Kapamilya Snaps: First-time celeb parents who shower precious, tender love and dedication to their kids

Behind the scenes, our favorite Kapamilya stars are achieving milestones of their own and a lot of them are becoming moms and dads for the first time! Now whenever we’ll see some of them acting as parents, we know that true heart and soul are poured into it because they have their little one in mind. Watch this Kapamilya Snaps video to meet our new Kapamilya moms and dads with their cute babies.

Carlo Aquino and Trina Candaza

Carlo and his non-showbiz model girlfriend Trina started their small family when they had Enola Mithi in September 2020.

In Carlo’s social media posts, you’ll surely spot Enola every once in a while during their bath time, beach trips, and bondings with mommy Trina. Our favorite was definitely their Halloween photoshoot where the three of them made extra effort into making it into a fun celebration. If you can’t wait for more cuteness, baby Enola has her very one Instagram account where you can follow all her adorable shenanigans with her parents. 

Janella Salvador and Markus Patterson

Even since baby Jude entered the life of celebrity couple Janella and Markus, they have been the happiest. They may have kept their baby boy a secret for a while, but that’s only because they wanted a short moment to have Jude all to themselves. Now, they are glad for everyone to meet him as we can see with all their charming family photos on social media to which Janella captions as “Best photos of my life.”

As Janella and Markus are full of love, many may be awaiting to hear the wedding bells for this young couple. Well, we’ll have to wait some more because these two are still busy showering Jude with their care and affection and are in “no rush” to get married.

Ryza Cenon and Antonio Cruz

Since actress Ryza released her baby bump photos last July 2020, we have been ecstatic to meet her baby boy with cinematographer Miguel Antonio Cruz. When she gave birth in October 2020, we got to meet their son, Night.

Ryza usually shares her first-time mom journeys on Instagram and she doesn’t hold back. She’s honest with the challenges, but also imparts the fulfilling joy of being a mom.

Sofia Andres and Daniel Miranda

Kapamilya star Sofia and race car driver boyfriend Daniel surprised us when we found out they had baby Zoe Natalia. But it was certainly a pleasant surprise because the two are glowing more than ever with baby Zoe around. These first-time parents have been posting the cutest pics of their daughter on their Instagram account and we are grateful that they are sharing their happiness with us.

JC de Vera and Rikka Cruz

Long-time actor JC and his fiancée Rikkah Cruz have been amazing parents for two years now to their daughter Lana Athena. If you follow JC on Instagram, you’ll see all their exciting activities together like watercoloring, going to the beach, and Lana playing with daddy JC’s hair.

More fun is sure to come as the couple are set to tie the knot soon. They reveal that Lana is going to be a part of the whole ceremony, but not as the flower girl, which you may assume… she’s going to be a little bride! How cute, right?

JC Santos and Shyleena Herrera

The talented actor JC is an equally charming father to his daughter River with wife Shyleena. JC and Shyleena got married in September 2019 and was soon blessed with their darling River in February 2020.

JC may swoon us when he’s on-screen for his movies, but after work, he’s saving his sweet talks for baby River. On Instagram, we can see his cute pledges to his daughter like “As soon as the mall opens, I promise I will buy you a dress.”

Anne Curtis and Erwan Huessaff

We have witnessed Anne and Erwan’s love for a long time, so seeing it grow even more with the birth of Dahlia Amelie just this March 2021 is heartwarming. With a Fil-Aussie star for a mom and a foodie blogger and content creator for a dad, Dahlia Amelie’s first year of life has been a blast. As we can see on her parent’s Instagram accounts, she has been joining in their different travels and activities.

Since they returned to the Philippines from their stay in Australia, their family will definitely be making more memories here in the country. We can’t wait for more of Anne and Dahlia’s mother-daughter matchy outfits and Erwan’s behind-the-scenes chilling with baby Dahlia.

Billy Crawford and Coleen Garcia

Even as a first-time mom, Coleen bravely opted for an all-natural water birth at home when she had her son Amari with Billy.

Although baby Amari is still about five months-old, he’s had several adventures and celebrations already with his mom and dad. Coleen and Billy’s Valentine’s get-away this year  was a blast with him. The little champ was a total sport with Coleen even saying, “He had a great time on this trip, and he was more outgoing and well-behaved than I could have ever hoped!”

Kaye Abad and Paul Jake Castillo

A fun fact about Paul Jake and his son with the lovely Kaye, Pio Joaquin, is they share the same birthday on December 22. The three have been a happy little family for three years now, but sometime soon it’s going to be a big happy family. Kaye shares that she looks forward to having two more kids so that Pio can now be an awesome Kuya.

Toni Gonzaga and Paul Soriano

Multimedia star Toni and film director Paul may have been private of their relationship before, but they are now very open about their family life with their four-year-old son, Severino Elliott. It may be because the young Sevi is so energetic and lovable that Toni and Paul just can’t hide their bundle of joy to the world.

For the past four years, they have been making countless memories as a family, including trips and travels around the world. Sevi even has a dedicated Instagram account that compiles everything the little boy has been up to.

Seeing these stars as first-time parents is certainly exciting. Whether you’re looking for some parenting advice, hoping to see more of their family experiences, or you just want more cute snaps of their kids, join them on their journey!