy they feel in each other’s company.

Hello, Love Goodbye cast

“Hello, Love, Goodbye” was shot in Hong Kong, and this allowed the cast to bond together and form a solid friendship.

Kathryn Bernardo shared in a guesting in Magandang Buhay that it’s really not hard to get along with the cast, especially with Lovely Abella, Maymay Entrata, and Kakai Bautista, because every time they’re together, it’s just plain fun. Meanwhile, Jeffrey Tam, Joross Gamboa, and Alden Richards also created a special bond in their tapings, and even formed a barkada name ‘JeJoDen.’

Pinoy Big Brother hosts

Even when a season is over, Pinoy Big Brother hosts Robi Domingo, Bianca Gonzalez, Melai Cantiveros, Kim Chiu, and Alex Gonzaga keep in touch.

Bianca actually expressed on Instagram that she was thinking about the rapport she has built with Melai, Kim, and Alex since it was her first time working with them. “Mas bata kayo lahat, may chemistry na kayong apat, at maliban kay Robi, hindi ko pa nakakatrabaho ng malapitan kayong tatlong girls. Hindi ko alam kung makakasabay pa ba ako sa mga hiritan ninyo...” But she later on shared happily that she learned so much from them and promised them that she will be their ‘ate’ forever.

Banana Sundae’s Bananakada

Whether they are in front of the cameras or not, the Banana Sundae gang always has a fun time together. The best word that describes their friendship is solid, because they haven’t only been friends, but they have been each other’s best friend.

For instance, Angelica Panganiban and John Prats have been best friends for more than a decade. The actress describes the whole gang as the ‘bestest people in the world.’

Pusong Ligaw ladies

Pusong Ligaw was filled with gripping, deep melodrama, but its female cast have created a heartwarming sisterhood that is loving and supportive.

Years after the show ended, Beauty Gonzalez, Bianca King, Sofia Andres, Carla Humphries, and Sambie Rodriguez are still closely part of one another’s lives. You could actually see them bonding over together in Bianca’s vlogs, talking about life or playing various games or challenges.

The Gold Squad

From starring in the hit teleserye Kadenang Ginto and having millions of subscribers on YouTube to performing all together in San Francisco and being the hottest young artists in the land today, The Gold Squad is the ultimate barkada goals.

And all of this success is due to genuine friendship Andrea Brillantes, Seth Fedelin, Francine Diaz and Kyle Echarri share even when the cameras are turned off. Every time we see their pictures on social media or vlogs on their YouTube channel, we can say that their bondings are really just filled with fun moments.

The Nguya Squad

Showbiz is a small world. A celebrity couple have separate circles of friends, and when they spend their time together, you can’t avoid having both “legions” of friends merge and become one happy barkada.

Such is Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla, whose Nguya Squad that is composed also of Ria Atayde, Khalil Ramos, Dominic Roque, Patrick Sugui, and Joe Vargas have since shared treasured moments they won’t forget for the rest of their lives."

They named themselves the "Nguya Squad" because their favorite bonding activity is eating. That means that their best bonding moments take place when they are all having food trips. And even though there are times that the squad is incomplete, they make sure to document the day spent over good food. For instance, Dominic once shared on Instagram their “Kare-Kare night”.

Kyle Echarri, Darren Espanto, AC Bonifacio, Jayda Avanzado

It’s not easy spending most of your youth working in the spotlight. That’s why young celebrity friends Kyle Echarri, Darren Espanto, AC Bonifacio, and Jayda Avanzado have one another. They make sure that they are present on special occasions and celebrations like Jayda’s surprise 16th birthday party which was led by Darren.

IT Girls

They are probably the most popular chic celebrity gang in the country and they just give justice to that - Anne Curtis, Isabelle Daza, Solenn Heussaff, Georgina Wilson, and Liz Uy are the It Girls for a reason.

They have everything. Beauty, brains, and being the “best sisters” to one another. They are all mothers right now, and certainly a bunch of hot mommas, and we’re sure they share a lot from their experiences! From their fashion style to their intimidating auras, you would really just love to gaze at them.

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