Heartthrobs who will inspire you to get fit

For sure, as we entered 2024 a few days ago, many of us promised ourselves to make changes and take on new challenges in our lives as we attempt to improve the way we live.

And among the common resolutions we make every year is to have an active lifestyle in order to achieve our health and fitness goals. However, some of us find it quite hard to be consistent about it, or even begin the journey, due to various personal reasons.

Just in case you’re looking for motivation or activities that you may include in your workout routine, let the hunk heartthrobs in this Kapamilya Snaps feature inspire you to get going!


Paulo Avelino

Fans were totally shocked when Paulo shared on Instagram his fitness journey in 2023. Reaching the so-called “dad bod” in the early part of year, he apparently exerted a great amount effort in order to get back into shape and be prepared for his stint in the controversial series Linlang. Aside from hitting the gym regularly, he also started boxing.


Donny Pangilinan

While many of us tend to make a lot of excuses in order to skip working out, Donny proves that it can still be possible amid a hectic schedule. He might have been pretty in-demand in recent years, yet the Can’t Buy Me Love leading man is able to squeeze in enough time to also do his hobbies, such as playing tennis, riding his bicycle, and even diving.


Jake Ejercito

He might have also been very busy in juggling his showbiz commitments and daddy duties to his unica hija Ellie, but Jake makes sure that he still gets to enjoy one of the things that he likes to do – trekking.

In fact, Jake trod the Routeburn Track in New Zealand and the Nakahechi Route in Japan, both of which usually takes three days to complete.


Jake Cuenca

Another “Jake” whose fitness journey is also worth emulating, the The Iron Heart actor apparently loves to hit the gym and work on his physique. He even shared in one of his IG posts some of the exercises that he does in once session.


Kyle Echarri

Aside from riding his motorbike, it seems that among Kyle’s favorite leisure activity is hiking up mountains or through canyons. He usually likes to do with his friends, including his Senior High co-star Andrea Brillantes. He also got into football in early 2023, based in one of his IG posts.


Markus Paterson

Growing up in the United Kingdom, it didn’t come as a surprise that Markus is into football since it’s one of the most popular sports in the country. And the Pira-Pirasong Paraiso actor sisn’t only a fan because he also knows how to play, taking on the goalkeeper position.


Piolo Pascual

With how young-looking he is, it’s actually quite surprising to find out that Piolo is already in his late 40s. Just in case you’re among those who might be wondering how he’s able to do it, one of his open secrets is working out.

In an IG post, the Ultimate Heartthrob showed the 10 exercises he does in order to achieve those rock hard abs.


Richard Gutierrez

Turning 40 this year, Richard is able to amazingly keep himself fit and young. And his morning routine is definitely one of his ways of making it possible.

On Instagram, he posted a reel demonstrating the exercises he does upon waking up. The The Iron Heart lead star does 100 push-ups to knee tucks, 100 leg raises, and 100 jack knives, which help him attain his fitness goals.


RK Bagatsing

Aside from his craft and his girlfriend Jane Oineza, RK is also passionate about fitness, as seen in his toned physique.

While other actors have revealed their core workouts, the FPJ’s Batang Quiapo actor shared on IG his leg day exercise.


Gerald Anderson

One of the athletic actors we know, Gerald keeps himself in shape by playing sports, which are boxing and basketball.

In pursuit of testing his limits and showing off his strength, Gerald participated in the 2023 Spartan Race, which is referred to as an “extreme wellness platform”.


Ion Perez

With how finely-chiselled his physique is, there’s no doubt that Ion is so dedicated to fitness and having six-pack abs.

And one of the It’s Showtime host’s ways of maintaining his figure is by cycling around Metro Manila and its outskirts.


Albie Casiño

From being a lanky teenager, Albie has indeed grown into becoming a hunky heartthrob. Those who have been following him on social media are certainly aware of how he takes fitness seriously. And one of his ways of doing it was through boxing, which he also includes in his workout routine.

In fact, the Can’t Buy Me Love actor even has his own punching bag at home and joined his first-ever amateur boxing competition in April 2023.


Jameson Blake

It seems that Jameson has been slowly shedding off his “good boy image” as he starts to make fitness as one of his priorities in life.  He’s been uploading selfies from some of his workout sessions at the gym, which is his way of proudly flexing his progress so far.

Whether it’s through working out, doing exercises, and engaging in sports, these male Kapamilya leading men prove that nobody would ever be too busy to take care of themselves and do things that spark joy into our hearts, soul, and mind.