Kapamilya Snaps: Celebrities who you may not know can fire bullets

Whenever they’re not in front of the camera or doing any movie or teleserye project, we may probably see our favorite celebrities doing their hobbies, such as sports. While many are into basketball, badminton, volleyball, cycling, and golf, there are some who find fun and relaxation in shooting.

Check out this Kapamilya Snaps feature to see who among our favorite celebrities are actually adept in handling firearms responsibly!

Coco Martin

Being the lead star of the long-running action-drama series FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano, it’s definitely a no-brainer that Coco is skilled when it comes to handling guns. And as a part of his preparation for the role around seven years ago, it was revealed that he underwent police training, which included proper firearms handling.

Angel Locsin

Prior to taking a hiatus from acting and inspiring with real stories of Filipino resiliency and bayanihan in Iba ‘Yan, we all know that Angel last starred in the action-drama series The General’s Daughter in 2019. Even though it wasn’t her first venture in the action genre, she still underwent extensive training for her fight scenes and gun handling in this project.

 Donny Pangilinan

He may have been portraying “boy-next-door” type of characters in the movies and series he starred in, but Donny is actually into shooting. The He’s Into Her leading man posted clips from one of his training sessions on Instagram and expressed how much he misses the sport.

Richard Gutierrez

In the decades that he’s been in showbiz, we’ve already seen Richard take on different roles, through which he’s able to display his versatility as an actor. And in his upcoming series The Iron Heart, many are indeed looking forward to see him turn into an action star and apply the skills he gained from practical shooting.

Sarah Lahbati

Like her husband, Sarah is also dedicated to living an active lifestyle with their family, from surfing and riding bikes, to even target shooting! In fact, she and Richard even dropped by a shooting range and called it a date.

Julia Montes

In the recent years, the Daytime Drama Queen has proven in her previous projects that she can take on action roles, too. Thus, many clamored for her to be part of FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano, not only to be reunited with her perennial loveteam partner Coco Martin, but to also once again show off her flair in doing fight scenes. With the help of various trainers and Coco himself, Julia was able to refresh her knowledge on doing stunts and handling guns and other weapons, and even learned how to drive a motorcycle.

Jake Cuenca

He may have taken part in action-drama projects in the past, but learning indeed never stops for Jake. Jake shared on IG that he took up shooting lessons last September, wherein he was able to had a first-hand experience of handling different types of guns.

Gerald Anderson

In order to give us a compelling performance in the 2020 series A Soldier’s Heart, Gerald underwent intense three-day military training course. Prior to this, he also starred in the 2017 movie “AWOL,” wherein he had to use real guns in his scenes to make sure that his portrayal of a Scout Ranger was as authentic as possible.

JM de Guzman

JM is one of those celebrities who enlisted to the Philippine Air Force reservist training in March 2020, and that included a course on marksmanship. Since then, shooting has become a hobby for JM and one of his forms of relaxation.

Sunshine Dizon

She may be known as versatile actress and an awesome mom to her kids, but little we did know that Sunshine actually knows how to hold a gun properly. In fact, she took up target shooting as a hobby in 2020 and quickly fell in love with the sport. The Marry Me Marry You actress posted on IG pictures of her targets and a video of herself practicing. She also revealed owning a Glock 19x.

Jackie Gonzaga

Did you know that aside from dancing and hosting, our Ate Girl Jackie is also skilled when it comes to shooting? Last September, the It’s Showtime regular posted a carousel of snaps and clips of her and boyfriend Hashtag Tom Doromal having fun during their date at a firing range.

Yassi Pressman

From holding a mic as a persistent reporter in her early days in FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano, we witnessed how Yassi went on to grip guns when her character Alyana became involved with Cardo Dalisay (Coco Martin) and Task Force Agila. This was what probably inspired her to pick shooting as a way of bonding with her late British father, as she posted an IG reel of them enjoying their time together at a shooting range.

Bubbles Paraiso

Aside from being a certified triathlete, Bubbles is also fond of shooting. In an IG post in 2018, she disclosed that it was her gun enthusiast friends who influenced her as they love to hang out at the firing range. Thus, she couldn’t be any happier when she finally got back to their “playground” last year together with her some of her favorite people, a.k.a. “the usual suspects.”

Bubbles wrote in the caption of one of her posts, “contrary to what people would assume, firing guns is actually calming & therapeutic.... well, for me at least.”

Chito Miranda

Whenever he’s not busy with his duties as a padre de pamilya, an entrepreneur, and vocalist of Parokya ni Edgar, Chito can probably be seen at a firing range either alone or with his friends. There are instances when he would have firing sessions to while away the time before fetching his kids from school or after running errands.  

The Idol Philippines Season 2 judge also showed his own collection of guns on social media, which he clarified in one of his posts are not for sale. Apparently, he just considers shooting as a fun hobby and a form of self-defense.

Matteo Guidicelli

During those times when he’s not active in showbiz, Matteo was able to complete an immersive 30-day reservist training course with the Scout Rangers to become a 2nd Lieutenant in the Philippine Army reserve force. Matteo described the whole life changing experience as one of the best in his life.

He captioned one of his Instagram posts in 2019, “Lessons, experiences, struggles, challenges, emotions. Difficult to explain. But what I can say is that it has been the best experience of my life. “Take and take.” “One day at a time.” And everything will be okay. God bless our soldiers and their families. Unity is the only solution to be a great nation, lets do it.”

Bianca de Vera and Gillian Vicencio

And lastly, apart from impressing us with their acting skills in 2 Good 2 Be True and of their kitchen skills in Rise Artists Studio’s “Plate Twists,” Bianca and Gillian also recently amused us with their recent shenanigan at a shooting range, which the former documented in one of her vlogs.

The dynamic duo imparted that this activity is nerve-racking at the beginning, but is actually an overall therapeutic and fun bonding experience.

Whether as a hobby or a sport, these celebrities remind us that handling guns indeed requires intense discipline and proper training! Thus, everyone who will dare try it must keep in mind to enjoy responsibly.