Celebrity siblings Kapamilya Snaps

Our siblings have been beside us through our triumphs and sorrows, and surely they know us better than anyone. 

This goes the same for celebrities, who always take their precious time, sharing heartwarming bonding moments with their siblings they consider their best friends. 

In this episode of Kapamilya Snaps, let’s take a peek at these endearing bonding moments of celebrities with their siblings. 

Janine Gutierrez always love to take quick vacations with her siblings Jessica, Diego, and Maxine. Actually, Janine and her family bonded a lot when they were younger. Now that they are leading separate lives as adults, Janine and her siblings still make sure to spend time together.

Enrique Gil and sister Andie share a YouTube channel together, called The Gil Side, where they upload vlogs and challenge videos that delight viewers. These Gil siblings also enjoy taking trips around the world and attend parties together. Enrique and Andie also enjoy travelling around the world and attending different parties together. 
Celebrity siblings Richard, Ruffa, and Raymond Gutierrez are among the biggest names in the industry, with their family touted as showbiz “royalty. “ While Richard, Ruffa, and Raymond lead separate lives, they still come together for special occasions, along with the rest of the Gutierrez clan. 

YouTube star and soon-to-be Kapamilya leading lady Ivana Alawi, meanwhile, called her younger sister Mona as “my forever love, best friend, videographer, editor, prankerista, bebegirl, strong, tech expert and best sister.” Ivana and Mona love creating videos together. Individually, Ivana has over 15 million YouTube subscribers while Mona has over two million.

On-cam, we rarely see RK and Raymond Bagatsing side by side, but off can they always share memories together. RK and Raymond share a common ground on discipline when it comes to staying fit physically. 

Donny Pangilinan has five siblings, namely Ella, Hannah, Benj, and Sola, with whom he shares a close relationship. But he is most protective of his youngest sibling, Sola. He captioned one of their photos with: “No boys yet until youre 30 ok.”

Sam and Angelina Cruz are certainly considered sister goals! More than their unbreakable bond as sisters growing up, Sam and Angelina are now both starting their careers in showbiz at the same time.

Joj and Jai Agpangan do everything together, from working to travelling! They actually even share a joint bank account. “We focus on our goals, our growth and our glow,” Joj captioned one of their photos.

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