Kapamilya Snaps: Fun, nifty ways to pose at the staircase, according to these 10 celebrities

As camera phones have become prevalent, it has been easy for us to take pictures anytime and anywhere we go. May it be capturing the places we visit, the sceneries and random things we spotted, the people who we are with, or even our selfies.

While there are some of us who’s already contented in shooting right away, there are others who are into the so-called “aesthetic shots”. And, arguably, one of the top favorite backdrop or spot to take these kind of shots are at a staircase as it offers a tinge of uniqueness and art in any picture.

And just in case you’re wondering how to creatively utilize a flight of stairs in your next choreographed or on-the-spot photo sessions with your buddies, then the celebrities in this Kapamilya Snaps might be able to help you!

Kathryn Bernardo

You may make it less boring by having yourself be photographed while walking down or up the stairs, just like what the 2 Good 2 Be True actress did during her trip to Paris, France in 2019 with her reel-and-real-life sweetheart Daniel Padilla – with the famous Eiffel Tower as their backdrop.

They did it again early this year, but this time climbing up a bamboo-trailed stairway in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Prior to it, she was spotted marveling at an Instagram-worthy staircase with her bestie Alora Sasam.

Ivana Alawi

It seems that the A Family Affair leading lady has already figured out how to strike the perfect poses at staircases. During a travel to Italy a few years ago, she didn’t miss the chance to set her foot in the Spanish Steps and had her photos taken at two different spots and poses.

Ivana also had her staircase moment at Wright Park in Baguio City, wherein she also showed a fashionable way to rock denim-on-denim.

Belle Mariano

The He’s Into Her actress definitely knows how to make use of stairs in her photos, especially the candid ones.  In one of her IG uploads in 2021, she was seen cuddling her beloved furbaby Cloud at the landing of their stairs at home.

And during her trip to the United States last August with her fellow Star Magic talents for the Star Magic Beyond the Stars Tour, she didn’t miss the opportunity to roam around Los Angeles, California and take pretty shots at some of the touristy spots there.

Janella Salvador

Aside from acing her duties as a hands-on Mama to her Bubba Jude, the Mars Ravelo’s Darna star apparently knows the pleasing ways to pose at staircases. In one of her photos, she was seen carrying her bouncing baby boy while standing with her legs apart and her body tilted away from the camera on one of the treads of their stairs at home.

For Halloween 2021, Janella turned their abode an instant photo studio as she had her photos taken in different corners of it as she impersonated the fabulous antagonist Cruella De Vil, including their stairs. And wayback 2018, she had an adorable shot at one of the stairways in Grand Central Terminal in New York City that’s easy to mimic!

Chie Filomeno

It seems that the Love In 40 Days actress has found great ways to look elongated and sexy in photos – by being a little extra when posing at staircases! According to her, laying your body all the way down on a flight of stairs, sitting in a mermaid position, leaning on the wall with your two legs in consecutive steps, and simply extending your legs and tipping your toes can certainly do magic. Just behold how hot Chie is in those shots!

Alexa Ilacad

As time goes by, it’s indeed delighting to see Alexa becoming more and more confident, which can be seen in this cool snaps of her on staircases. Just in case you’re still figuring out how to strike a pose in various OOTDs, you can take inspos from these photos of her!

When you’re in your swimsuit, putting one of your legs forward and tipping your toe add can make you look slenderer. You may also appear fashionably cool in your laidback ensemble by placing a hand on the staircase and either crossing your legs while looking away or climbing up midway while staring up the camera.

Maris Racal

Whether the How To Move On In 30 Days leading lady has just woken up and sat by the staircase as soon as she got up from bed to catch some sun, taking flights of steps on her way to her trusted aesthetics clinic for a beauty session, or sashaying in her chosen OOTD after eating lunch, Maris never fails to mesmerize us with her allure!

Vivoree Esclito

As much as Love Bites actress believes that life doesn’t have one formula for all, the same goes when it comes to making use of the stairs in aesthetic shots. Based in her photos in this feature, there are different ways to make an illusion that she has a pair of long legs.

First, if you’re wearing pants and want to flex your new kicks, you may sit on the first tread of the stairway while extending your legs and putting your one hand on your side. Next, if you’re cladded in a dress, skirts or any skimpy bottoms, you may sit on one of the middle steps, place your feet on a lower tread, put your hands on your side, and rest half of your back on the balustrade while facing the camera. And lastly, if you’re wearing short shorts, you may opt to just stand by the staircase and hold the railing with both hands while facing the camera sideways.

Catriona Gray

Regardless if she’s cladded in a pambahay or dressed in an elegant gown or posh ensemble, Catriona is always ready to face the camera. The Miss Universe 2018 also knows how to strike flattering poses by the staircase, from walking down the stairways of the Sydney Opera House in Australia, enjoying her cup of milktea while sitting at the stairs backstage, or posing beside an enormous bouquet of flowers while at the steps.

Pia Wurtzbach

From one Miss Universe to another, Pia doesn’t only captivate us with her beauty, but as well as with how a true pro she is when it comes to posing in front of the camera. May it be having her golden hour at a stairway by the Aegian in Greece or basking atop of a wooden stairwell at a resort in Maldives, or taking a cute couple pic with her fiancé Jeremy Jauncey, Pia indeed knows how to look effortlessly gorgeous!

Which of these IG-worthy staircase snaps are you likely to recreate, Kapamilya?