KSnaps Celeb Kids Themed Birthday Parties

Since birthdays just happen once a year and it’s one of the most important days in the life of a person, many of us make sure that it’s going to be really special, regardless of how we celebrate it. But, traditionally, it’s a completely a different case when it’s a first birthday.

Parents tend to get extravagant, or even go over-the-top just to make their children’s first-ever birthday celebration memorable and extra special. Just like the stars in this Kapamilya Snaps feature who decided to level up the celebration of their little ones’ first birthday with some dash of creativity.


Dimples Romana and Boyet Ahmee

As their bunso, Elio Juan Manolo, turns 1, the awesome couple came up with idea of organizing a fiesta-themed party for him early this July.

The venue was decorated to look like the traditional fiestas in the province, which included displays like sari-sari store and farm animals. There was also a drum and lyre band and majorettes that performed for the attendees. Of course, in order really complete the motif, everyone was dressed either in modern Filipiniana, Barong Tagalog, or camisa de chino, spearheaded by the The Iron Heart actress and her beloved family.


Janella Salvador and Markus Paterson

Since he’s now the “boss” of their family, this probably prompted Janella and Markus to throw a Boss Baby-themed bash to mark the first birthday of their son, Jude Trevor, in October 2021.

Obviously, there’s a life-sized figure and a two-tiered cake of the said cartoon character, while the birthday celebrator was wearing a suit and tie. They chose gold, silver, and black balloons for a sophisticated atmosphere. Plus, everybody in the party wore black outfits, including the proud parents.


Sofia Andres and Daniel Miranda

Even though it was in the midst of the raging pandemic, Sofia and Daniel made sure that their firstborn Zoe Natalia’s first birthday in November 2020 would still be memorable by holding a Cocomelon-themed event for her.

The venue was decked with colorful pastel balloons and flowers, as well as life-sized figures of the kiddie YouTube channel’s cartoon characters. There was a three-tiered cake and other delectable pastries popping in colors, while watermelon hotdog pillows and cute backpacks were given away to the attendees, who were comprised by select family and friends.


Elisse Joson and McCoy de Leon

For their “little angel” Felize McKenzie’s first birthday in April 2022, Elisse and McCoy hosted a grand Snow White-themed fete.

It was indeed an enchanted celebration as the event was graced by the Disney Princess herself and the multi-layered cake was adorned with red apples. The venue was festooned with big red roses hanging upside down from the ceiling and life-sized mushroom props along the green carpet, with the colors blue, red, and yellow as the overall motifs.


Richard Gutierrez and Sarah Lahbati

Having two kids means throwing two children’s parties twice a year. They did it for the first time for their firstborn Zion, who had his safari-themed first birthday bash and baptism in June 2014. Thus, there were life-sized cut-out figures of different animals on display at the venue, with a six-layered heavily decorated birthday cake as the centerpiece.

And five years later, they opted to have an under-the-sea-themed party for their second child Kai. There were comfy shark head chairs and toy dolphins, sharks, and whales were “swimming” on the ceiling. The five-tiered blue and white cake was also stuffed with more sea creatures and corals.


John Prats and Isabel Oli

Another set of parents to have experienced hosting more than one lavish first birthday party is John and Isabel. When their panganay Lilly Feather turned 1 in April 2017, they took her around the world by mounting a travel-themed celebration. There were miniature versions of some of the famous attractions abroad, such as the Statue of Liberty and the Eiffel Tower, and the cake was a stack of suitcases with a globe on top.

Meanwhile, their family thein traveled back in time for their unico hijo Daniel Freedom’s first birthday in November 2019 as they went for a 90’s themed fete. They recreated the decade by putting on outfits that were in vogue back then, as well as decking the venue with decorations that were reminiscent of that era. The four-layered cake also bore graffiti designs and little ornaments that were everything 90s.

And for their bunso Lilla Forest’s first birthday in July 2021, they didn’t let the pandemic hinder them from making it remarkable by holding a party at their home. They decorated their garage with balloons in various hues and sizes, big cut-out teddy bear images, and a pretty centerpiece composed of white flowers and small teddy bears. She also had a cute cake with a small bear décor on top of it.


JC de Vera and Rikkah Cruz

For the first birthday of their daughter Lana Athena in April 2019, JC and Rikkah threw a Mexican fiesta-themed bash, which was indeed popping in bright colors – from the balloons, banderitas, and other ornaments. The four-layered cake was also decked with decors that represent the vibrant Mexican culture, such as a guitar, a cactus, a sombrero, and maracas.


Angeline Quinto and Nonrev Daquina

As their son Sylvio turned 1 last April 2023, Angeline and Nonrev opted to have a farm-themed bash for him. It was held at an events place in Batangas that has a big red barn, a windmill, and a wide farmyard. The interior was filled with decors in red, orange, and white, while images of farm animals and a farm boy could be also seen inside. Meanwhile, the adorable birthday boy wore a costume inspired by the popular Toy Story character Woody.


Meryll Soriano and Joem Bascon

The The Iron Heart stars threw a Baby Disney-themed fete for the first birthday of their son, Gideon, in December 2021.

Images and miniature figures of popular Disney characters, such as Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse, Winnie the Pooh and his friends, and Mike and Sulley from Monsters, Inc. filled the venue, from the displays to the three-tiered cake.


Melai Cantiveros and Jason Francisco

Since she’s their firstborn, Melai and Jason made sure that their daughter Mela’s first birthday in April 2015 would be unforgettable. They prepared a Sofia the First-themed celebration for her, complete with a pink castle cutout, standee of characters, and castle-inspired cake. Of course, the birthday celebrator was dressed as Sofia, while Melai and Jason gamely took on the roles of Queen Miranda and King Roland respectively.


Kaye Abad and Paul Jake Castillo

Kaye and Paul went all out for their two sons’ birthdays. They hosted a carnival-themed party for their firstborn Joaquin in December 2018, which featured display animals on a train and other colorful decorations, while the three-layered colorful cake had mini ring master, popcorn, and clown figures on it.

On the other hand, the proud parents went for a farm-inspired fete for their second child Iñigo’s first birthday in September 2022. Unlike his kuya’s celebration that was popping in colors, his was draped in white and pastel blue and yellow. Its three-tiered cake has little animal and squash figures on it and a windmill on top.


Ryza Cenon and Miguel Antonio Cruz

The first birthday of their son Night was also held during the pandemic, so Ryza and Miguel decided to just have an intimate monster-themed party. Despite only holding it at home, they made sure that it would still be special by decking their living room area with colorful round and alien monster balloons, as well as the table carrying the scrumptious cakes.


Carlo Aquino and Trina Candaza

Carlo and his ex-partner Trina threw a Sesame Street-themed party for their daughter Enola Mithi for her first birthday back in September 2021. The venue was adorned with balloons in red, orange, and pink, and they chose a two-layered colorful cake with an Elmo and cupcake figure sitting on top and some cookies and lollipops around it. The proud parents wore identical white Elmo shirts, which complemented the little girl’s cute dress that also has the face of Elmo on it.

Which among these themes are you likely to do on your little one’s birthday, Kapamilya?