Kapamilya Snaps: Exciting, elaborate fantaseryes that captured our imagination

ABS-CBN has been excelling not only in creating remarkable drama series and laudable romance tales, but also in producing thrilling and unique stories of fantasy. Let us take you to a trip down memory lane in this episode of Kapamilya Snaps as we reminisce some of the most unforgettable Kapamilya fantaseryes throughout the years.

Ang Panday (2005)

The 2005 action-fantasy series Ang Panday led by seasoned actor Jericho Rosales will always be included in the list. The original “Ang Panday” was a film produced in 1980, and topbilled by no less than the King of Philippine movies, Fernando Poe Jr., who also produced and directed the film. Come 2005, the Kapamilya network created its TV adaptation with Jericho taking on the role of Flavio. Fans would never forget Flavio’s powerful sword which always helped him fight his evil adversaries.

Kampanerang Kuba (2005)

The Anne Curtis starrer Kampanerang Kuba featured the life of Imang, the hunchback Imang who rings the church bells during masses. Her life changes when a magical candle is lit. From then on, she could have the ability to turn into a beautiful woman named Bernadette, who’s the opposite of how people around see her. Her ordeals started when her father Martin (Jomari Yllana) saw her physical condition when she was born, took her away from her mother Lourdes (Eula Valdes) and left her at the church.

Super Inggo (2006)

One of the famous child superheroes back then was Super Inggo, who was portrayed by then child star Makisig Morales. Before he became known as Super Inggo, he was just an ordinary 10-year-old boy who always had big dreams of becoming a superhero. Little did he know that he would eventually reach his dream and become a young superhero with superpowers passed on to him by his parents.

Moonstone Trilogy: Lobo (2008), Imortal (2010), La Luna Sangre (2017)

Lobo is the Angel Locsin and Piolo Pascual starrer that showcased the romantic journey of Lyka Raymundo (Angel) and Noah Ortega (Piolo). Lyka, who dreamt of being successful fashion designer, would eventually realize her true nature-that of being a werewolf, with her fellow creatures soon hailing her as their ‘Last Hope’ or the ‘Last Guardian’ (“Huling Bantay”).

In the sequel Imortalthe story introduced the world of the vampires and their rivalry with the werewolves. Angel’s character here was Lia, the daughter of Lyka and Noah in Lobo. Her love interest was Mateo (John Lloyd Cruz), the first child of a vampire, who is half-mortal.

La Luna Sangre marked the conclusion of the dispute between the werewolves and the vampires. The daughter of Lia and Mateo, Malia (Kathryn Bernardo), continued the story and eventually was hailed to be the New Chosen One who successfully gave an end to the wicked desires of the vampires, led by their Supremo (Richard Gutierrez), with the help of her beloved Tristan (Daniel Padilla).

Dyosa (2008)

Dyosa was a very fitting role for Anne Curtis who has always looked like a goddess. Her character here as Josephine was believed to be the “Takda” or the “Chosen One.” She was fated to save humankind from the evil desires of the Kasamyans and bring peace to the world. She would later cross paths with (Zanjoe Marudo), a comic illustrator who fell in love with one of her forms, Dyosa Cielo, whom eventually had a difficult decision between choosing to pursue her love for Mars and choosing to fulfill her duty as The Chosen One.

Noah (2010)

The 2010 fantasy drama series Noah revolved around the fate of Gabriel (Piolo Pascual) and his son Jacob (Zaijan Jaranilla) after being away from each other because of an accident. Gabriel suffered from a coma for five years and the moment he woke up, he immediately searched for his son, only to find out that Jacob was already a part of a tribe called Ungta. Jacob was even renamed Eli by the tribe people and did not believe that Gabriel was actually his real father

Juan dela Cruz (2013)

Topbilled by Coco Martin, the series featured the story and journey of the titular role Juan dela Cruz as the ‘half-tagabantay’ (half-guardian) and ‘half-aswang’ (half-evil creature). He was destined to be hailed as the Tagabantay and destined to become a superhero tasked to save humankind from all the aswangs.

Dyesebel (2014)

Anne Curtis portrayed the titular role, Dyesebel, a mermaid who decided to discover what was behind her true identity. She soon found out that she was half-human, and this made mermaids disown her, forcing her to start her journey in the world of humans. Later on, she met Fredo (Gerald Anderson) who became her love interest. However, life became difficult for Dyesebel living with the ordinary humans who refused to accept her.

Bagani (2018)

This Liza Soberano-Enrique Gil starrer featured the story of the dispute among the five groups dwelling in a fantasy world called Sansinukob: Taga-Patag (farmers), Taga-Kalakal (traders), Taga-Laot (fishermen), Taga-Gubat (hunters), and Taga-Disyerto (warriors). This war came to an end when five people from each of the regions successfully fulfilled their legendary mission.

Starla (2019)

Judy Ann Santos’ teleserye comeback Starla revolved around the story about forgiveness and love for family. This fantasy side of the series was the presence of a wayward wishing star named Starla (Jana Agoncillo), who helped Buboy (Enzo Pelojero) in saving his town. The series has maintained its high ratings ever since it premiered, and even became the talk of the town on social media with episodes being the top trending topics on Twitter.

Check out more of the riveting fantaseryes that captured our imagination through the years in this Kapamilya Snaps episode.