Kapamilya Snaps: Endearing bonding moments of celebrity mother-daughter tandems that we truly adore!

As we all know, every parent has special bond with their children. But, arguably, nothing beats the unique connection between moms and daughters, right? Aside from being the ones to unconditionally love and take care of us since we were born, as well as raise and guide us into becoming good people, our mothers have also served as our lifetime besties who’s unwaveringly there for us through the ups and downs of life.

And in this Kapamilya Snaps feature, let's take a look on the loveliest bonding moments of our favorite stars with their mothers or daughters as captured in their social media posts and/or YouTube vlogs.

Kathryn Bernardo and Mommy Min

Ever since she was still a cute and talented child star, Mommy Min has always been by Kathryn’s side every step of the way. As both of them possess adventurous spirits, the two love to try different activities together, such as pottery, spa days, and travelling, as seen in some of the Instagram posts of the Asia’s Superstar.

Despite her busy schedule at work, she still makes sure to be with her family during special occasions, such as Mommy Min’s birthday last January. In one of her posts, Kathryn wrote: “Grateful to have you by my side. Thank you, mama.”

Lovi Poe and Mommy Rowena

We may not see her Mommy Rowena that much because she’s non-showbiz, but Lovi is super proud of her mom who raised her as a single parent. They only got to see and bond with each other a few times in a year since the FPJ’s Batang Quiapo leading lady is currently here in the Philippines, while her mother is in the United States with her younger sister.

In a previous interview, the seasoned sexy actress praised her mom’s strength and grace and finds her as her inspiration to become a better person. 

Jayda Avanzado and Mommy Jessa

Being an only child, it’s not surprising that Jayda is able to establish a tight bond with both her famous and talented parents. But seeing her gorgeous photos with her ever-supportive Mommy Jessa, we can say that they have found a best friend in one another.

The two are apparently inseparable every time they are together, may it be in their travels, attendance in various events, and simple bonding moments. In her birthday tribute for her “mare-slash-mama” last January, the Teen Clash star wrote in her post: “Thanks for being my person through thick and thin (literally since birth) and for making me laugh all the time. Never change Ma. Know that I will always love you.”

Heaven Peralejo and Mommy Luanne

Even though she’s not in a romantic relationship, Heaven’s beloved Mommy Luanne is always there to accompany her in everything that she does. She describes her as her “favorite date” as they’re often spotted going out together. Apparently, one of the things they love to do is going on dinner dates and trying out different food places.

To represent their special bond, the The Iron Heart actress and her mom got matching tattoos on their wrists during their trip to South Korea in 2019.

Ivana Alawi and Mommy Fatima

As Ivana would often guest their Mommy Fatima (a.k.a. Mama Alawi) in her vlogs, the latter went on to become an instant celebrity, too. Along with her three siblings Amira, Hash, and Mona, their family never failed to amuse us through the pranks and challenges that they do together, in which Mama Alawi gamely joins.

Ivana and their family also give their ardent subscribers and viewers a glimpse of their celebrations of various occasions, such as birthdays and Valentine’s Day.

Jane de Leon and Mommy Marie

Aside from having a mom and a best friend, Jane has also found her biggest fan in her Mommy Marie, who has always been there for her even before her showbiz career began. As her mom raised her and her brother singlehandedly after their dad passed away, the Mars Ravelo’s Darna lead actress makes sure to make it up to her by spending quality time with her whenever her schedule permits, as well as taking good care of her especially when she got hospitalized recently.

Jane has always been expressive with her affection towards her Mama on social media and captioned one of her posts: “You’re such a strong person mama and I am proud of you.”

Alexa Ilacad and Mommy Divina

We also don’t see a lot of pictures or videos of Alexa with her Mommy Divina on Instagram. But in one of her recent posts chronicling their trip to Singapore, the young singer-actress tagged her mom as her “travel buddy”. She captioned it: “Looking forward to more adventures with you, mom.”

Mommy Divina also made an appearance in her daughter’s YouTube channel in November 2022, wherein Alexa pitted her against loveteam partner KD Estrada as they took on the “Who Knows Me Better Challenge”.

Mommy Dimples Romana and daughter Callie

With a 19-year gap between them, not to mention her youthful splendor, Dimples and her firstborn and only daughter Callie could definitely pass as sisters. Callie may have chosen to take a different path and stayed away from the limelight, yet she has been generous enough in sharing her private life and bonding moments with her Mama. 

Whenever they’re together, the gorgeous mother-daughter tandem apparently loves to take tons of photos documenting their bonding moment, especially now that Callie has been in Australia for a year now to pursue her dream of becoming a pilot.

Mommy Anne Curtis and daughter Dahlia

Those who have been following her are surely aware that aside from having a hectic work schedule, Anne also lives an active lifestyle. Luckily, her little Dahlia is always ready to join her in her adventures even at a young age.

Apart from posting her beautiful portraits and other shots, we’re also able to spot snaps of her enjoying various activities with her daughter. Apparently, the It’s Showtime host loves to take Dahlia to outdoor and wildlife trips, such as what they did in Australia over the holidays, as well as in beach getaways and amusement parks.

Mommy Sofia Andres and daughter Zoe

Ever since having her in 2019, Mommy Sofia has been apparently inseparable from her unica hija Zoe. And their lovely snaps together posted on IG are proofs! Whenever the The Iron Heart actress is not busy with work, she can be probably seen spending time with her at home or taking her to various places for leisure, errands, or important events.

At 3 years old, Baby Zoe is seemingly starting to follow her mom’s footsteps in showbiz as she loves to model and strike different poses to the camera.

Mommy Elisse Joson and daughter Felize

Mommy Elisse has indeed found a mini version of herself in Baby Felize. Aside from her mesmerizing splendor, the little girl is also able to brandish her love for fashion and even enthusiastically joined her in her workout sessions and other shenanigans – as seen in her IG posts.

The Dirty Linen actress and her daughter are good friends with Sofia and Baby Zoe, so the four of them were seen having mother-daughter bonding sessions from time to time.

Mommy Jennica Garcia and daughters Athena and Alexis

Whenever she’s not busy playing the role of Lala in Dirty Linen or doing her other endeavors, Jennica can be seen taking on her mommy duties to her two daughters Athena and Alexis. She fondly shares their bonding moments on IG and dubbed their trio “Tres Marias”.

As a hands-on single mom, she makes sure to be there for her kids and spend quality time with them no matter how busy she is with work. In fact, she plays a big role in their education as they used to get them homeschooled.

Which of these mother-daughter tandems do you love to see on social media, Kapamilya?