Kapamilya Snaps: Impressive, relatable portrayals of diverse professions in teleseryes

Do you ever wonder what your job could be in an alternate life? Even if you love your job now, sometimes, it’s nice to daydream what living another profession would be like, right? Luckily, Kapamilya teleseryes feature different kinds of professions and let us in on their life through its stories. Whether it’s being a cosmetologist at a mortuary or an emergency responder, an actor has probably played it already.

Watch this Kapamilya Snaps episode to explore the different professions we witnessed in Kapamilya teleseryes!

The wonderfully smelling world of baked pastries and goods is the main attraction of the 2020 LizQuen (Liza Soberano and Enrique Gil) romantic serye Make It With You. The pairing’s characters, Gabo and BIlly are two passionate bakers that made it their dream to open a bakery highlighting Philippine pastries around the world.

Running a business is a challenge, especially if it’s a family business because everyone is deeply invested in it. Camila Sardines in Kadenang Ginto is a great example. As the ownership of Robert Mondragon’s (Albert Martinez) flourishing sardines business had to be transferred, his wife Romina (Beauty Gonzales) and daughter (Dimples Romana) engaged in a long fight. Eventually, the rivals could not come to an understanding, causing Romina to jump ship and work for Camila Sardines’ biggest competition, SikaTuna.

Precious Hearts Romances Los Bastardos also revolved around a family business — the Cardinal Distillery. This business began because of the Cardinal family’s passion for making liquor and even though the Cardinal family tree is a complicated one, it’s clear how every family member has that passion in their blood. Isagani (Jake Cuenca), the lost son of Don Roman Cardinal, Sr. (Ronaldo Valdez), began his own liquor distillery, Coco Brandy, despite not knowing his family history.

Only a few get to know how a soldier truly lives, but the action-drama A Soldier’s Heart gave us a glimpse of how noble, dangerous, and fulfilling such a profession could be. Actors Gerald Anderson, Carlo Aquino, Vin Abrenica, Elmo Magalona, and the rest of the cast all underwent professional training to realistically portray the scenes as well as internalize the strong emotions of losing a comrade or being in a middle of a battle.

Heroes don’t always need weapons. Ana (Julia Montes) from Asintado makes it her life mission to save lives as an emergency medical responder. She fearlessly gets into situations no matter how dangerous just to save the person in trouble. In fact, she met Gael (Paulo Avelino), her lost love, again while trying to save him from a collapsing cave.

Being a mother is also a profession and with it comes a lot of responsibilities. The 2020 action teleserye 24/7 explores this on a whole new level. The main character Mia (Julia Montes) is a single mother, so aside from being a full-time mom, she is also working as a security guard for Jacinto Pharmaceuticals. But that’s only a part of the struggle she faces because a deadly epidemic breakout prompts her to do whatever in order to save her son and even the world.

It may seem like paradise to be running a resort, but it’s not all sunshine as we might think. In Precious Hearts Romances Araw Gabi, Adrian (JM de Guzman) runs the Tranquila Resort on the beautiful island, El Paraiso. While many would think that he isn’t the greatest manager, young traveler Michelle (Barbie Imperial) uncovers a different side of him as well as many secrets of the island.

We got to understand the art of jewelry making more in the romantic teleserye Ngayon at Kailanman. Just like how jewels have a rich and precious history, passionate jewelers Inno (Joshua Garcia) and Eva (Julia Barretto) also do as they delve deeper and deeper into the secrets of Cortes Jewelry.

More secrets lie in the town of Las Espadas of The Killer Bride as the much-talked-about curse fills the air of the place. This does, however, make it a perfect setting for Emma’s (Janella Salvador) life as a cosmetologist in a mortuary. While she is preparing the dead for the afterlife, she is also uncovering stories and tales abound.

Some professions need a lot more than skills and knowledge. Init Sa Magdamag explicitly shows us how both Tupe (Gerald Anderson) and Rita (Yam Concepcion) used their passion and heart for service as the main drive in their current careers. Tupe is now a doctor that is developing grassroots initiatives to help their barrio while Rita is spearheading projects to help her town citizen as a congresswoman. Both continue to inspire others and do their best in their work even if that wasn’t exactly what they envisioned for themselves in the first place What matters is what value they are able to deliver in their profession.

Would you work in these professions if given the chance?