Kapamilya Snaps: Celebrity parents sharing same hobbies and talents with their children

Staying at home did not only keep us safe in this pandemic, it also gave us time to explore our passion and bond with our family. Almost everyone picked up a new hobby or rekindled an old one. Many family members grew closer as well, being cooped up at home.

Kapamilya celebrities are no different. Some of them even shared their most favorite hobbies with their kids and it became their special pastime with each other. Check out this Kapamilya Snaps video to know what they have been up to!

Judy Ann Santos is not just known as a queen in teleseryes, she’s also one in the kitchen! She has always had a love for food and in 2006, she pursued it by taking up a culinary course in the Center for Asian Culinary Studies.

Since then, she has been one of the actresses that are also popular for their cooking. She shares her recipes and cooking tips in her vlog and manages a restaurant of her own. This overflowing passion must have inspired her kids Yohan, Lucho, and even little Luna to join her kitchen shenanigans. From time to time, they cook yummy food together with their mom and or they would sometimes manage to prepare a scrumptious meal on their own.

Huwag Kang Mangamba star Dimples Romana is also a competent cook in the kitchen. Her YouTube cooking series #DimpsKitchen has definitely caught the attention of many beginner cooks. But as her schedule became more packed, her kids Callie and Alonzo helped out in creating mouthwatering food to feature in the channel. As the quarantine allows them more time to do various activities, Dimples, Callie, and Alonzo regularly cook and bake together.

Mother and son Sylvia Sanchez and Arjo Atayde don’t just possess topnotch acting skills; apparently, they’re also harnessing amazing cooking skills. Sylvia, despite having project after project, managed to study culinary at the Academy for International Culinary Arts in 2008. As she shared her cooking with her family, Arjo also enjoys taking over the kitchen for her sometimes that eventually made him a master cook and baker.

La Vida Lena actress Janice de Belen also took time off work to pursue culinary studies. After she graduated, she showcased her newfound skills on her YouTube channel Super Janice De Belen. Before all this, her son Luigi was already mastering the kitchen. Being a professional chef and successful restaurant owner, he and his mother Janice can bond over their craft for cooking.

Chesca Kramer is a certified plantita. As many discovered their love from tending and caring for houseplants, Chesca has extended it to her whole backyard. She has all the tools she needs to grow a variety of herbs and vegetables in her lovely home. Her kids surely enjoy spending time under the sun with her as they take care of the garden, but her son Gavin is usually the one who would even wake up super early in the morning to help.

Piolo Pascual and his son global pop icon Iñigo Pascual aren’t always together but when they are, they have an awesome time together. They make the most of their bonding by doing the activities they both love and enjoy such as playing badminton or riding bikes.

When Oh My Dad actor Ian Veneracion isn’t on set, he’s probably hanging out with his kids Draco, Deirdre, and Duccio. Their favorite activity is bike riding. Whether it’s a chill ride or a thrilling one, Ian is game to do whatever with his children.

World-famous boxer Manny Pacquiao doesn’t want his kids venturing into his support boxing since it may be dangerous, but his son Jimuel Pacquiao has grown to love the sport and practiced during his free time. Although he’s not focusing his career in boxing, he challenges himself by joining amateur fights. Manny must be proud as Jimuel scores first place in some and can have someone inherit his talent and skills.

The cool guy vibes from Jericho Rosales are definitely shared by his son Santino. Although Santino isn’t looking to become an actor like his father, he does try out hosting and modelling. He’s also very into surfing and he shares this fascinating hobby with Jericho.

Some people may not be familiar that veteran actor Richard Gomez is a talented fencer. Despite the sport not being popular in the country, Richard was able to train and bag a gold medal in the Southeast Asian Games back in 2005. This accomplishment of his is a proud moment for his daughter Juliana who also has a liking for the sport. The two would even be sparring buddie to improve their skill and have good father-daughter fun.

Also looking to explore a hobby with your parents or kids? Take inspiration from these Kapamilya stars!