Kapamilya Snaps: Celebrity Slam book reveals interesting facts about your fave heartthrobs

If you wish to know more about your crush or friend, one valuable resource is that handy slam book, he or she might have filled up. Such is quite useful likewise if you wanted to get to know more about your favorite celebrities.

But fret not, we have gathered those unknown information about these idols in this episode of Kapamilya Snaps, and present them to you—just like opening one revealing celebrity slam book!

Joshua Garcia

Joshua Espineli Garcia, also known as Kwa-to during his childhood, enjoys riding his motorcycle when he is not busy acting on set. Aside from that, he usually spends the rest of his free time working out in the gym. One of his goals is to open a restaurant for his father someday.

Joshua will also never forget meeting Queen Of Hearts Kathryn Bernardo inside the Pinoy Big Brother house when he was still an aspiring celebrity. After his exit from Kuya’s house, Joshua was given projects right away, and the first one was Nasaan Ka Nang Kailangan Kita where he became part of the cast. Also, for all the zodiac sign enthusiasts out there, Joshua is actually a Libra! As for his dream role, the young actor shared that he wants to portray a character with split personality disorder someday. Lastly, he considers Canadian star Keanu Reeves as his role model in showbiz.

Edward Barber

Edward John Barber, or, as his love team partner Maymay Entrata calls her, ‘Dodong’, hopes to better understand women by earning a Psychology degree. His go-to vacation destination is Japan. White, blue, and brown are his favorite colors, while “Do It Again” by Pia Mia and “Goodbyes” by Post Malone are his favorite songs.

Edward simply dreams of portraying supporting roles and learning from veteran actors. Lastly, maybe the gamers out there can relate to his motto which is: “Don’t play Mobile Legends kapag hindi malakas ang signal mo.”

Seth Fedelin

Seth Yancy Fedelin wants to be a seaman, aside from being an actor. Just like Edward, Seth’s zodiac sign is also Cancer. His favorite food are chicken, adobo, and hotdog. We can also say that he loves listening to OPM songs as his favorite one is “Pangarap Lang Kita” by Parokya Ni Edgar. If there’s one place he would love to visit now, it’s most probably his province Romblon as it’s his favorite vacation spot.

His goal is to be a lead actor, best known as both an action star and a comedian. His hobbies include swimming and playing basketball. Seth believes in the saying, “Kung para sa akin ang isang bagay, kukunin at aangkinin ko na.”

Tony Labrusca

Anthony Angel Jones Labrusca, also known as Sharky, studied to be a barber in Canada because cutting and styling hair are included in his hobbies list. He also loves to wakeboard and run OCRs (Obstacle Course Racing). He has no favorite song but recently he has been listening to “Let Me” by Zayn Malik. His favorite color is blue and his zodiac sign is leo as he’s born on August 7, 1995. His favorite cuisine is Japanese. It is Tony’s dream to be a mutant on the superhero movie franchise “X-Men.” Tony works very hard to make his family proud of him, to be successful in his career, and to make people happy.

Elmo Magalona

Elmo Moses Arroyo Magalona wants to be an astronaut. He mentions red as his favorite color, sisig as his favorite food, and Japan as his favorite vacation spot. When he has free time, Elmo loves to play basketball. Of course, his favorite song is “Kaleidoscope World” by his late dad, Francis Magalona. Elmo wants to take on more challenging roles that will further push his talents. When asked about his motto, Elmo said it’s “Just keep going.”

Donny Pangilinan

Donato Antonio Laxa-Pangilinan usually listens to the music of worship band Hillsong United. His dream role is to be an Avenger. One of the first auditions that Donny did was for Bagani.

Charles Kieron

Charles John “CK” Kieron enjoys activities like wakeboarding and playing basketball during his free time. His goal in life is to be a successful actor and someday buy a house for his parents. The celebrities that Charles admires include It’s Showtime hosts Anne Curtis-Heussaff and Vhong Navarro. His preferences include red, black, and white (favorite colors), kare-kare (favorite food), and Pradera (favorite vacation spot). He also dreams of portraying kontrabida roles and portraying in an action film. He first auditioned to be part of the male dance group Hashtag in 2016.

Enzo Pineda

Enrico Lorenzo Macap Pineda is surprisingly skilled in baking. Playing computer games is one of his ways to pass the time. His favorite color is blue while his favorite food is sushi. Meanwhile his favorite song is “Thank U, Next” by Ariana Grande and his favorite vacation spot is the beach. One of his ambitions is to have an entry movie in an international film festival. Lastly, his motto is “If you live a life with gratitude, you create abundance for yourself and for the people around you.” He also shared that his fanboy moment was when he met actress Katrina Halili for the first time. His first showbiz friends are Rocco Nacino and Mark Herras.

Kit Thompson

Keith San Esteban Thompson loves eating mango sticky rice. Whenever he needs to relax, his go-to destination is a beach, especially because he enjoys surfing. Another hobby of Kit is gun firing.

JM de Guzman

Juan Miguel Gob de Guzman will never forget the day he met The Muppets. His first ever audition was for a TV commercial at only 6 years old. JM defined love as “a feeling that you give and receive.”

RK Bagatsing

Ramon Khino Bagatsing absolutely loves spicy food. He wants to take on a role in an action film. RK first realized that he was a good actor when he successfully skipped school by acting sick. His favorite color is gray and he also loves spicy food. He likes to listen to Eminem songs and during his leisure time, he loves to watch Netflix and play boxing. If given a chance, he would also love to go to the beach. His first friends in showbiz are his co-actors in Be My Lady, Yves Flores and Daniel Matsunaga. He could also still remember his first love, Vanica, who was his schoolmate in high school.

Jake Cuenca

Juan Carlos Leveriza Cuenca wants to reach a wider audience in every performance. If you want to be a hunk like him, try a high-carb diet. Jake is already a successful actor. He also dreams to perform for a wider audience. The next step is producing and filmmaking. He also loves to listen “It’s Not Living (If It’s Not With You)” by The 1975. We know how active Jake is in doing physical activities and being active in sports, that’s why he has been active in competing in triathlon.

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