Kapamilya Snaps: Celebrity twins who fascinated us with impressive talent together and as individual artists

Ever wondered what it’s like having a twin? You can follow some Kapamilya stars because quite a few enjoy life living with a double. Although most of them are 100 percent identical, they each have their own unique personalities and interests.

In this Kapamilya Snaps episode, meet the different celeb twins who succeeded in the world of showbiz.


Richard and Raymond Gutierrez

Hailing from showbiz royalty, Richard and Raymond are one of the most prominent celebrity twins in the industry.

Both have exceedingly good looks, which is no surprise as they are the sons of matinee idol Eddie Gutierrez and iconic actress Annabelle Rama. Let’s also not cancel out the fact that these two are brothers to former beauty queen Ruffa Gutierrez too.

Richard and Raymond take advantage of their charms in different ways — with Richard focusing more on acting and Raymond on hosting.


Joj and Jai Agpangan

Can you still remember the peppy girl duo on Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition 4? That was Joj and Jai!

We first got introduced to these girls when they joined the reality show as housemates. They were inseparable right until they both placed 4th in the finals. They still ventured into projects together after their PBB run, but they also explored ones as individuals and discovered their own strengths and interests.


Fourth and Fifth Solomon

More twin cuties joined PBB in 2014. During the All In season, brothers Fourth and Fifth stayed at Bahay ni Kuya for a while.

Despite having several similarities, it was easy for us to distinguish the two as Fourth was usually more responsible and Fifth would be pulling out pranks once in a while.


Tanner and Tyler Mata

Ex-housemate Tanner Mata also rose to fame from his stay on PBB, but his twin Tyler didn’t technically join in; he was just invited for a while to participate in the challenges.

We and the Lucky 7 housemates definitely enjoyed having the two together because not only are they both good-looking Fil-Am models, they are also a fun pair to hang out with!


Felix and Dominic Roco

The Roco brothers are not just known as the sons of veteran actor Bembol Roco, you would most likely recall them as the notable twins PJ and JP on Super Inggo!

The dynamic duo may have moved on to work on movies and series separately but their brotherly bond remains strong.


Atasha and Andres Muhlach

The kids of famous celebs Aga Muhlach and Charlene Gonzales earned their popularity points not just from their parents, but also from performing various commercials and endorsements together. These days, the two are heading abroad and focusing on their studies more.


Cassandra and Maverick Legaspi

Also starting out as kiddie celebrities are the twin children of Carmina Villarroel and Zoren Legaspi. Cassandra and Maverick already started getting into showbiz opportunities from a young age so as they grew older, their fan base grew bigger and stronger as well.

The young stars may have gotten the spotlight because of their parents, but they are now taking more control of their career in the entertainment industry.  


Paolo and Miguel Guico

Lead vocalists of the OPM band Ben&Ben are one of the biggest icons in the Pinoy music scene. Their signature long hair, charming voices, and shared passion for music caught the attention of thousands of fans. They have surely come a long way since their start as a small duo performing music for various events.

These celebrity twins truly won our hearts together in this glitzy entertainment world.